Bookie has 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' outselling 'Grand Theft Auto V'

According to bookmaker William Hill plc; 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' will be the bestselling game of this holiday season with the odds being 6/4. Meanwhile 'FIFA 14' has the odds being 2/1 followed by 'Grand Theft Auto V'.

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Toolster1496d ago

Corse it will, gta v coming out on 2 consoles where as COD is comin on 5 consoles and I bet 80/90% of PS4 and Xbone customers buy COD.

I'd say Ghosts being top is a safe bet

Neixus1496d ago

80/90% buying ghosts? I hope you're not serious.
The massive amounts of pre-orders for ps4 was not because of cod, but all the other games.
Also, bf4 is on par, if not more pre orders than cod on next gen.

Blacktric1496d ago

"I bet 80/90% of PS4 and Xbone customers buy COD."

*citation needed*

Darrius Cole1496d ago

He said "I bet..." that doesn't need any citation. We know its his hunch.

millgate11496d ago

I hope these people realise that Call of Duty is the best selling video game franchise of all time. Of course it will outsell GTA V. It will outsell many games to come. Believe it or not, that's the truth.

USMC_POLICE1496d ago

no cod here just killzone/battlefield guess im in the 10%

GraveLord1495d ago

Carefuly around here. You say anything remotely close to positive regarding Call of Duty and you'll get dozens of disagrees.


Toolster1495d ago

What's with all the cod hate, ok so it's not moved on much since modern warfare, however it has a legion of fans and they can still be a blast to play, I picked up MW3 cheap the other day to keep me amused till GTA comes out and I really enjoyed it.

Neixus - I didn't say people pre ordered the next gens due to cod but I still maintain people will pick it up as a second or third game if not their main game.

Cod has a massive following which is only gonna get bigger on the next gens


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Deadpoolio1496d ago

Errrrr.....Most likely WILL for a FACT...It's 6 platforms versus a game on 2 platforms

GraveLord1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

COD Ghosts = PS3/360/PC/PS4/XB1/WiiU
GTA V = PS3/360
Fifa 14 = PS3/360/PC/PS4/XB1/PS2/3DS/PSP /Vita/Wii

Fifa goes overboard with platforms but it'll mainly sell on the HD consoles. COD Ghosts is still very popular and people have been programmed to buy it every year.

So can GTA V outsell Ghost? Yes, its possible. But considering the platorms COD Ghosts is on, its unlikely.

CocoWolfie1496d ago

usa alone not to mention its at the top of most retail sites around the world :p

joe901496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Wow, Xbox smashing the hell out of them sales.

Brix901496d ago

Yeah but look at the X1 preorders

HammadTheBeast1496d ago

US pre.orders only. And we know US is 360 country.

Mikeyy1496d ago

GTA 4.

World wide sales

Xb360 10.4 million
PS3 9.8 million

Thats hardly a difference, also consider the millions MS spent for that "Exclusive" DLC?

ritsuka6661496d ago

'Call of Duty: Ghosts' will be the bestselling game of this holiday seaso'

No shit,sherlock.

-Foxtrot1496d ago

If it does...then people are idiots.

Swiggins1496d ago

"If it does, people have tastes that are different then mine"

Fixed that for you.

spicelicka1496d ago

No "If it does... people are idiots"

Fixed it back.

Swiggins1496d ago

If it helps you feel better, so be it.

Deadpoolio1496d ago

Actually common sense would actually dictate that if it does it has nothing to do with people being idiots or anyone's tastes...However it would have everything to do with a game on 6 platforms will beyond a shadow of a doubt sell more copies than a game that is only on 2 platforms

joe901496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Yeh people are idiots for wanting a game they enjoy.

Ghosts is coming out on 5 different platforms.

GTAV is coming out on 2.

CrossingEden1496d ago

"If you play a different game than me, then you are an idiot"
-foxtrot, 2013
Seriously, you do realize that people are allowed to prefer COD over gtaV -_-

admiralvic1496d ago

What about buying CoD makes someone an idiot?

aLucidMind1496d ago

I think the idea is that, if you're buying the game expecting it to be new, fresh, or innovative then they think you're stupid because the recent CoD games have had none of those things. In some cases, they may be right, but most who have this mindset don't or refuse to understand it is more a case of hoping the best for a favored game rather than sheer idiocy.

admiralvic1496d ago

@ aLucidMind

I don't think a lot of people, especially casual gamers go into a game expecting "innovation". I wouldn't be shocked if most people just bought the games because they retool the multiplayer and add some new maps to master.

This is sort of a common misconception with a lot of "core" gamers. A lot of people think that every game needs to reinvent the wheel, which isn't always a wise thing. Like I suspect a lot of Demon / Dark Souls fans would be INFINITELY happier if Dark Souls II simply added new bosses, maybe a new weapon type, a few new magic spells and perhaps some other small things like this, than adding something as minor as an "easy" mode.

EazyC1496d ago

Don't need videogame stats to inform you of that, sir!

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iR_phantasm1496d ago

Working in video game retail for close to a decade and judging by the pre-order count company wide, i assure you that GTAV will be highest sold piece of media for a while.

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