North American White 3DS XL Will Help Nintendo Stay in the Black

White 3DS XL North America

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ElementX1527d ago

Doesn't make much sense when 3DS has been outselling consoles.

Valric1527d ago

Nintendo is still posting losses even with all the 3DS sales. Nintendo is on record saying the whole point of releasing a 2DS is to increase their handheld market. So, why would it be pointless to sell more 3DSs if this is their aim? All of 2012 till present, Japan has sold more 3DSs than the Americas combined. Might have something to do with the fact that the 3DS is offered in a greater variety there.

PopRocks3591527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"Nintendo is still posting losses even with all the 3DS sales."

Last quarter they posted a net profit. Mostly attributed to the 3DS' success.

falcon971526d ago

Nintendo did make a profit and yes it was due to 3ds and wiiu game sales,obviously 95% was due to 3DS.

Yep1526d ago

Wow, talk about uninformed.

Valric1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Okay, so Nintendo was posting losses except this last quarter. Obviously it is the handheld market that is keeping them afloat so they can either dramatically turn the Wii-U fortunes around or they can keep the handheld sales rolling. I'm not sure why no one views increasing their already decent handheld sales as a positive. Why sell a 2DS if they are content with their handheld sales as is? Lets face it, the handheld market is their tugboat pulling their stranded flagship to shore. Just like that cruise ship that had to be towed to Alabama. As good as the 3DS is performing, why not rack up all the sales of the people holding out for colors that are on all the blogs, Gamefaqs, etc. I always find questions on Yahoo, Google, and "When is the white 3DS coming to America?"

Locksus1526d ago

I think Nintendo's only posted losses twice during the time they've been in the console business.
They've got lots of money.

Valric1526d ago

True, but it depends how you view their financials. If you view Nintendo as a whole, they usually don't post losses because of their stocks they have invested in other things and also the money they make on all their copyrights and IP's. Nintendo was smart with their money they made early on and this is a prime example of why hedgefund advisors stress a diverse portfolio. But if you view Nintendo's performance strictly based on their own sales, they have posted more losses than they are comfortable with. Wii-U is mostly to blame. I think the price drop will alleviate some of their concern.

falcon971526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

At least Nintendo have a handhel business to keep WiiU alive,PS4 wont have this neither will xbox1 vita is selling very bad and Microsoft hasn't got a handheld and that new shareholder at Microsoft wants to close the xbox brand and if xbox1 sells poorly then that might just happen ? so lets see how Sony and Microsoft do after their initial 1st months sales ????

Nintendo will keep Wiiu alive no matter what they have the best ip's in the industry and i think they will do anything to make sure wiiu survives..Iwata said he will get the wallet out if all fails and boy have they got money.

jeffgoldwin1526d ago


Ive heard rumors that while MS doesn't have a handheld, they may or may not have something called Windows. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not.

I think MS have better IP's (for my entertainment buck) and definitely Sony has better IP's than the cartoons Nintendo has. Not in reference to sales, but just personal preference.

"so lets see how Sony and Microsoft do after their initial 1st months sales ????"
Um the pre-sales for both consoles are setting records and are sold out at a lot of gaming stores already. You really cant be this much of a blind Nintendo fanboy can you?

falcon971525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Look what do u define as better grey graphics at 25fps and sub par HD resolution ???

Look Sony will even admit Nintendo has Legacy something they can't achieve its called franchises people love,people still play Snes,N64,Gamecube ect and in terms of gameplay and framerates Nintendo wins hands down and Hardcore franchises like Metroid or Zelda,Smash bros, put Sonys and Microsofts best to shame,look Galaxy on wii was better than anything on ps3 or 360.....wake up just because you prefer Sonys ip's they certainly are not the best in the industry,ive never seen any game character drawn on the streets of america like you get Mario and co the love for Nintendo's games is much higher than Sonys and defo Microsofts,Mario has sales of over a 1 billion...across every iteration ??? work it out.

Legacy is earnt from getting things right from the start,Nintendo don't need new ip's as much as the others because their ip's have seen success in other words they made games from the start that people still love today,Sony and Microsoft haven't a chance m8.

Smash bros
Animal crossing
Mario Galaxy

These games are of the highest quality end of.

Listen that new shareholder at Microsoft wants the xbox brand dead ?????

jeffgoldwin1524d ago


All those cartoony games you listed were fun, when I was under 15. Now, not so much.

But now they are kinda fun to occationally play with my kids.