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Rockstar Bans GTA 5 Streams, Videos, Pictures, User Accounts

Gaming Blend "Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive aren't playing around. They've been shutting down every single stream, video outlet, social media account and photo library they can that contains anything remotely related to Grand Theft Auto V that they didn't approve." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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yellowgerbil  +   715d ago
Here let me give video witness of a crime I am committing. smart.
clevernickname  +   715d ago
What crime? There are many people that managed to get legitimite copies early.
Ritsujun  +   715d ago
Get out of yer ho, YG.
yellowgerbil  +   715d ago
yeah, totally.
irepbtown  +   715d ago
There is no crime. BUT IF there is, the blame is on the retailers NOT the customer.
Elit3Nick  +   714d ago
I'm pretty sure though that there's an NDA on posting gameplay before the game is officially released, but if they're banning people who aren't streaming it, then that's stupid...
SilentNegotiator  +   714d ago
Like it's hurting GTA5 anyway.

Every article I've read showing leaked pics/vids have read thusly: "HNNNNNGGGGGGG! GTA5 is the greatest game ever because of its content volume! HNNNNNGGGGGGG!"

They just know that any controversy is free advertisement and both the leaks and the backlash to the leaks make for almost constant free online advertisement.
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Gamer1982  +   714d ago
There not getting copies early the game leaked on the net for 360 and ps3 pirates on Wednesday.. The thing is PC games don't get leaked until after release any more thanks to new copyrights. Yet PC didn't get a release part thanks to piracy (there was other reasons to like holding it back for max console sales and so people buy 2 copies). How ironic is that?
Syntax-Error  +   714d ago
Hey CLEVERNICKNAME, have you ever heard of embargo. Regardless if it's a legitimate copy you CANNOT STREAM, PHOTOGRAPH, OR SHOW VIDEO OF THE GAME. How old are you?
clevernickname  +   714d ago

Are you serious? Do you know the law? Are you familiar with the doctrine of fair use? You have absolutely no clue; consumers are not bound by any nondisclosure agreement.

MRMagoo123  +   714d ago

There are no NDAs to consumers lol you cant be part of a binding contract with out signing it let alone even seeing one in the first place.

That is about as dumb as the NDA MS supposedly put on themselves for their own console lol.
Christopher  +   714d ago

@Elit3Nick: A customer doesn't agree to any NDA. Only those who test the game and receive review copies of the game do that.

@Syntax-Error: Embargoes only apply to review sites/publications and are not legal agreements but notices of "common courtesy". A site can post this material ahead of schedule, but then they are blacklisted from R* in regards to ever getting review copies, interviews, or the like again.


There is zero illegal about a person buying a copy of the game early from a retailer, playing it, and posting those videos online.

All we have here is R* abusing their claims of copyright violation to prevent any part of the game from being seen before the release date.

What is completely wrong here is that the accounts of the people who are doing this, not illegally at all as they have no notice that they cannot show the gameplay via a video stream or the like, are getting their accounts banned on XBL and/or PSN. This reeks of an abuse of power on R* and Microsoft/Sony's part.
Lykon  +   715d ago
Banning accounts and consoles though? It's a bit over the top. These kids are excited fans showing off that's all.
blennerville  +   715d ago
permanent banning consoles is over the top, yes, tempory bans for a week or till tuesday it ok i think, though a little harse ?

to be honest i actually think streams like magic mike are helping Rockstar - as long as they only show messing around and dont show missions. R* should just attack the streams.
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Number-Nine  +   714d ago
rules are rules. they know the risk and continue to do it. they deserve to be banned.
Lykon  +   714d ago
I've not seen the rules. SO lets say I was living in an arab state, got hold of a copy early . Hadn't seen any warnings etc ..and uploaded a vid. would I deserve to then have my account banned and console disabled from ever accessing online service? I hope these people were at least sent a warning first.
Gamer1982  +   714d ago
There banning consoles as 360 owners have got copies of the game just go to sites like pirate bay there are copies of the game already available and have been since Wednesday when it got released.
Christopher  +   714d ago
***rules are rules. they know the risk and continue to do it. they deserve to be banned.***

I agree, rules are rules.

The problem? No rules were broken here. None.
Lord_Sloth  +   715d ago
Playing purchased video game, now against the law.
laijka  +   715d ago
Not everyone purchased it.
Lord_Sloth  +   714d ago
^ Conversely, not every1 being banned pirated it. If 5 people kill 5 other people but you have 10 suspects should you really just execute all 10?
Gardenia  +   714d ago
I still think it is strange that Rockstar almost never reveal gameplay, even 1 week before the release. I guess that's part of their strategy
ZBlacktt  +   715d ago
People will just make dummy accounts.
slimeybrainboy  +   715d ago
They can still ban entire consoles.
NBT91  +   715d ago
Yep I got banned from PSN for a week and it was an entire console ban, not even an IP ban.
Vip3r  +   715d ago
Mean while, there's a 3240+ post'd thread on neogaf with gifs and video link every second post lol.
r1sh12  +   715d ago
just search gta v leak on youtube.
1 user has already put 30 videos up.
Random crap and the 1st mission!!
The game looks good!
Are_The_MaDNess  +   715d ago
aton of live streams on Russian sites that run for hour after hour without giving shit about RS. good quality too. for a live stream.
SIRHC13  +   715d ago
Hard to resist watching, but I want my experience to be completely fresh. I've watched a few primarily to monitor the performance on the respective system and the game runs great, much better than IV.

I think that should be enough information to satisfy me until Tuesday.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   715d ago
agreed, alot smoother than 4. tho im worried about texture quality and such tho. since i have seen quite a few bad once sadly :/
Scatpants  +   715d ago
The textures look great. especially on the characters. Almost next gen looking.
KwietStorm  +   715d ago
Pretty easy to resist for me.
JetsFool3500  +   715d ago
They might as well just stop banning people the floodgates have opened & people gonna keep streaming it
Nykamari  +   715d ago
Of topic: Rep our squad Bro! But Haley Must Go!!!
On topic: I wouldn't risk my account to be banned, I would just play it with my system off line until it comes out.
JetsFool3500  +   713d ago
Yoshida just tweeted he doubts anybody will get banned if they play early on ps3

Off topic: Yeah haley isnt a good fit with big ben #SteelerNation
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solidmic  +   715d ago
Quite frankly, I don't understand why R* are being such dicks!!! Do they really think this will cause them to lose sells!?! If anything, this is just free advertising and publicity that only produces more hype for their fu**ing game!!! If anything, they should be thanking all these people and showing them gratitude! Seriously, stop being such corporate dicks and embrace the fact that you have legions of loyal fans that are super excited about your games. Many devs would kill to be in your position!!!

I'm excited about GTA V, but what is it exactly you think they will give away. Inthe end, it's a GTA game, which equates to the same old, same old! Start at point A and derive to point B and kill everyone. Rinse and repeat! Get off your fucking high horse and appreciate your fans and their enthusiasms and love of your games.
SolidStoner  +   715d ago
Its Take 2 who takes down videos.....
tablav  +   715d ago
The issue here isn't that anyone is being a "corporate d*ck". Take 2 are indeed the ones taking the links down, but R* have said repeatedly that they don't want leaks ahead of the game. Why? Because they want the first experience that people have with the game to be the vision they've worked on for years, and not some sh*tty stream from a website.

At the end of the day, it may all be about sales for the publisher, but the dev takes pride in their creation and wants it to be experienced the right way.
Rezka  +   715d ago
Lol that pic is too funny
Plagasx  +   715d ago
You can't beat the internet R*
TheSaint  +   715d ago
You don't beat the internet, the internet beats you.
cyguration  +   715d ago
You can also beat off to the internet.
SolidStoner  +   715d ago
... and you can get all sorts of beats from the internet...
XB1_PS4  +   714d ago
I make beats for the internet. Don't believe me look up ray wonder! That's me.
optimus  +   715d ago
I really think they are taking this to extremes for no reason...little clips of gameplay footage wouldn't make people NOT want to buy it... i think all these clips serve as free promotion as it makes people want it more...

I have gotten games a few days early in the past like street fighter 4 and modern warfare 2 and microsoft didn't seem to care but take-2 seems to have henchmen or "hired-goons" pay a visit to the microsoft office to enforce these bannings... but seeing as how they put over $200 mil' in the game i guess they want to make sure they get every penny back, and then some...then again, these banning measures can also be a type of strategic marketing employing humans innate psychological nature of wanting something they cannot have... very clever Rockstar. ;)

if i do end up getting it early i guess i'll just play offline until the release day.
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cyguration  +   715d ago
It's just til Tuesday man. Can you not find something to play just over the weekend?
optimus  +   715d ago
of course i can, but if the store that i get my games from happens to call me over the weekend to tell me they got it, i'm not going to sit there and pick it up on tuesday...

a high profile game like that usually has long lines waiting for it so i'd rather get it sooner to avoid all of that.
BLAKHOODe  +   715d ago
I fired up GTA IV again just so I could get a feel for it before Tuesday. Good thing, too.. After playing Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV most of the summer, I'm in-tune with SR's controls, not GTA's.
donjunedolo  +   715d ago
On my fifth mission as we speak! My dude works at a local game store and got me a copy.. Wow!
TheSaint  +   715d ago
Is it as awesome as it looks?
Scatpants  +   715d ago
AmkOwns  +   715d ago
it looks so good
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GenericNameHere  +   715d ago
I myself have spoiled the game by watching a few videos! The game's looking fantastic, and I can't wait till I get the game on Tuesday!

Until then, I'm just enjoying Kingdom Hearts HD! Now in Hollow Bastion. Fought the first Riku fight, and at Lv 40, Proud Mode. Probably will finish the game tomorrow or Sunday noon.
kingPoS  +   715d ago
Mang...! dat R* anin't playn round.

They wiped out and banned dozens of accounts.
Gamer1982  +   714d ago
If its for piracy then good on them. If its people who genuinely got an early copy that I think its disgraceful. Its your game and you should be able to do what you want with it. People may moan its ruined the game for them but nobody forces you to watch the videos. I haven't seen one leak for GTA V and use N4G and a lot of major websites not to mention youtube every day. If people want to spoil the game for themselves why not let them? I don't get the need to try and be freaking god? Do they think they will lose a couple of sales because of it?

Rockstar has a god complex and its showing. They have probably made the multi-platform game of the year (although hearing about the strippers on another article its gonna be very controversial) but because they make great games they think they have the power to control all their fans and what they do.
Stoppokingme  +   715d ago
Honestly who can't wait till tuesday? I haven't watched anything because I want to experience it first hand.

And till then I have Diablo 3 to grind through. Now what skill should I master?
Cuders  +   715d ago
IM watching a stream right now the guy got a legit copy and said hes only gonna show him running around stealing cars NO SPOILERS. the game looks good videos of it leaked or not leaked dont ruin it for me just watch it and see.
fredpinta  +   715d ago
I'm only watching free roaming videos as I already spoiled myselft the first two missions of the game as I accidentally watched the video and couldn't stop watching...
RE_L_MAYER  +   715d ago
Rockstars own damn fault for not showing any gameplay of any sort but then again did gta 4 have any gameplay before its release?
buynit  +   715d ago
I think thats just a bit too far for r*.. the game is done and will be out in a few days if ppl want to watch these video and spoil it for them selves then let them.. I understand going after those with a burned copy if thats even done yet but to ban your fans with a legit copy is a bit much..
Gamer1982  +   714d ago
Exactly there's no point in letting people who wanna ruin it for themselves do so. Why target innocent people instead they should be using all that time and money cracking down on pirates.
buynit  +   714d ago
Im finding it hard to hate them over it because i think its going to be a great game and they are great devs.. But yea r* spend your time and money going after pirated copies of the game cause what you are doing to videos is just lame..
zodiac909  +   715d ago
I honestly don't know why people spend their time uploding vids of a game that EVERYONE will have in one weeks time, just to get their accounts/consoles banned.
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FlyingFoxy  +   715d ago
RockStar always get their panties in a twist, just before GTA IV came out i made a video on youtube which was actually a joke.

I named the title how to download GTA IV and burn to disc, the thumbnail was of the GTA IV box, the actual video was nothing but a joke with no instructions.. got tons of views really fast, then got taken down for copyright bs.

R* probably don't even check stuff out before bitching about it and taking action.
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fredpinta  +   714d ago
watch GTA V live now! http://n4g.com/news/1354385...
titans9999  +   714d ago
Not true, I found one website that shows over 3 hours of actual gameplay! Hahaha!!!
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KontryBoy706  +   714d ago
Stock accounts. NOW WHAT?
GraveLord  +   714d ago
Don't mess with copyrighted content. Especially pre-release.
KingKevo  +   714d ago
Respect to Rockstar Games!! I do really think that this is good and amazing. At least they do not want their game to be dead before release.

Also, why the f*** are people so impatient, just look at the hottest stories on here, it's ridiculous how people want to see anything they can get even though the release is so close. I don't get it...
windblowsagain  +   714d ago
I just finished the game. Was decent. i'd give it 6/10. Never tried the MP. j/k.

I'm guessing all websites will give it 10/10 regardless of slowdown, popin. crap driving physics like gta4.
Orionsangel  +   714d ago
Keep trying Rockstar

PurpHerbison  +   714d ago
Was watching my neighbor play GTAV this morning and it actually looks okay for a console game in the flesh.
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