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Grand Theft Auto V’s Topless Strippers Have Actual Gameplay Mechanics to Challenge

In Grand Theft Auto IV strippers were just eyecandy. They didn’t do anything else than giving Nico a non-interactive lapdance and that was it.
In Grand Theft Auto V things are different. Not only you’ll be able to interact with the strippers by pressing A to flirt and holding RT to touch them, but you’ll also have to watch out. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

get_real  +   759d ago
Its nice to see them strippers finally getting some polygons. Good stuff
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titletownrelo  +   758d ago
alien626  +   758d ago
been playing the game for 1 day and its amazing on the detail rockstar as put in the game.

My guess everyone will love this game and will enjoy it.

PS yes i did buy this retail at a mom and pop shop.
TBONEJF  +   758d ago
at least they look better compare to GTA HOOKERS
Chrono  +   759d ago
At this rate, we'll know the entire game by 17th of Sept.
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paul-p1988  +   759d ago
It's getting harder and harder to avoid the spoilers, i just want to experience it all myself on Tuesday... may have to shut down the internet for a couple of days lol
ginsunuva  +   758d ago
Watching videos of people shooting cops and going to strip clubs isn't really spoiling anything...
luoshuigui  +   758d ago
There's only one thing you need to know

Game of the Year will be Watchdogs.

Nice try though.
fattyuk  +   758d ago
Watch dogs!?

lol it's gonna be good IMO but with bioshock infinite the last of us and GTA all released this year it sure ain't gonna be game of the year!
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unprotected  +   759d ago
This is disgusting, more exploitation of women just to get more sales and media attention, these devs need to be taken to courts
Chris558   759d ago | Offensive
AIndoria  +   759d ago
Dude, stop being a radical feminist somewhere else. You'd probably be fine if there was a mission where a stripper kicks the guy in the nuts. Bugger off.
TryMe  +   759d ago
Ur acting as if the profession of a "stripper" doesn't exist in real life society today.

Plus, it's good paying profession for most mothers as well.
unprotected  +   759d ago
Its teens who are playing these games most of the time, and not adults, imagine them watching such scenes at their age? this is degrading the new generation, which is already looking quite low

Then people will cry out as to why young teens are raping and shooting innocent people in schools and shops
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   759d ago
Seeing how these games aren't supposed to be sold or played by children under 18, if they're playing this game then that's bad parenting or people in that household just don't care what their kids are getting exposed to
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Conzul  +   758d ago

all of the problems you cite in #3.3.1 can be traced to poor parenting, not to the game itself.
Wanna change the world? Stop griping about adult entertainment and go give a seminar on parenting.
Deep-throat  +   758d ago


"Plus, it's good paying profession for most mothers as well."

Let me laugh even harder.
Skizelli  +   758d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. If you did your research, you'd find that the murder rate in the U.S. has been steadily declining since the early '90s, ever since people like you were bitching about Mortal Kombat and Night Trap. It's practically at an all-time low now.
Gster  +   758d ago
You know what man, I admire your concern. I think its an honourable thing to speak out against such things getting into the hands of teenagers and children. With that said, those of us who will be lawfully entitled to purchase and play the game can have a responsible attitude while playing or may even turn a blind eye to the less than tasteful scenes.

But you know whats even more curious to me is, I would love to know how many people on this site who have replied to you with less than courteous comments, are actually 18 yrs and over, and are legally entitled to play this game!
Skizelli  +   758d ago
I can't believe I got disagrees on a statement defending video games from false accusations. On a gaming site, no less. But okay. Is this proof enough for you?


There's also plenty of current articles about the murder rate being at an all-time low. Google it.
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NarooN  +   759d ago
How are the women being exploited? This is a real profession, that usually pays well for the women who did it. They aren't forced into doing it, they do it of their own accord. If anything, the stripper is exploiting her "talents" by having all these men (and women) pay her for her shows. She's manipulating her environment to attain something (money), just like any other job.

What about male strippers, too? It's the same thing. There's nothing inherently wrong with it and no one is being exploited.
#3.4 (Edited 759d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
unprotected  +   759d ago
Who fooled you with that statement that women choose to be strippers? they are forced to do it because there is no man to look after them, neither a job or education or a family, they are simply born with no parents, a one night stand, and there she is, a new soul on this earth with nothing to show for.

Just go and check any strippers background, and you will find out.
Bathyj  +   759d ago
Wow, unprotected. You just lost any moral high ground you thought you had with the statement because there is no man too protect them.

Whose the real sexist Neanderthal jerk here?
-Gespenst-  +   758d ago
That's an argument I have a real problem with. "It's a real profession", or "it's their job". How on earth does that legitimise anything? It was an American pilot's "job" to drop agent orange on Vietnam, does that make it okay? Does the fact that "it's how he / she earns money" somehow neutralise any ethical or moral question?

I'm not comparing stripping to agent orange bombings, but you see my point? Terrible things are justified every day because they're "a person's job". That justification can blind people to what's wrong about a thing. Talk about messed up priorities.

In some cases, strippers come from a background of fitness. Pole dancing is pretty great for your fitness. But in other cases, it's people who are struggling financially, and to be honest, stripping in that case really is one or two notches below prostitution. Stripping in general is a pretty culturally ugly thing anyhow. A strip club is just a hive of objectification, regardless of the gender it caters to.
NarooN  +   758d ago
Comparing people getting paid for showing off their bodies to a pilot in a war dropping napalm on enemy targets is a pretty ridiculous comparison, honestly.

Whether or not you think stripping is morally just doesn't really make any difference. I never said any job is "okay" just because it's a job. I was specifically talking about stripping.

As for a strip club being a "hive of objectification", that may be true, but once again it doesn't really matter. Everyone there is there of their own free will, and if that's how people wish to spend their money/earn their paycheck, then so be it. No one is being harmed.

People only view it as "culturally ugly" because for whatever reason, sex is frowned upon while violence is idolized. Sex is natural, and sex appeal is utilized in all sorts of marketing, even in subliminal fashions every day.

I don't understand people who try to talk down on people like this, the strippers, porn stars, etc. They're doing it consciously, no one is being hurt, so why do people get butthurt about it?
Bolts  +   758d ago
You can't exploit the willing.
adventureghost124  +   759d ago
You know, even though it's been proven that video games actually reduce stress and prevent crime than cause it. Plus teens have seen much, much worse than gta on the internet stop acting like you know what's right for everybody because you really don't -_-. Plus I've seen your other comments and I do know people who are suppliers for fun.yes believe it or not whore's exist. Go be a stupid else where
adventureghost124  +   758d ago
• strippers • sorry everyone auto correct is a Bitch
NihonjinChick  +   759d ago
There are actually some women who choose to be strippers. The profession is always as sleezy as you think. Most of the time they are subject to professional contracts and strict regulations.

There are even some women who choose to be things like prostitutes (Check the legal bunny ranches in certain Nevada counties)

Also, the fact that you think women need "a man to look after them" is sexist in it's own way.

It will be a cold day in hell the day I let a bunch of pixels offend me. I'm not a stripper so I don't care.
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Tctczach  +   759d ago
Haha. You say women are forced to become strippers because no man wants to look after them? Now think about that for a second. You're saying women are not independent enough to make their career choices for themselves and that they are not self sufficient. Sound like you are the one who needs to reform their way of thinking.
AshleeEmerson  +   759d ago
I agree, I believe this profession just like any is subjective to how good or bad it is depending on the person viewing it. My cousin strips and to her it's just dancing and guess what she is during the day? She drives fire trucks. It's just simulation guys lol. Let's be mature and realistic about that fact that it's life and what a person chooses has NOTHING to do with no one's satisfaction except their own.

Enjoy the experience.
NihonjinChick  +   759d ago
Correction: The profession isn't* always as sleezy as you think.
Muigi  +   759d ago
Your joking right?
GdaTyler  +   759d ago

So this doesn't happen in real life in strip clubs? Grow up will you? The feminazi community sure is growing rapidly.
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Abdou023  +   759d ago
I'd agree if this was some other poor game, but actually gta doesnt need to do this to attract attention. It's just something that has been in it's dna for a long time now.
thawind  +   759d ago
Dirtnapstor  +   758d ago
Unprotected has a valid point, not to the degree of "devs need to be taken to courts", but for recognizing the difference between exploitation and narration.
Most would give a pass to these types of events if it were a backdrop scene having an indirect influence on the game story line, etc. But really, for this type of gameplay to be emphasized has nothing to do with the cheese on the moon...
Seriously, how many of you will drop your controller and grace Palmala Handerson while the game is on pause? Too many of you... this sort of thing is not what gaming is about. This sort of thing makes the gaming community look bad, and any form of legitimacy takes a backseat to depravity.
I'm all for a good story, and a good story has multiple components, in whatever form. Context has it's place and reasons--perhaps things of this nature could be justified. We shall see in the coming days.
We all know this game is rated M for a reason, so be it. We all know kids of an inappropriate age will play it... is it Rockstars job to be the morality police? No. Its a parents job. No one would knock someones else's parenting decrees, so why condemn?
It says a lot when people post BS & "bugger off" or try to justify degradation. If you want it, so be it. I just recall the VGA's when Tenacious D performed and a ginormous slong "grew-up" on stage...Classy, real classy. These sorts of things eliminate validity. Am I alone or what?
Ravenor  +   758d ago
You're taking this shit a bit to seriously. Try a break, because if you honestly believe that a TINY part of GTAV has any bearing on how the community is perceived by people outside of Video Games. You're a tad deluded and out of touch.

I would also really like some of you to stop referring to enjoying whatever gender you're attracted to stripping, as depraved, it's like you think a Strip Club is like a cliche Victorian Brothel. There is a massive difference between thinking women are objects or sexual play things and enjoying the female form, there is NOTHING wrong with a man or a woman enjoying the sight of an attractive whatever gender it is they are attracted to.

Your expectation of a Spike produced program to be classy is also PRETTY funny.
KonsoruMasuta  +   758d ago
Hey man, whether or not I drop my controller to grace Palmala Handerson is none of your concern!
SpideySpeakz  +   758d ago
Hey, you can go to any club on a weekend and you'll see the same thing.
Truth  +   758d ago
Lmao all coming from a person who's name is "unprotected".
ThatEnglishDude   758d ago | Bad language | show
IanDeMartino  +   758d ago
Right, because every teenage kid in America doesn't already know where to find disgusting hardcore porn on the internet.

Kids these days have seen "two girls one cup" by the age of twelve, I highly doubt some polygon tits are going to scar them for life.

What is with some people's fear of nudity? Apparently going on mass murder sprees is fine, but let someone walk into a strip club in that same game and suddenly its "Oh no! Think of the Children!"

Exploitation of women? I think people need to pay more attention to shows like "pretty little liars" which run on ABC "Family" and simply by its title, tell girls that it is okay to lie, so long as they are cute enough to make up for it.

Getting mad about Grand Theft Auto games? Come on, that is so 2003, worry about Honey Boo Boo if you are scared of our culture degrading.
titletownrelo  +   758d ago
the game clearly says M: for mature 18+. If these kinds of games don't float your boat, then GTFO of its articles.
MacTastic  +   758d ago
Wow, over react much, It is not like Rockstar is putting this info out there and promoting this. And it is certainly not exploiting women because these are fake digitized women. Why is it so hard for people to separate real and fake.
Cuders  +   758d ago
if you are a man and you think this is disgusting then something is wrong with you. i like nice tittys and ass and would like it in video games. im sure teens can decide whether their gay or not.
RE_L_MAYER  +   759d ago
Would be nice to play a lady online and get myself a lap dance
titletownrelo  +   758d ago
lol, would the whole thing be a QTE?
Starbucks_Fan  +   759d ago
Yeah I love dem strippers
BeAGamer  +   758d ago
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BLAKHOODe  +   759d ago
My RT button seems to be sticky. I mean, sticking.
maximus1985  +   758d ago
MultiConsoleGamer  +   759d ago
NBT91  +   759d ago
You can get thrown out of the club.
knifefight  +   759d ago
Challenge accepted.
jessupj  +   759d ago
Finally, topless strippers.

Not that I need it, but it was dam annoying in previous games.
sagesurge  +   758d ago
fsfsxii  +   758d ago
And still i don't see any contraversy anywhere.
Kojima and Kamitani suffered for big boobs and skimpy outfits. But why not Rockstar??
solidboss07  +   758d ago
Ohh La La
HurstDarkStar  +   758d ago
Campy da Camper  +   758d ago
Lol at the sexist remarks. I know quite a few girls who danced to pay for their college tuition. 2 of them now have Masters Degrees and zero student loan debt. They are also very strong minded women and card carrying members of the NRA. Any guy who tried to harass them got a big surprises Lol. They made about 150k a year dancng 6 hours on Fri and 6 hours on Saturday night. They are very secure women who just know they are hot. They used their god given assets to pay their way through school. Once is now a structural engineer at a major company and the other co-runs a hedge fund on wall street. We stay in touch and both are married with kids.

So, I have no problem seeing women portrayed as dancers in a game. For chrissakes my friends make triple what I make in real life now lol
Ravenor  +   758d ago
A lot of strippers in the GTA's more classy Clubs (Greater Toronto Area, not GTA GTA) are students. But you know, those poor defenseless girls are being exploited by the man.

I'm beginning to think N4G has a large community of "Nice Guys".
IanDeMartino  +   758d ago
I agree that this isn't a big deal and actually kind of cool and realistic for the game. I also agree that SOME strippers, er excuse me, dancers, are able to stay on top of it and turn the situation to their advantage.

But lets not pretend that strip clubs are a bastion of female empowerment and feminism. I don't know how truthful you are being about your experience with strippers but my experience with them is far different. Some strip clubs levy heavy fines for small infractions like being five minutes late and unofficially encourage hard drug use through nonenforcement, all with the intention of making sure their girls never get ahead in life and better themselves.

That isn't to say that a strong woman can't utilize her "assets" to her advantage and use it as a stepping stool into the corporate world or whatever, but there are also a lot of weak and easily influenced people out there who begin stripping to make some quick cash and get ahead on bills or whatever, only to find leaving to be near impossible, until they are too old or ugly to continue and then are kicked to a curb, usually at that point with a hard drug habit, and oftentimes then find themselves turning to prostitution.

But again, this has nothing to do with GTAV, hell Sorpranos had strippers, no one cared, its just when it jumps into our media medium that the religious right gets all up in arms. I'm just saying lets not pretend that Strip Clubs are this fantasy land of free education and female empowerment. For every 1 strip club that your friends worked at that treated them with respect, for every 1 stripper like your friends that were strong enough to turn the situation to their advantage and could deal with the social stigma without turning to cocaine, there are 10 more that don't and can't.

That being said, I don't have anything against strip clubs, personal freedom to make the wrong choices.
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Nightcrawler913  +   758d ago
Awesome,traded my old original fat 40gb ps3 with a few games, and pre order the ps3 500GB Grand Theft Auto V Bundle. :) and the 360 version game for my brother in law. :)
maximus1985  +   758d ago
oh man how i envy your unboxing of such a level of greatness. A brand new fresh out box ps3 and GTA 5 just wow
fattyuk  +   758d ago
^^^ and that fresh controller!
TheVideoGamHer  +   758d ago
A lot of people think that things are this are harmless. It appears that way on the surface. But these seemingly small things are the fruits/remnants of a very disgusting and dangerous culture that we have adopted in the way we feel about gender and the hierarchy of gender in this society.
#17 (Edited 758d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
maximus1985  +   758d ago
would you prefer to visit a male strip club....i know many women that prefer female strip clubs
aLucidMind  +   758d ago
They think these things are harmless because they are. Just because there is human trafficking and forced prostitution doesn't mean that those are the result of strip clubs. It's been proven that making anything of this nature illegal only makes crimes similar to what has been illegal increase. Drug trafficking only became big in the US after drugs were illegalized, same with alcohol during prohibition. You know what places have a bigger risk of a girl being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery? Countries with restrictions on anything sexual.

Also, strip clubs do not affect the "hierarchy of gender" in this society. Some women enjoy strip clubs just as much as men do, and there are male strippers as well. This doesn't contribute in any way to gender inequality.
maximus1985  +   757d ago
well said.
cunnilumpkin  +   758d ago
lol...man there are going to be some funny mods for this on pc!!
Dunban67  +   758d ago
Strippers are people too! Its about time their contribution to society is properly recognized.
Godlovesgamers  +   758d ago
What a sad generation, when you insult and argue against people with values, morals, and decency. What does that say about you?

That you're perverse and love perversion? Yes.
HighResHero  +   758d ago
I do not entirely agree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion.

It's funny how many of these people don't seem to think you are entitled to an opinion as well, as if theirs is some kind of universal truth.
aLucidMind  +   758d ago
What does it say about you when you insult people for no reason beyond them not having the same values as you? That you're immature and love yourself a bit too much? Yes.

Just because you find strip clubs distasteful does not mean you are in any way superior to those who like to go to a strip club. Any mature person would simply say they're not into it, not insult people for liking what you do not. Everyone loves perversion, even yourself; I can bet you have at least one thing that you like that can be considered perverse by the very definition of the word. Hell, I don't like strip clubs; I find them rather pointless and the entire premise idiotic because you're essentially paying someone to turn you on and nothing else. But do I insult those who enjoy it? No, because I'm mature enough to know that I've no right to judge someone if all I can say about them is "you like what I don't like" (in other words, I'm not an asshole).

All you do when you make statements like that is show you're immature and egocentric. It never comes off as intelligent or mature.
#20.2 (Edited 758d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
solidboss07  +   758d ago
Dr Chang. 'Space Monkey. I'm going to stick those bananas up your ass Space Monkey'.
mydyingparadiselost  +   758d ago
I'm think games are ready for realistic VD gameplay mechanics surrounding the catching and the subsequent (if you have insurance through Liberty City Medical) treatment of that disease. There should also be special stripper lice dodging mini games at the clubs in the more run down parts of town.
extermin8or  +   758d ago
Wow.... Ok the level of naivety on this comments section is amazing. Where to begin ok I agree kids shouldn't be playing these games however we all know they will be and R* do too when they make the game, and things like this aren't meant to appeal to some 14 year old with too many hormones because not being funny but if it's a selling point for anyone else they have issues they need to go get sorted. It's a digital woman.... wtf exactly are you finding so appealing as watching someone that is digitally generated strip. Oh and ofc R* know and target this how else would they make as much as they are well on track to so far. Next is the fact that contary to what the comments above would have you believemost strippers wont be working legit.... Most have little choice and desperatly need the money for whatever reason. Some are hooked on drugs etc maybe even intitally by the employers... among other things... Oh and in real life ALOT of the time it's criminalls making money of places such as brothels etc.
#23 (Edited 758d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KonsoruMasuta  +   758d ago
Rockstar knows kids play this game, but they can't do anthing about it. Their audience is mature players. They don't have to and shouldn't have to tone down what they do in their games because some parents are bad a parenting and can't read the ESRB.

Rockstar doesn't target younger audiences with this game, so they shouldn't be playing it.

And actually, a lot of stripers actually lead good lives. As another commenter said, most strippers are subject to professional contracts and strict rules and regulations.

The only time you see the strippers you are talking about are at low end strip clubs where a contract isn't necessary and they take walk ins.
#23.1 (Edited 758d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
extermin8or  +   758d ago
I never said they should tone it down, but being honest the whole interactive digital stripper thing is just weird. I can't help but feel it's in there for no reaon but to try and cause controversy which is the wrong reason to have anything in a game, be it main story related or side feature. I also think that anyone that actually wants this feature possibly needs well basically to go get some help in some form. I mean you can't seriously tell me it's healthy.... What other purpose do the trippers have in the game if not to appeal to 14 year olds with too many hormones or people that clearly have some issues going on. Also I love Rockstars games but lets not pretend that them and almost every other developer have stuff in their games designed to appeal to the younger teens crowd than their age rating. If they didn't they wouldn't make any money because at leat a quarter if not more of all copies of gta5 bought by xmas will have gone to underage kids. If not more.
BludoDaSmelly  +   758d ago
Press X to make it rain :)
level 360  +   758d ago
Next step in gaming.. in terms of adult gaming - make actual sex act be part and parcel of mechanics of gameplay.

Expect to see more until it becomes mainstream content.

For sure there are already a couple of developers ( based in the Western part of the globe ) who are starting this.

And yes in Japan there are tons of this sort, but actually breaking the mainstream market is another.
Jirachi  +   758d ago
call me when there both topless and bottom less.
meday354  +   758d ago
Aw thats nothing. Come on perv's put eyes back in you head lol.
waltercross  +   758d ago
Damn, That alone makes my pre-order worth it!.
Jneal7  +   755d ago
Person A: "You can murder innocent people in GTAV."
Person B: "That's fine."
Person A: "You can see virtual strippers in GTAV."

I don't know if anyone will ever be able to explain this to me.
#29 (Edited 755d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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