GT Countdown - Top 5 Anticipated PS4 Retail Games

GameTrailers: "Which PS4 games have a KNACK for getting us excited? We think DEEP DOWN you'll agree with us."

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gaelic_laoch1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Can't wait for the definitive version of Titanfall! Imagine what EA could do with PS4 hardware if they are let off the leash!

SonyNGP1020d ago

I highly doubt it can top the PC version.

puntthor1020d ago

me too! as i am a devout follower of all things sony they cant do wrong! they are in fallible! TO hell with teh Zune!

WarThunder1020d ago

Deep down looks fantastic!

This is the game engine Deep down uses:

This one the most impressive game engines i have ever seen. and thats the best fire effect ever!

1nsomniac1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Looks epic but if you've seen the current actual real gameplay it looks absolutely nothing like that. Hopefully it's just early stages & they get close to that render before release though.

ZHZ901020d ago

Yes to this list, yes!