GameSpy: Europa Universalis: Rome Review

GameSpy writes: ""For want of a nail, the shoe was lost..." begins the old nursery rhyme that ends with the fall of an entire kingdom. It's a rhyme that's often been used to explain the concept of alternative history in which small changes play out very differently in the broad sweep of historical events. The chance to dramatically alter history lies at the heart of the appeal of Paradox Interactive's Europa Universalis: Rome. Could Pyrrhus have avoided his "Pyrrhic victory" and strangled the young Roman Republic? Could Carthage have avoided destruction and beaten the Italian upstarts? Could Mark Antony have ousted Octavian and become the first Roman Emperor? Unfortunately, the old rhyme also details the unfortunate consequences of missing small details and that, too, perfectly describes Europa Universalis: Rome, an often-brilliant game that falls down because of a host of tiny details."

-Sweeping scope
-Family politics
-Impressive level of detail

-Poor user interface
-Army management and movement problems
-Missing diplomatic options
-Awful multiplayer setup

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