Even The Glitches Are Scary In The New Amnesia Game

Kotaku - Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is a great horror sequel filled with tons of NOPE moments. Even its glitches are freakin' scary.

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Lisica1649d ago

I never saw a glitch that's not somewhat scary.

fsfsxii1649d ago

LA Noir's glitches were... worse that Dr. Cranes poison.

nick901649d ago

I'm going to struggle to sleep now tonight..

UsernameOfTheDead1649d ago

Machine for Pigs is nowhere near as terrifying as Outlast. Outlast is my favorite horror game since Silent Hill 2.

Pintheshadows1649d ago

I agree entirely but A Machine for Pigs excels in other areas. It isn't scary though. I haven't even jumped. It is just bizarre and disturbing. I love both of them.

RedDeadLB1649d ago

I saw some shit in Dead Space 3 as well. Came in a room full of supplies when all of a sudden a freaking corpse flew right in front of me and started flapping all over the room, smashing into things.

I think it was caused by high fps, because when I tried to record, the damn thing stopped every time. As soon as I stopped recording, there it goes again.