Are We Keeping Our PS4 Preorders?

IGN - One editor isn't sure about buying Sony's next system on Day 1. Can you convince him?

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NewMonday1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

- save money with PSN+ discounts and free games
- the most powerful and developer friendly console will bring quality+quantity+variety AAA+indy games
- MMO games
- better social experience with game streaming, watch friends, comment on their play or takeover for them and help them out, friends activity integrated into every game widget on the OS
- 3rd party games better on the PS4
- media apps not behind a paywall
- simple fast experience(like join a MP game straight from the OS in 8 seconds)
- Sony is the console operator with largest number of 1st party studios, with many award wining developers, meaning a consistent and steady flow of high quality and variety exclusives.
- many exclusive AAA 3rd party games from Japan like Yakuza Ishin, Guilty Gear, Deep Down, Dynasty Warriors, SCE have a new 3rd party production team that will get the games localized.
- Improved controller, previews declare DS4 the beast
- neat compact design with no huge power brick make it a pleasure to look at and easy to carry to a friends house
- extended convenience with remote play
- KillzoneSF is the the most beautiful looking FPS with dynamic lighting, particle effects and moving foliage. also 1080p/60fps MP, with bots and costume rule warzones and everything unlocked from the start.
- if you want it for the kids or you are an old school fan Knack is the best game for you.

TomShoe1552d ago

You guys are a GAME COMPANY. That's your job.

Keep your preorder and stop posting page-click flamebait.

ZBlacktt1552d ago

Guy in the left is lost and has no idea at all. Not even a true gamer.

iamnsuperman1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

As time goes on I do wonder if IGN is even apart of the game industry or do they live in their own fantasy land.

To top it all off they complain (on their podcasts) about their community being a breading ground for hate and yet they post articles like this, which do nothing more than add to the fire. IGN need to sort out their own editorial staff before sorting out their community.

abzdine1552d ago

i dont need to convince anyone.. if he doesn't want to buy it he just shouldn't buy it.
i am aware of the advantages i will be getting from PS4, that's all that counts for me right now.

N4Flamers1552d ago

Thanks abzdine

My thoughts exactly. There are plenty of people who want a ps4 and would love to have a pre order slot available.

MWong1552d ago

This vid to me just screams "please Sony & M$ fans fight it out for me and tell me why I should get your console." I mean come on you have a ton of insider knowledge but, I need the gamers to pick for me.

I agree if you want it buy it. If you're on the fence then don't buy it, that's my philosophy. I am on the fence about the XBone, so I won't be buying it right now.

AlexanderNevermind1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Easy decision for me.

- PS has the best exclusives.
- Better hardware (allegedly up to 50% faster)
- should have best looking/running multiplats (unless devs gimp the system for MS' sake)
- 3rd Party Devs seem to like the PS4 more
- remote play
- MMO's
- Free games from PS+

The question should be why would anyone not want to change to the PS4 as it seems to be the better system.

- unless you've been Xbox for the past 7 yrs and don't want to leave the community (very understandable).

The subject of better release titles is very subjective. Hardware performance although not quite finalized is much more concrete. Way to many stories of Devs saying the Sony console is by far the better of the two.

What is more concerning is the topic of having the Sony multiplats being gimped down because of the X1's shortcomings. Hell its not Sony's fault MS decided to go all in on the half gaming/half tv system. I do hope devs choose to push each console to it limits and not let 1 hold the other back.

pixelsword1552d ago

Convince me that you are unbiased and have integrity, IGN; you have yet to do that.

gamer78041552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Since they did this with the xbox one preorder video, in order to keep things even they have to do one about keeping ps4.

gamer78041552d ago


First, his Name is Ryan McCaffery. And he's not new, he's also a gamer, he's been doing game journalism i believe officially since 2002. Sure he's new to IGN, but not the game industry, he's been around a while

black0o1552d ago

is he the guy who does all Xbox news ... this is BS just looking for flame bait artical

dantesparda1552d ago

"-3rd party games better on the PS4 "

Im not sure about that. I think the 3rd parties are going to gimp the PS4 version for console parity with X1

ZBlacktt1552d ago

gamer7804, Well given by the way he expresses himself. He came across as really not wanting a PS4 no matter what. He even stated because of reliability in launch consoles. Then retracted that comment quickly saying Sony doesn't have that problem. The problem was with the console manufacture he does pick. He then goes on to state how he's never liked Killzone and never finished a game. So again this guy really drew a line between a real gaming journalist and a fan of one console over the other. It's his job to want both, like both, have both and maybe IGN should be hiring based on those that love and play it all. Be like having a Ref for a sports game like one team more then the other.

mattdillahunty1552d ago

"To top it all off they complain (on their podcasts) about their community being a breading ground for hate and yet they post articles like this, which do nothing more than add to the fire."

it's not ign's fault that so many gamers are so immature that anything appearing negative about their console of choice or positive about their console's competitor sends them into a fanboy frenzy.

there's nothing wrong with discussing whether you pre-ordered a console, or whether you might cancel your pre-order. but since fanboys run rampant online, any genuine discussion gets turned into mindless "my dad can beat up your dad" nonsense.

Sci0n1552d ago

Exactly, what type of BS question is that and the guy on the left is a idiot. I know me and everyone else is keeping there's. I am so hyped and excited about my PS4 preorder I marvel at my receipt a few times a week and have the consoles release date marked on my calender.

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FamilyGuy1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Wow, very nice.

For me it's a very easy choice, things like PS+ and the F2P games just solidify my decision.
Sony has a LOT more exclusives, whether they be full, PS or PS and PC there are a tons of games coming to the PS4.

I definitely wouldn't want to miss out.

opinska1551d ago

the games are not f2p on either the X1 or Ps4... you pay 50$ (or 60$?) to play them

FamilyGuy1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

This is incorrect, you don't need PS+ ($50 a year btw) to play the F2P games on the PS4, you can even play their online multiplayer without having to pay for PS+.

They are completely free to play. In fact the PS3 currently has a number of free to play games out already:

Uncharted 3s multiplayer
Dead or Alive
DC Universe online
Dust 514
Free Realms
and a few others

FamilyGuy1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

double post

THC CELL1552d ago

I think ign should start sacking people like this

Freedomland1552d ago

Never doubted it.

After 18 years of gaming on Playstation, i don't even care what the competition is doing, i just really want to enjoy my games on Ps4 because i trust my choice that i did in 1996.
Sony has been delivering the best and reliable hardware and fascinating games for a long time and it won't be different this time around and the biggest advantage of being with Playstation is that you don't have to worry about weaker or stronger issues, Sony does that for you and always provide you with strongest and state of the art hardware.


Ragthorn1552d ago

I am excited for PS4, I don't have it preordered, but I will get it in the launch window. I already have a lot of games on PC to play lol, but I am excited to go back into Killzone, I remember first playing it and it was so good back in 'O4 with my PS2 especially spilt-screen multiplayer with my brother and friends. I have been keeping up to date with it cause I love the heavy and damaging feel I get from the guns in Killzone. As I game mostly on PC, I still play on the Xbox and PS or there exclusives. Not fair to choose one side or the other. As I had equal fun in Halo and Killzone back in the day. In terms of value though, I got to give it to the PS4. Its overwhelming bang for your buck is so great! I also don't think that Killzone is the most beautiful looking FPS, nor does it play at 60 fps consistently on MP w/ 1080p. I saw some slowdowns, but you guys have to keep in mind it is utilizing an APU so that is inevitable with 1080p and 60fps and it has very impressive visuals for a launch next-gen console title. I am anticipating my return to the Killzone Universe, see you guys there.

Aceman181552d ago

IGN are full of idiots period. To me they are the worst gaming site on the net.

1552d ago
yeahokchief1552d ago Show
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-Mezzo-1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I know i am.

BX811552d ago

I didn't. I changed to the Xbox one after ms did a 180. It's funny how the Internet was a blaze about the original policies then when they changed it to what the gamers asked for, they were wrong about that too. I don't buy into the Internet crap, I had a blast with my 360 and I anticipate some great times with the one. Unless they pull some red rod crap all over again then ill be die hard Sony. I can't wait to pick up a ps4 as well. The exclusives on the ps3 looked great and played well. I'm looking forward to the same on the ps4. Also some vr gaming....fingers crossed!

HammadTheBeast1552d ago

Enjoy your preferred console, but N4G isn't the most supportive Xbox site out there.

ShutUpDonny1552d ago

There are no wrong choices. Both consoles will give you enough play time for your money. Enjoy!

monkey6021552d ago

Fair enough for giving credit where it is due on either side of the fence. For me it was always going to be ps4 first then maybe the xbone later. Ive always had a 360 as a second console for the exclusives i wont get elsewhere. Loved halo and gears and had to have bioshock and mass effect back when they werent multiplatform. For me this time though i have no intentions as of yet to ever support the xbox one. Like you said they have reversed the policies but i still feel they spit in my face and dont deserve my support until they really prove otherwise. I want to make sure that their first party exclusives keep coming and dont fade after a year or two and hope they dont try feed the drm back in gradually.

BX811552d ago

@monkey, I can see how they left a bad taste for some. Saying things like one needed the kinect to function. If they came out and said you really don't need it , but with what were trying to do its a plus. Then I could see. I also disagreed with always online. That's a huge deal when ur overseas or don't have net.

dantesparda1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

MS is going to have to prove themselves to me especially at that price, i bought the 360 when it first came out and ever since 2008 its just been collecting dust. So they have alot of convincing to do here.

And p.s. also 4 RROD left a bad impression with me

BattleAxe1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I cancelled my PS4 pre-order back in July after some consideration. None of my digital games library carries over from PS3 to PS4, and I just can't bring myself to pay to play online.

The fact that you had to pay to play online with the 360 was one of the reasons I didn't purchase an Xbox 360 until last year. I was lucky in that I only paid $100.00 for my 360, which was the perfect price point. Ultimately I ended up selling my 360 just a few months ago once my LIVE subscription ran out.

I'm sticking with Steam and possibly Origin on my PC for this next generation, since most games will release on PC anyway. I will also continue to use my PS3 and PSP, and I plan on buying a PS Vita around Christmas time this year. I am super excited about PS Vita TV also, which I will pick up at launch if its only going to cost $99.00 + taxes.

Ragthorn1552d ago

I do not get how people disagreed with a statement like that. You are saying both are equal play time which is subjective but can be true for others.

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Iltapalanyymi1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

i know m8. me too. i love PS.

BG115791552d ago

Pretty much... Yeah...

Wait there's a fool that cancelled its pre-order? OMG!!!

DA_SHREDDER1552d ago

You work for a gaming website and your asking people to convince you to be a real gamer? What a loser?

ZBlacktt1552d ago

Not sure why this is even a consideration. Are we keeping the pre order to the dominate console of Next gen? Hmmmm. Exclusive content on Watch Dogs, AC4 and Destiny. Plus the exclusives with infamous SS in Feb... free AAA games on PS Plus.... Best controller ever in the DS4. I just don't know....

The Meerkat1552d ago

Why not.

They will sell so well that the price won't change for years so you won't save anything by waiting.
You know you'll get one eventually so it might as well be now.

Xbone however will struggle after the initial buzz is over and a price drop will happen at some point in 2014. That is when you should pick one up for Halo 5.