New Leak GTA V Gameplay Show Michael Battling Against Aliens?

Gamepur: Massive GTA V Spoilers, We are warning you guys, the video below is Not Safe For Watching (NSFW) as it features massive GTA V spoilers

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Donnieboi990d ago

Can u please NOT describe the spoiler itself in the title? Some people don't want to accidentally see it.

rajman990d ago

lol this happens after Michael smokes some weed and imagines these crazy aliens

bub16990d ago

This. Comment. Has. Ruined. The. Mission. I. Coudnt. Wait. To. Play.

cheers jerk

rajman990d ago

You knew this article contained spoilers by the title and the video, and yet you chose to read the comments? stupid much?

Xx-ADITYA-xX990d ago

Lol weed wouldn't really do this, weed just gets you hungry, giggly and relaxed. LSD or some other drug would probably do this sort of shit.

the_espresso_kid990d ago

Lol, you would need to smoke DMT to see aliens like this, or inter-dimensional robots. Not weed.

ginsunuva990d ago

Now pre-teens who trick their parents into buying gtav will see this and go become potheads in hopes of seeing aliens.

King-Prodigy-X990d ago

Saints Row 4 lose, Saints Row 4 lose, beacause GTA V also has aliens too.

SubspaceReviews990d ago

Why would you put that spoiler in the title? That's huge. Way to ruin it for a lot of people.

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