GameSpy: Mythos Preview

GameSpy writes: "Mythos is what happens when you strip Hellgate: London of its problematic frills and considerable post-launch baggage. More importantly, Mythos is fundamentally different in one key way: it's going to be completely free when it launches (albeit with some yet-to-be-revealed opt-in payment schemes). "Free" doesn't necessarily make this game a winner; look to the multitudes of impenetrable MMO imports on the scene for proof of this. But on a very basic level, it seems like Flagship is really trying to deliver a game that jibes with the Western MMO audience. Good news indeed for the lapsed Diablo II fan, or just about everyone else who craves an experience that can be light on commitment but often heavy on consequence."

-Bright, polished look
-Soundly designed gameplay systems
-Forward-thinking business model

-Still needs more quests and directed content

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