GameTap: Wii Fit Preview

With Wii Fit's May 19 U.S. debut inching ever closer, is it time for American gamers to start stretching and warming up right now? Some business analysts and video game journalists have already predicted blockbuster status for Wii Fit, and in Japan where the software and balance board combination has been available since last December, Nintendo reported 1.76 million of the Wii peripherals sold by March 2008.

It's often said that the longest journey begins with the first step, which applies to any weight loss program, too. In a way that could be one of the challenges facing Wii Fit as it attempts to win its way into the hearts, minds, and muscles of American Wii players. Following your first step onto the Wii Fit balance board, the system's going to tell you just how in or out of shape it thinks you are. Whether or not that's something that you want to hear from a video game system you bought for your leisure time entertainment, of course, remains to be seen.

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