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Submitted by Valay 883d ago | news

Splinter Cell: Blacklist sales on Wii U account for less than 2% of total sales

Splinter Cell: Blacklist launched last month in the US. Having been on the market for about a week, the game did fairly well - just not on Wii U. (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wii U)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   883d ago
some fans will say the wii u is doing well and scream at anyone that says otherwise
PopRocks359  +   883d ago
How is the sales of this one gimped port a sign of the console itself not doing well?


I get that. I don't really see the correlation between Wii U sales and the success of this port. Pikmin 3 was among the ten best selling game of August according to NPD, and that's not even a well known Nintendo IP.
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SpideySpeakz  +   883d ago
It's not just this one, but on nearly every multiplat game. The general public forgot the Wii U even exist.
RyuCloudStrife  +   883d ago
not just the sales of this 1 game, but the sales of the console ITSELF!
Genuine-User  +   883d ago
Pop, you should look at the Digital Foundry article on Blacklist, the game is technically superior on the Wii U when compared to other consoles. It's not gimped at all.
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Gamingsince75   883d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   883d ago
"How is the sales of this one gimped port a sign of the console itself not doing well? "

By your logic Need for Speed was gimped and we all know that isn't true.


It doesn't matter if its gimped or not because look what happened to the superior version of Need for Speed.

The real problem here is that in general Nintendo fans don't buy 3rd party games. When Bayonetta 2 comes out you will know what i mean and its a shame because the first one was fantastic.
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PopRocks359  +   883d ago

First of all, my comment doesn't suggest that in the slightest. NFS should have sold better, but didn't. Same with ZombiU.

Besides, that doesn't answer my question. If people don't generally buy 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles, then how does that directly correlate with poor console sales? That makes little to no sense. You say people buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, which historically they do. Then you blame poor console sales on poor third party support. It's a half-assed, illogical, double-back argument.

Not to mention that no third party game deserves to sell that well on any platform on which it's outright missing content and features. I don't care for performance if the damn game is missing content.
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Studio-YaMi  +   883d ago
"If people don't generally buy 3rd party games on Nintendo consoles, then how does that directly correlate with poor console sales?"

Well that's actually one of the Nintendo Fanbase problem big problems ! if you don't buy 3rd parties software then you're only putting more pressure on Nintendo IPs and that's not good at all,the system needs good software badly,yet when it's available it's not supported !

Don't come back and say that developers are lazy or are ignoring the Wii U when the fans of Nintendo don't support games other than exclusives ! (most of the time at least)

I was talking in general about the blaming subject,wasn't meant directly at you.

A lazy developers is the results of lazy sales,yes that's right,if you don't support the devs then you have no right to complain about lazy ports or missing content that's available on other consoles where the fanbase SUPPORT IT.(again not directed at you)
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PopRocks359  +   883d ago
"Don't come back and say that developers are lazy or are ignoring the Wii U when the fans of Nintendo don't support games other than exclusives ! (most of the time at least)"

First of all, considering I bought Ninja Gaiden, Darksiders II, ACIII and Black Ops 2 AND ZombiU (NONE of which were missing content) all on my Wii U, you don't have the right to lay any of the blame on me.

So you're telling me it's Nintendo's fault, or even their fans, if a developer releases an unfinished product for full price on their system and it doesn't sell? Decently made games I understand, but releasing a port that's missing content and expecting it to sell is tomfoolery. And you're full of it if you expect me or anyone else to lay all the blame on Nintendo for it. Or myself for that matter. I've done my part. Doesn't stop you from making ignorant assumptions.

Edit: By the way, you don't need to put a space between a word and "!".

Edit 2: Okay good. You made it sound as if your comment was entirely aimed at me. Portions of it I actually agree with though.
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Studio-YaMi  +   883d ago
Had to make a new comment just to address your edit lol !

I know that I don't have to,it's just a habbit of mine,I think it looks more appealing to my eyes when I put a space between them. :)
Knushwood Butt  +   883d ago

Never heard of it.
LOL_WUT  +   883d ago
You Nintendo fanboys need to support 3rd party on the Wii U especially Ubisoft who btw has shown ton of support to the platform. Like I said before you guys are all talk ;)
BosSSyndrome  +   882d ago
It can't be a port, it came out at the same time as the other versions. The reason it didnt sell is because of a low install base, plain and simple.
PopRocks359  +   882d ago

Fine, "version." The point is it's the same exact game. Only the Wii U version has content removed from it and is sold at the same price.

Also since everyone insists only Nintendo games can find success on Wii U, I'll just leave this here.
Bundi  +   883d ago
Same can be said about Vita fans...
MasterCornholio  +   883d ago
Still doesnt change the state of the Wii U though.

Im a Vita owner (and i buy a ton of games for it) and i will admit that the handheld is doing poorly.
Genuine-User  +   883d ago
The software attach rate proves otherwise.
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AbortMission  +   883d ago
What? Vita gamers actually BUY their games Lol. Devs who transfer their games on the Vita like to talk about the Vita's high attachment rate.

So much damage control and diversion from you drones Lol
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_QQ_  +   882d ago
@abort mission "vita owners buy their games"so do Nintendo fans when the games are worth it,Mario kart sold over 5X what uncharted sold,does that mean Sony fans don't buy their games in comparison with Nintendo fans?
Beastforlifenoob  +   882d ago
Why are you comparing the WiiU to the vita, the wii u and vita are nearly shipping the same amount of units (+- 10,000 units oer year) and its older than the Wii u and also you can't compare handheld to console
THamm  +   883d ago
I'm sure most of the people here sticking up for the WiiU, didn't buy SC anyway. Kinda lame but people need to start buying 3rd party games or else
LOL_WUT  +   883d ago
^ This right here. I swear if this game would've have sold more on the Wii U you'd have all theses faithfuls boasting about it but, seeing as that's not the case they just shrug it off and blame it on the port. I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft were to drop support for the Wii U all because you guys ain't even buying their games. ;)
Campy da Camper  +   882d ago
Honestly, I bought a wiiU for one reason. To play 1st party Ninyy games at night while laying in bed or to have a tablet to browse internet while the seahawks are destroying their competitors.

I knew going into the purchase that the multiplats were going to be irrelevant on it. I have my PlayStation and my big screen led for those games, anyway.

The wiiU is a great second console/internet tablet touse recreationly.
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AbortMission  +   883d ago
"Who cares if it doesn't have co-op and runs at a worse framerate and has sub-HD textures! Wii u version is the DEFINITIVE VERSION!"

Lol, these drones really had it coming. The sales prove this as well.
yellowgerbil  +   883d ago
nintendo likely is done after this with home consoles. They are a relic. They way they do business is too 20th century, and they still treat it like a toy, even though the majority of gamers are in late teens or adults.
Sad to see them in this state, but that seems to be the way of Japanese game companies, them capcom square enix. They are all behind the times and their businesses are suffering because of it.
Thank god sony has a good head on it's shoulders and is really pushing things in the right direction.
NihonjinChick  +   883d ago
One failed console isn't going to take Nintendo out of the games. Going by history, it usually takes about three failed consoles in a row to make a company get out of the console business.

Ex: Sega and Atari

Nintendo just got done cashing in off the Wii. That thing basically printed money.

Also, I think SE is doing pretty good. They hit a rough patch but they are coming back strong.

FF: XIV ARR, KH3, and FF XV are far from behind the times.
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yellowgerbil  +   883d ago
"The last six years have been terrible for Nintendo's (NASDAQOTH: NTDOY ) shareholders. After peaking in 2007 with a market cap near $85 billion, Nintendo has steadily collapsed and has now lost over 76% of its value over the last five years."
No the wii didn't print money apparently
As for Square Enix, I am referring to profitability and popularity, the series have been steadily declining in both quality and popularity. I really hope that isn't the case for KH3, and hope FF15 will be better than 12 and 13
DarkBlood  +   883d ago

what does that have to do with the fact that they sold alot of of wii's anyway?

did you also forget about the money they have in the bank to keep them afloat even if said console was to fail? bet you ingored that part didnt u.

Nintendo isnt going down not by a long shot as much as you want it too.
Magicite  +   883d ago
Technically and graphically Square Enix games are always times ahead of average games.
ritsuka666  +   882d ago
Technically and graphically Square Enix games are always times ahead of average games. '

This is joke ,right? this is 1997 anymore dude theres a lot of Jrpgs better in this days.
NihonjinChick  +   883d ago
I can show similar number that shows Sony has been taking huge amounts of losses themselves for the last couple of years. Does that mean they're dropping out of the console race?

I can also point out that they have their own hardware that is failing. It's called the Vita.

So they must not be pushing everything in the right direction.
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Magicite  +   883d ago
dont you dare to drag here square enix. uve no clue what your talking about.
grassyknoll  +   883d ago
If this is true & the trend continues, I see even Ubisoft stopping most WiiU multiplatform development. Nintendo needs to give the system a significant price reduction before Xmas.
2pacalypsenow  +   883d ago
I could have told you that
falcon97  +   883d ago
Well Rayman has sold best on wiiu....
iamnsuperman  +   883d ago
It did which could mean one thing. Wii U will get more titles like Rayman Legends and less titles like Splinter Cell. This is a bad outcome for wanting to attract new consumers (who want the rounded experience). I am not sure 2% covers the port cost so Ubisoft will not bother with these types of games in the future

edit: @gamingsince75 possibly but I really meant games in that genre and style.
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Gamingsince75   883d ago | Spam
monkey602  +   883d ago
While I know the better version of legends to own would be the wii u version. You have to take into account that the recent releases on any other platform have been abundantly more than the wii u's. can't help but think it sold better because there really was nothing else to buy
Gamingsince75   883d ago | Spam
monkey602  +   883d ago
Agenda? Dude you need to take off the tinfoil hat. I loved rayman and wish people would support it but the unfortunate thruth is that everyone is saving their money for the almight GTA 5 next week and the leap to next gen coming shortly. There are very few niche games getting the credit they deserve
falcon97  +   883d ago
Plus if ubi actually did some adverts for wiiu version then they would sell alot more,i bet they will advertise ps4 and xbox1 games ????????????????? Nintendo just build ur own studio's to take down EA and Square enix and any other that keeps leaving you in the dark ect i'm sick of this 3rd party ignorance,look Nintendo you have the best 1st party games in history and your exclusive 3rd party games are a few notches above any 3rd party multiplat games so just bring us ut 1st party games and exclusive 3rd party games just leave this multiplat nonsense behind let Sony and Microsoft play that game......

WiiU=1st party/exclusive 3rd party games.

Ps4/Xbox1=3rd party multiplats.

That's how its ending up.....
iamnsuperman  +   883d ago
"Nintendo just build ur own studio's to take down EA and Square enix and any other that keeps leaving you in the dark"

I find this hilarious as third party games also sell the system (first party can only do so much when they do not get/get gimped version of third party games). Nintendo need to improve their relations with third party publishers. It is vital for a console to succeed.

"Ps4/Xbox1=3rd party multiplats."

Give credit to these companies. Sony, in particular, has been pushing their exclusives for some years now and has created some of the best and innovative games (in both gameplay and story telling) this generation. Don't totally dismiss what they have done just because they get multiplats as well
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MasterCornholio  +   883d ago
"WiiU=1st party/exclusive 3rd party games.

Ps4/Xbox1=1st party/exclusive 3rd party games/3rd party multiplats."


Like Sony and Microsoft exclusives dont count. You Nintendo fans amaze me sometimes.
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falcon97  +   883d ago
Yes but its the multiplat games on Sony/Microsoft that define them,where as on Nintendo its 1st party games and exclusives like Bayonetta2 and Sonic lost worlds,Monster hunter series,Wonderful 101,ect ect....

Most people will get sick of the yearly franchises like Fifa an Madden ect ect they are just shoddy efforts of trying to better the previous game with not enough time to do it Fifa and such should come out every 2 years,games like Mariokart,Smash bros,Zelda get proper dev cycles for absolute quality in gameplay and graphics which ends up making every multiplat game feel rushed,buggy,or just outright unfinished that's how good Nintendo are and when their at there best they will make mince meat of Sony/Microsoft mark my words.

In other words you buy Fifa 14 then in 2015 you buy a major Fifa15 dlc upgrade for like $15 then in 2016 the next proper real upgrade hits and you then get to upgrade it in 2016 and so on but the upgrade should only provide gameplay enhancements and new teams and players....
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Baka-akaB  +   883d ago
"but its the multiplat games on Sony/Microsoft that define them"

BS right there , the other two arent any less defined by their exclusives . They just dont have to rely solely or mostly on exclusives and being thrown a bone once every while by a 3rd party publisher .

It's ok to love Nintendo , they are an integral and important part of the industry , wich needs them . But fans should be able to criticize when something is wrong or missing too .

That 4 home consoles in rows , with spotty 3rd party support , if any , so far . There is an issue , even if its at least early for the Wii U , and can be adressed still .

Hell i see the vita mentioned in those kind of threads , sometimes with good reasons , but i also see lots of vita fans complain and voice their concerns . Not just with blinders and claiming its fine
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grimmweisse  +   883d ago
So if you're so happy with Nintendo's first party and don't see a need for third party developers for the Wii U, then that is already happening. Your final statements seems to be that you're arguing with your own statements.

Like or not, the Wii u needs major 3rd party support. The Wii U sales target are well below expectations. Just relying on the their first party titles to sell the console ain't going to cut it, because they are far and few between releases.

I do want the Wii U to succeed, but its going to become even more competitive once the other next-gen systems come out.
cherbhy  +   882d ago
I agree with what you're saying about 3rd party.. but

"Just relying on the their first party titles to sell the console ain't going to cut it, because they are far and few between releases."

IDK about that.. I feel like like all it takes is one or two blockbuster titles from Nintendo and the console will start flying off the shelves.
monkey602  +   883d ago
Because ubisoft and ea dont want their own games selling and making money right? -_-
This isnt some inside job to take down nintendo. Its a poor market. Not enough people own a wii u to justify the development costs for some studios
SephirothX21  +   883d ago
Its amazing how Nintendo went from such a success with the Wii to a disaster with the Wii U. Honestly, the console is done for. PS4 and X1 destroy it in almost every way. Nintendo need to go back to the drawing board and bring out a console in the next two years that is more powerful than the X1 and PS4.
Gamingsince75   883d ago | Spam
Misaka_x_Touma  +   883d ago
yeah like how Sony went from success ps2 to ps3 and psp to vita
SephirothX21  +   882d ago
Come on. You cannot compare PS3 to Wii U. PS3 was overpriced and had a poor launch but it had the third party support and great exclusives and has been successful as a result. Why would anyone buy a Wii U now instead of a PS4 and X1 when there is poor multiplatform support and any multi games will play better on X1 and PS4? Not to mention the superior online of these two consoles. The Wii U is a last gen console that came out six years too late and it cannot compete with next gen.
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jjdoyle  +   883d ago
takings this from other site:
"some food for thought:
xbox 360 american install base ~ 44.5mil
wii u american install base ~ 1.45mil
sales on xbox 360 = 300,000 * 70% = 210,000 units
sales on wii u = 300,000 * 1.6% = 4,800 units
attach rate for xbox 360 = 0.21mil/44.5mil = 0.5%
attach rate for wii u = 4,800/1.45mil = 0.3%

only 0.2% lower attach rate on wii u than xbox 360! not too shabby after all, eh?"

grassyknoll  +   883d ago
True, but WiiU has had significantly fewer titles released on the system compared to the PlayStation 3,Xbox & PC. Early adopters generally buy far more games too, 5000 copies is not good news at all, you can't spin that.
jjdoyle  +   883d ago
terrible sales across all consoles about same percentage isnt spin it fact.

did ubisoft even ship many wii u copies? no. go look at the other comments on the link i provided unless you dont know how to click a link because you certainly dont know how to look at facts:
"I've seen more 360 copies than I've ever seen Wii U or even PS3 copies in retail stores, no wonder this game bombed despite performing best on 360."

"I was planning on purchasing this game to play with my friend who doesn't own a Wii U but loves Splinter Cell co-op. When it was announced that local co-op was being cut, I decided to not purchase it. So that decision affected at least one person. Sad to see poor sales though. Hopefully Rayman (planning to buy) and Watch_Dogs (will look into) do better."

"The game is Impossible to find on WiiU none of the GameStop's in my area had it let alone knew it was on WiiU."

"Ubisoft wasn't expecting big sales for this game on the Wii U, that's why they barely shipped any copies of it. The gamestop I bought it from only had one copy, and it was the one I preordered. I went to two different walmarts before that and neither of them had it stocked either. They had the PS360 version but not even a listing for the Wii U version aside from a promo poster that had all consoles listed on it. This isn't due to fans not buying it, its due to fans not being able to find it."

stupid bubbles are insane on the internet but people that have links and cant click them not even sure what the term would be for those. even in my original non-English language. cant even click a link and read full comments on wii u version not even shipping many units but come and try to spin ignorance?
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Knushwood Butt  +   883d ago
20 million of those 360s are in coffins.
jjdoyle  +   882d ago
and you have that number from? i dont see microsoft adjusting numbers on market with numbers in coffins, prob should though.
Knushwood Butt  +   882d ago
Off the top of my head.

It was a joke, but there's still some truth to it.
ironfist92  +   883d ago
tbh I had no idea it was coming to Wii U. Im under the impression that the WiiU demographic isnt looking for games like Splinter Cell, which resulted in less sales. I think studios dont support WiiU as much as they need the right games to make and market for the WiiU crowd.
monkey602  +   883d ago
The wii u hasnt really got a young demographic. They have some thrid party support for all age groups but they do show it poorly. Unfortunately most of that side of the gaming group already own a competetive console and in a lot of cases picking up one of the next gen in the near future
Whymii  +   883d ago
Whether or not the low sales rate can be attributed to the relative install base is not the main issue here. The truth is that people tend to buy sequels on systems that they previously bought them. Not always, but often. For example, I bought BO2 on the 360 because that's the system I have always played CoD games on and so do my friends.

I ended up buying the Wiiu version latet on because I got it dirt cheap and actually prefer playing on it, due to remote play and two player twin screen. Online community is good too. A lot less trash talk, tossers and racism. However, I will play it on the 360 if I want to play with my mates. My guess that this is the case with Blacklist. I had Conviction on the 360 and would probably pick up Blacklist on that system because I know other people that have.
Summons75  +   883d ago
Well yeah. Kinda hard to get sales when every store ( in a 20 mile radius) hasn't had one single copy in since launch. Had to order mine from amazon and wait a week instead of going into the store and buying it.
Venox2008  +   883d ago
I just hope that sales gonna pick up after price drop and Wind Waker HD
Hakoom  +   883d ago
whos gona play cod or asasins creed or splinter cell on the wii? seriously..

stick to mario and zelda..
this system wil lose alot of 3rd party support.. 90% of its games are all 1st party
FinalomegaS  +   882d ago
please refer to the Official Spinter Cell Blacklist community connected to Nintendos Miiverse and you will get your answer.

millzy102  +   883d ago
First of I have all of them on my Wii u so people do however if anyone reads the miiverse community about splinter cell most people will avoid this Game because every other comment is about broken online and how it'. Needs fixing a lot of people want to play it on Wii u but are either waiting on patches or brought it on another system. Some users have traded in on Wii u for Xbox version. I'm not too bothered about it to get it on my ps3 as I'm not big on online gaming anyway
truechainz  +   883d ago
Reasons for this are pretty clear:

1. Game was not properly tested and had several issues out of the gate so don't expect people to buy a broken game.
2. Very few titles were available at retailers so it was harder to find.
3. No offline co-op on a system that in my personal opinion offers the best local multiplayer experience makes little to no sense.
4. Miiverse allowed the word to spread quickly that though this is a great game, there are too many problems that should have been fixed before this game's release.
#15 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Misaka_x_Touma  +   883d ago
no it the install base
truechainz  +   882d ago
add it to the list but mine are also still valid. Not to mention that everyone is forgetting that the install base of the Wii U represents less than 2% of the install base of all 3 so the attachment rate is fairly consistent to be honest.
stragomccloud  +   883d ago
Well, I'll be picking up the Wii U version soon enough. Patch was recently released and all.
cherbhy  +   882d ago
Yeah i read about all the multiplayer issues on Miiverse and was waiting for the patch to release as well. I'm actually picking this game up this week.
FinalomegaS  +   882d ago
patch was not for the most annoying issues online, still can't connect to friends online and the SVM still freezing. Ubi says they are working on it...

thank god for miiverse.

It's like a giant Game testing info hub.
AWBrawler  +   883d ago
right right lets all ignore Rayman since it sold better on Wii U and focus on Splinter Cell to try to make Wii U look bad. lol typical N4G logic
cherbhy  +   882d ago
It sold better on a console with a fraction of the install base. Now THAT's saying something.
LOL_WUT  +   882d ago
No one ignored Rayman selling more on the Wii U in fact there was even an article about it which reached the top. How about you stop getting so defensive about it? ;)
ChickeyCantor  +   882d ago
You're the one all over this topic going like "Look at me I was right". You're so pretentious.

You are missing something simple : People were complaining on Mii verse. If you really payed attention, wii u owners get their information from that place. That's why most of them ignored splinter cell because Ubi did a shoddy job.
#17.2.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
PopRocks359  +   882d ago
LOL_WUT logic.


"What about Rayman Legends?"

#17.2.2 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
AWBrawler  +   882d ago
i'm not defensive at all. i'm just stating a fact. there are more articles focusing on negative for Wii U. and that Rayman article didn't get as much heat as say the weekly "Nintendo is doomed" article
Misaka_x_Touma  +   883d ago
no shit
ps3 and 360 install base are like 77m plus
Slowbrosef  +   883d ago
Blacklist left out Local Multiplayer on Wii U, That's my favorite aspect of the game. I'd rather buy on another system even when i have Wii U.
FinalomegaS  +   882d ago
you still can't play coop online with your friends... and the online SVM still have freezing. Not sure but people are complaining on miiverse and others are staying clear away of the title seeing all those complaints.

and missing local coop on top of all those other issues.
Dunban67  +   882d ago
One other thing- people complain about "gimped" games being released on the Wii U by 3rd parties- but those
same people are just fine when Nintendo releases virtually all of its games w out online multi player or other major features that pretty standard on other developers games- Maybe those developers think online multiplayer
is not important to Ii U owners since we are used to not having that feature

So tell me- Is Mario 3D land going to be a gimped game when it is released since it will not have online multiplayer?
PopRocks359  +   882d ago
360 owners had every right not to support Street Fighter X Tekken when they removed characters and had them locked on the disc. I have every right not to support a game that has removed content but I have to pay full price for it.

Mario 3D World (not Land, that's for 3DS) not having online multiplayer is pretty crappy, and I don't see myself buying it day one, but at least the online was never there to begin with.
truechainz  +   882d ago
You seem to be confused. Gimped versions are only known through comparison to the exact same title with different features. Pretty silly I know but don't beat yourself up. Also it is hilarious that you bring up lack of online as the main complaint when the issue here is lack of local offline co-op. You are two for two buddy.
Dunban67  +   882d ago
A gimped game is a gimped game right?

I would rather have the option of buying a game w out online or offline multi player than no option at all- most developers making games for the wii right now are doing it for charity (not that it was their intent)

No one more than Nintendo knows where not to invest their money- They have made less games for the Wii U than most or they are just bringing 3DS ports to the wii u- The market place tells the story and the Wii U is a sorry story in the market
ChickeyCantor  +   882d ago
"A gimped game is a gimped game right? "

Compared to what, you are really not getting it do you?
AKR  +   882d ago
I don't understand why people are losing their heads over this so much:

- Wii U has a smallest install base out of all the platforms this game was released on.

- It has missing features (the high-res textures pack, for instance?)

- The franchise was never seen on a Nintendo platform prior.

...With those three cons against it, did anyone expect it to have a huge amount of sales? I know Rayman did really well on the Wii U against the competition - but that's mainly because:

- It was a Wii U-exclusive to begin with.

- Many Wii U owners bought the system in the first place just to play Legends.
imXify  +   882d ago
I remember playing Splinter Cell on the Wii many years ago...good times. x)
Dunban67  +   882d ago
Resident Evil Revelations, Injustice, Need For Speed, Splinter Cell - all games multi plat games that sold horribly on the Wii U and relatively well on other consoles- the other consoles also had many options for games and the Wii U close to zero options- yet the Wii U can barley move 40 or 50 k at retail

I hope Nintendo game support its own home consoles going forward because I don t see much hope for significant 3rd party software for the wiii U in the future baring a HUGE mangmt shift and philosophy at Nintendo
gpturbo81  +   882d ago
as someone who buys all new games for wii u, including this one, its pretty shitty to be in the minority. step ur game up cheap asses

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