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Game Under Podcast Episode 23

Phil Fogg's copy of Saints Row IV finally arrives which means Saints Row IV first impressions; Brothers receives the same treatment while the Papers, Please saga comes to an end and Tom Towers goes over the original Left 4 Dead co-op campaign.

Without a technical difficulty in sight, the news gets a proper going over; Vita TV, Steam Family, Hotline Miami 2 controversy and much more! (Brothers, Culture, Left 4 Dead, Papers, Please, PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

philfogg  +   718d ago
I have to say I found the entire Papers, Please month to be a rewarding one, though it is nice to put the book back on the shelf. I'll still play the endless mode from time to time.
Bunce  +   718d ago
I'll grab a few of the endings that require very little play.

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