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Submitted by doctorstrange 882d ago | opinion piece

What Would You do if You Had Control Over Xbox?

"Yesterday, Sony’s Adam Boyes gave us control of all of PlayStation, so to keep things fair, now we’re taking over Microsoft. With Ballmer leaving and Mattrick gone, Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan step in and try to sort out Xbox." - PSLS (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Foolsjoker  +   882d ago
I would teach everyone that worked there how to count.
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GreenRanger  +   882d ago | Funny
There are three types of people in this world: Those who can count, and those who can't.
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Godmars290  +   882d ago
And those who can use "there, their" and "they're" properly apparently.

For what its worth, I've gotten it wrong a few times...
Foolsjoker  +   882d ago
Fixed it, typing when tired is never smart.
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Septic  +   882d ago
1) Reveal it as a games console first
2) No DRM and other policies or if the digital distribution method was properly fleshed out, actually explain the benefits of the system properly
3) Have a headset included from the start
4) Sort out indie discontent way before revealing the Xbox One
5) Not call it Xbox One

The beauty of hindsight is, we can always identify what shouldn't have been done but the points above just seem like prudent things to do anyway.

Microsoft made some great moves such as the $1 billion investment, cloud infrastructure, getting rights to Titanfall etc but things like having a more powerful console, a lot of it came down to bad luck on MS' part if you know how Sony changed to GDDR5 last minute. Also, whilst many will say Kinect-less bundle, I strongly believe it should be included, even just for the sake of variety.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   882d ago
Buy the rights to all things Sony... Destroy them all and bring back drm and the original Xbox one setup.
You know just to piss people off lol.

Get rid of major nelson is a priority. The man needs to see some sun, has complexion like the guys from twilight.
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black0o  +   882d ago
i'd have bought Valve instated of nokia
Skips  +   882d ago
Isn't the former CEO of Nokia (the guy who practically ran Nokia into the ground), the new head of Microsoft?

Yikes... lol
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Skips  +   882d ago
I mean... *the new head of Xbox?
BG11579  +   882d ago
Is that really true? Oh my God!
Now I understand everything!!!
black0o  +   882d ago
hazardman  +   882d ago
But what does nokia have to do with xbox?
Nokia was another venture more to do with windows phone than anything.

People keep throwing around the stupid nokia acquisition into the xbox argument with no logic.
TomShoe  +   882d ago
Place hits on:

Andrew House

Shu Yoshida

Kaz Hirai

Mark Cerny

Everyone at Naughty Dog

At this rate, this is probably the only way to salvage this gen :P
TheDevKit  +   882d ago
Bill Gates, The Savior of Microsoft.
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Godmars290  +   882d ago
I'd have to have control from the first Xbox so as to buy/own all the parts to the damn thing. Have DVD playback available day one out of the box.
nick309  +   882d ago
buy nintendo then release gears of mario kazzoie.
duducus  +   882d ago
whoyouwit04  +   882d ago
Make it the Sony Xbox, just to prove that the sony fan boys are so brained washed... they will buy any thing they think is coming from sony.
black0o  +   882d ago
why ask for it
aiBreeze  +   882d ago
Yeah god forbid people for wanting to buy a GAMING console that puts games as it's main priority.. ofcourse on news 4 GAMERS, that makes them all brainwashed.

See it actually works with Microsoft though because there were white knights supporting their initial vision and had the most arrogant excuses as to why the anti consumer box wasn't a problem.
DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
As brainwashed as the Microsoft fanboys and apologists who were and still are patting Microsoft on the back for spending years and years implementing a ton of anti-consumer measures, charging for P2P online connectivity and free applications, and lying about pretty much anything they can get away with?

The ones who still believe Microsoft's damage control tripe?
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SoulSercher620  +   882d ago
And yet the same thing could be said about you if the Microsoft name was slapped onto the PS4. You shouldn''t call out fanboys without realizing you're one yourself.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   882d ago
Not reveal it as a Tv device.
BLAKHOODe  +   882d ago
Pocket the money and RUN.
nevin1  +   882d ago
rethink Kinect 2.0
strigoi814  +   882d ago
I will be honest to my hidden agenda's
kingdip90  +   882d ago
I would make sure the xbox one patch came on game disks so that people without internet (the people who the patch is to accommodate ironically) can actually download it and use xbox one
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guitarded77  +   882d ago
Crimson Skies 2.
BLAKHOODe  +   882d ago
Kinect Celebrity Sex Tape.. :)
Metfanant  +   882d ago
at this point?

1. Drop the specs war...because you can't win it...the Xbone is less powerful than the PS4, everyone knows it at this you've got to play to what strengths you do have

2. Youve lost a large portion of the core gamer/early adopter crowd so you have to convince everyone that your console is WORTH $100 more than the other guy''ve got to get out and WOW people with Kinect, and the TV integration...make them feel like the device is a MUST HAVE for NON gaming reasons

3. spend as much money as the mothership will allow you to spend to buy, content, apps, whatever...make it so there are tons of must own titles only available on your console...
guitarded77  +   881d ago
Good luck with #2. Convincing the general public that the TV features are worth the $500 investment will be a tough sell. I think they'll have better luck when they drop the price to $400... I'm guess it will happen before the first year on the market. I think they're just going to have to concentrate on the early adopters at the $500 price point. Overall, good points though.
BLAKHOODe  +   881d ago
I don't expect Microsoft to drop the $500 price for at least 2 to 3 years. Despite all the N4G hate, the turn-arounds, and it trailing the competition in pre-orders, the Xbox One is already considered a success. People are interested in it and that interest will only grow once it releases. Unless it fails BIG in not delivering in what it's saying it can do, the price is here to stay.
robotgargoyle  +   882d ago
I agree with the article. I just don't understand how ill prepared they are with this launch.

Mattrick had been dragging down the console for years. His departure (as well as Ballmer) was necessary. I just wish somebody with a grain of intergrity or charisma would step up and right the ship.

There still is some time. I'd launched next year. First, I'd beef up the hardware, just to outdo Sony on that front. One less point of contention. Rename the system to Xbox 720 or something not called the Xbox One. Forget rushing next gen versions of current gen games. Nay to Fable Legends, yeah to Fable 4. Pack in Kinect Sports Rivals. Launch with Halo 2 Anniversary, yearly sports titles, completely retool Ryse as a stylish, fast-paced action game akin to DmC, double Killer Instincts character roster, annual COD release, Add night racing and more racing modes to Forza 5. It'd launching with other next gen titles, plenty of games on the shelves.
PandemicPrawn0  +   882d ago
First thing. Rare gets a creative free pass forever.
Lionhead are to look at other IP and Fable is to go into a slower development cycle.
Turn 10 stays as is
twisted pixel stays as is as well
343 industries are to release a Halo game only once or twice a generation. A new Halo release should be as important to the industry a new GTA or Elder Scrolls.
Pay big money to ensure Titanfall and all future sequels remain Xbox exclusive.
Continue deal with Epic to keep Gears xbox exclusive.
Sell the xbone at a loss to ensure market share.
Demand that backwards compatibility must be achieved.
continue games on gold program indefinitely.
Greenlight Lost Odyssey sequel from Mistwalker asap.
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awesomeisjayell  +   882d ago
yes i need Lost Odyssey 2 soooooooooooooo baaaaaaddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
GodGinrai  +   882d ago
I would do everything K1W1 said plus:

bring J allard back.
Buy epic.
Set up a few in house small Indie like teams.
Set up a few more un house Triple A teams.
put a few F2p games and features/apps in front of the paywall to entice people in.

And I would demand that every member of the Xbox team goes on the Xbox forums and talks to the users ask for their feedback personally on things. I would tell them to have "game with the devs" or "gme with the execs" night for exmple. They need to reconnect with the Xbox userbse and this is a great way to do so.

EDIT: Oh and I would undercut sony by £50..even with kinect in the box.
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RiPPn  +   882d ago
I'd take it back to formula.
Transporter47  +   882d ago
Make it a gaming console not a Tv/Sports console.
SynestheticRoar  +   882d ago
Throw Kinect in the garbage. Make Live free. That's half the battle won right there. Fire the new head of Microsoft before he makes X1 as profitable as the Nokia. Purchase Valve or Epic. Last but not least, acquire real exclusives.
awesomeisjayell  +   882d ago
video tape obama's kids playing kinect 2.0 and make it a commercial $$$!!!!!!!!!!!
SlyFamous02  +   882d ago
"What Would You do if You Had Control Over Xbox?"

Stick a fork in it?
sandman224  +   882d ago
Instead of Paying the extra 100 dollar for kinect I'd make the console more powerful.
gaelic_laoch  +   882d ago
I would resign!
solidboss07  +   882d ago
Honestly, It is too late, in regards to XBone anyway. Back in February after what Sony announced Microsoft should have took their heads out from each others arses and smelled reality. They could have settled for being later too market and changed their planned console to bring it on Par with PS4. Too late.

I would get rid of anybody responsible for the mess that is XBone, a big heavy, bloated mess which is underpowered and already obsolete.
Lykon  +   882d ago
drop the unpopular overblown web cam gimmick and invest in games (and indy devs)
SoulSercher620  +   882d ago
Make Xbox Live an actual value for gamers.
Deltaohio  +   882d ago
Dedicated servers should fix that right?
The fact that its almost free for Xbox devs should encourage more dedi servers
TheDivine  +   882d ago
Fund games.

Lost Odyssey 2, Alan Wake 2, Blue Dragon 2, Magna Carta 3, Mech Warrior, Too Human Reboot, Fable 4 without mp and a huge open world and great story, Jade Empire 2, Kotor 3, new ip from 343, new Halo Wars, make a Gears Srpg similar to Xcom, make a tps rpg in the halo universe, let rare make a 2d Banjo similar to DKC, Kameo 2, fund every Indy game that has potential, fund every team that brings a game to you that seems half decent, and I WOULD'VE bought Bioware, Mistwalker, and kept Bungie (and allow Bungie to make whatever they wanted ala Destiny exc to keep them as happy as possible).

MS has killer software, good systems RROD aside, and has great games and developers. They need more games, to have tighter QA so another Too Human doesn't happen (think of how Nin games are all polished quality titles), and listen to fans. We like the first Fable, build off that. We love Kotor, ME, and Jade Empire. We love strategy games, wrpgs, fps, tps, jrpgs, 2d platformers, fighters, EVERYTHING! Nintendo has a ip in every genre practically, try to follow. Not every game needs to sell three million to be successful, make a realistic goal and fund accordingly.

MAKE XBL FREE. I know this will never happen especially now that Sony charges for access to online mp but we need basic access to every part of a game we bought for free. The price of a game covers the cost of servers and if you want to charge for a service charge for ADDED VALUE NOT BASIC ACCESS! Create a Netflix like service, add in sports live, maybe exclusive games only available for the gold subscriber (I mean if KI or Quantum Break were free for gold subs and not sold anywhere, only gold subs could play it), maybe unlock mod support, BC, create a miiverse type community for gold subs, make easy to use dev tools for gold subs with self publishing, give us something extra vs holding something back we are IMO entitled to.
Lykon  +   882d ago
Those are good ideas . If MS were to do those things and make Kinect optional I would consider having a second console.
MRMagoo123  +   882d ago
If i had control of the xbone i would say sorry to all the gamers in the world and cancel the launch and hope that gamers forgave me for making such a sh!t console.
Max-Zorin  +   882d ago
Fire a lot of people and get new employees that know about gaming, make XBL online gaming free, remove the pay wall on apps, make the gold membership allow free access to games on demand until the subscription expires, invest in more studios, etc.
Max-Zorin  +   882d ago
And they say piracy is only a problem on PC. This generation is sorry.
Deltaohio  +   882d ago
I would keep DRM. / find away to have an offline mode like steam.
Charge $40 max for any game on X1
Make every X1 a dev kit
Then suck as many indie balls as possible in hopes they find the best way to utilize the cloud and kinect.
Make kinect mandatory in SKU but not for functionality.
Sell at a slight loss to get more units out.
Ensure no RROD at launch
No need for GDDR5 GDDR3 is fine.
level 360  +   882d ago
When MS came-out with the XBox360, I just believe they lost their sense of variety in games.

With XBox ONE they lost their sense of direction.

Also MS needs to completely stop ramming down their sense of ideology into every gamers' throats.
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