PlayStation Plus Japan will have access to rain’s TGS Demo.

A lot can say that Playstation Plus Japan is inferior and is getting the short end of the stick compared to it’s regional counterparts. While the US and Europe get to enjoy games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Hitman: Absolution, all Japan has been getting for the most part is Playstation One titles. Just recently, Japan is starting to get titles such as Miku Miku Hockey for the PSVita.

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NatureOfLogic1618d ago

I went to buy this game on the PS store thinking It was already released. I didn't know what the release date was, but this game is definitely on my radar.

Kaitou1618d ago

October 1st is the release date. I can't wait to try out the demo myself since it looks good.

Going to pre-order it as well ASAP.

r211618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Out that day will also be the demo for Beyond Two Souls :D Two demos for 2 future awesome games.

xHeavYx1618d ago

I got to pay this game at PAX, very interesting concept, can't wait for the full game

aNDROiD17_1618d ago

lol i know man that was so confusing

Inception1618d ago

Well, at least you will get the pre-order bonus (Rain static + dynamic theme, 5 avatar, and some ost). I already pre-order this game too and really excited to play it ^^