GameTap: Europa Universalis: Rome - Getting hit with a history book has never felt so good

GameTap writes: ""Wait for the patch." These have always been words to live by when it comes to Paradox Interactive's Europa Universalis and its red-headed stepchildren like Hearts of Iron and Victoria. If there were any truth in game naming, the boxes would read something like Europa Universalis: You Know You Want It Now, But Don't Be Stupid, Hold Off For Six Months.

So I'm thrilled to report that a corner has been turned with Europa Universalis: Rome, an almost shockingly polished new addition to the family. It may have taken Paradox eight years to release a game this playable out of the box, although I can't gripe about the wait now that I've got such a captivating example of the hit-you-with-a-history-book real-time strategy franchise keeping me up to the wee hours. Only some lingering issues with Paradox's maddening refusal to include a proper tutorial and a few quibbles over family dynasties interfere with some satisfying veni, vidi, vici-ing."

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