Why Sony Changed the PS Vita’s Screen

We know Sony are bringing out a slimmer version of the PS Vita, and one of the changes happens to be the screen! Read on to find out more!

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Vip3r1712d ago

Saves them money. There I said it.

KingSongbird1712d ago

It's a safe hypothesis to deduce so, yes.

himdeel1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Maybe now theyll pack one of the new Vitas with the PS4.

jujubee881712d ago

And people didn't buy VITA when it had an OLED anyways.

Listening to consumer demands is all this move is.

jujubee881712d ago

To expound on that point, the new VITA will retail for $180 (JPY equivalent, about 20 bucks less than OG Vita) and come in multiple colors and with more special editions VITA ever had before. Talk about one HELLUVA a bump to VITA's merchandising appeal!

Not to mention people complained that if they wanted to play just one game, they couldn't without forking money over for proprietary card, well VITA slim has built in memory for people that just want to pick up a physical copy of Persona 4 Golden and just play that.

I know we might be thinking, "Pfft, I didn't want a pink VITA!" or, "What the hell am I gunna do with 1GB of memory?!?" but when you talk about the consumer walking down a Tokyo street, that looks into a store window and see's a VITA slim color they like in the display, they wont need to buy another memory, they can pick up a game..that impulse buy effect is what Sony want.

And this VITA slim answers those questions.

p.s. Sony are Saying VITA TV will come west, but they have not been saying that about VITA slim. Take that as you wish.

jjdoyle1711d ago

Yeah. Able to keeps price high with newer model but lowers production costs.

jujubee881711d ago

The new slim model is cheaper than the cheap price cut OLED VITA.


jjdoyle1711d ago

it like 2DS though. Nintendo could sell 3DS for $129 as seen in sales prices instead they made 2DS with no 3d screen. still profitable. still lets them keep older prices and still have sales prices when necessary.

4logpc1712d ago

To cut costs since no one is buying it.

e-p-ayeaH1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

PS Vita TV is the best solution for budget gamers.

Great price + HDMI out + PS4 game streaming

tubers1712d ago

More like PS4 budget gamers and even that can be contradictory in your context (PS4's 400 bucks) and I wouldn't really call that "budget".

A budget gamer IMO is better off with the 200 dollar PS3 with its robust library.

The VTV, IMO, best targets the PS4 and PS3 owners (since they already have the controllers) and Sony is hoping for them to try and get convinced with the VITA platform with a low cost of entry.

DOOMZ1712d ago

Ill just get the old one with the better screen...

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The story is too old to be commented.