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Batman: Arkham Origins Map Is Double The Size of Arkham City, Boss Fights Detailed

"Warner Bros's Batman: Arkham Origins is one of the most anticipated releases of this year, being the third entry in a series that has gone on to be one of the most critically acclaimed of this generation. Ahead of the game's release, we got to speak to the developers (Warner Montreal, so a different studio from the developers of the first two titles, which were developed by critical darlings Rocksteady) about the project, and we learned some fascinating, and frankly staggering, things about the scope of the title." (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Pain_Killer  +   505d ago
Batman: Arkham series has become my personal favorite. Some times i consider the franchise better than any Batman movie ever released and its true.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   505d ago
The Dark Knight + Batman (1989) + Batman Returns >>>> Any Batman game ever made.

And i love the Arkham games.


I agree, Michael Keaton Batman was the best. Call us oldschool.
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Heisenburger  +   505d ago
Michael Keaton > Just about everything else. ;)

You wanna get nuts??

COME ON! Let's get nuts!!
oIITSBIIo  +   504d ago
Batman Arkham asylum + city > any Batman movie IMO and I saw them all.

No one gave me the feel of Batman or Joker like Arkham series did .
AbortMission  +   504d ago
I found the latest Batman movies to be a giant borefest
Chaos_Raiden  +   504d ago
Thanks for the share. Can't wait to play as Batman again.
monkey602  +   504d ago
As much as i enjoyed arkham city the city map was fairly bland. Im all for a bigger map as long as it has the variety to boot
LordHiggens  +   504d ago
No Rocksteady, No Batman
azshorty2003  +   504d ago
Twice the size of B:AC?!

So many Giant open world games releasing right around the same time. GTAV, Watchdogs, now Batman.
giovonni  +   504d ago
I think this will be dope, I wonder if there will be riddler challenges. Those were very unique .
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   504d ago
***"The Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Origins is more than double the size of Arkham City,’ said Michael McIntyre, gameplay director at Warner Montreal. ‘This includes two major regions: North Gotham and South Gotham and the bridge connecting them. There is a lot of space to explore."***

I love the sound of this. I've been very put off from this game because of Rocksteady not developing it, but hearing that the map will consist of North and South Gotham as opposed to just being Arkham City in the past has me thinking about picking this game up now. All I need to see is some civilians and I'll be sold completely on the gameplay part of Origins. I'll let reviews tell me about the story part.
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