Rumor: Sony scrambling to ensure video capture devices work on the PlayStation 4 via software patch

Rumor: Sony scrambling to ensure video capture devices work on the PlayStation 4 via software patch

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HolyDuck1552d ago

So the PS4 might have a day one patch too?

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black0o1552d ago

it's still a rumor ... nothing official yet

@u got owned
ofcource it's OK

itBourne1551d ago

What is the point in this? How many people capture their console? 1% maybe, probably not even that much, not to mention how many will when they have a console that already can capture things. Take the video from your console that captured it, throw on thumb drive pop into computer, or stream to twitch snag video from there. WTF is the problem exactly?

gaffyh1551d ago

@itBourne - Was going to say the same thing. This only affects people who use capture devices, everyone will still be able to use the Game DVR anyway.

admiralvic1551d ago

@ itBourne

Even if this is 1% of the total users... these are the 1% who are currently doing it, have fan bases and are sure to make full use of the feature.

Furthermore, why restrict people and act like they should instantly accept things as okay because there is a "solution". Sure they can capture things, but look at the logic behind it...


Capture with HDPVR, maybe make some slight edits, upload to a site.


Trash your HDPVR ($100 - $250+ dollar loss), use the included one that might not be able to match or meet whatever need you want to fill, use / buy a thumbstick or HDD that can hold the video, possibly exit out of your game if you can't transfer mid game, walk over to your computer, do your edits, upload to your site.

Sure you can buy a HDCP removal device, but those aren't free and can be annoying to obtain.

Yodagamer1551d ago

It's not offical, but shuhei on twitter pretty much said they were considering it. So i think it's more than likely true since sony up to this point has been yes or no instead of maybe. So either they don't know or it's true.

ShwankyShpanky1551d ago

"Even if this is 1% of the total users... these are the 1% who are currently doing it, have fan bases and are sure to make full use of the feature."

But the PS3 already has HDCP restrictions. So if they're "currently doing it," then they already have an HDCP stripper, no?

Unless they're capturing via component cables, I suppose, which won't be available on the PS4 (which I did find disappointing... the analog outputs on my PS3s get a fair amount of use).

Ju1551d ago

Oh, please. Noise about nothing. If anything this was an oversight. So what. Those 1% make a lot of noise just to put some bad light on the PS4. It's not like this was done on purpose to prohibit recording. HDCP is a HDMI HW feature, probably done by the chipset used. The 360 could only record because of a bug in the system and yet nobody complained there. HDCP stripper can still record as before - plenty of those available. Artificially created headline so "they" (who ever they are) can create some hits with negative PS4 news.

Eonjay1551d ago

The point is that its coming for people who want it. This is good.

Eonjay1550d ago

The other point is that you can still play games without going online to patch with the PS4. When you buy a Day One Xbox, it wont be able to play games UNTIL you go online.

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Ritsujun1550d ago

On the other hand, Microsofie's been scrambling every day since the hilarious Xbone180(TV) reveal/circus.

nukeitall1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

What is the big deal with day-1 patch?

Don't you want developers to have maximum time to give you the latest features and bug fixes?

We are talking consoles here, that isn't finalized until a few months before and go straight into mass production. I would find it odd, if a console by todays standard and functionality does not have a day-1 patch.

It means, nothing was being pushed with the hardware. After all, if you aren't doing anything out of the ordinary, then your software can be pretty stable.

Also, I would find it disturbing if nothing was found testing the latest build on final hardware. There ARE always unforseen things and if you didn't find anything, you didn't look hard enough!

thorstein1550d ago

I refuse to believe any source that can't even use proper English. "Sony don't have..."

I also refuse to believe that Sony would add a "Share" button that had no functionality.

I think someone needs a shovel and start shoveling all this BS.

thorstein1545d ago

Yeah. Got two disagrees and now I was absolutely right. I love N4G

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M-M1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Being Xbox fans, you would think you would know more about your system. The Xbox One REQUIRES a day one patch for it to work. The PS4 however, doesn't require a patch to work, but will probably have one at launch. Kind of like how you can get a brand new 80GB PS3 from 2008 with an early firmware, and still have the ability to use it as long as games don't require higher firmware to run.

H0RSE1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

I keep seeing comments about how the xbox patch is mandatory, and this said patch would not be. This is justification in action...

If this turns out to be true, it means that Sony would need to implement a patch to make a feature on the PS4 fully functional, or to put it bluntly, to make the PS4 operate at 100%. The "severity" of the issue, whether it be to play games or just a problem with HDCP, doesn't change the nature of the issue - a day one patch being released to address issues with the system.

In MS's case, they went through massive backlash with their reveal, which resulted in them reversing and rescinding much of the initial policies. Such drastic changes could at least explain why a day one patch would be necessary on the Xbox One. However, Sony doesn't have this "luxury." In the case of the PS$ (again, if this turns out to be true) it looks like more of a case of simple error on their part, whether they were rushed, spoke too on un-finalized features or are simply having technical issues.

Rumor or not, and regardless how insignificant, if this was stated about the X1 it would just be chalked up as yet another goof by MS, yet because it's about Sony and the PS4, it is brushed off as "just a rumor" and essentially brushed under the carpet as a non-issue...

If misinformed sheepish brand loyalty is a fault of xbox fans, double standards is definitely a strong suite in the PS4 camp.

Eonjay1551d ago

@Horse an update to disable HDCP is not nearly as serious as an update to enable your system to function at all. The rumored patch for PS4 is intended to address the segment of gamers that want to record footage or upload to YouTube. The Xbox patch is intended to turn off the DRM and to keep your Xbox from bricking itself. You can't play GAMES unless you update the Xbox. That is an undue hassle.

tarbis1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

The big difference of this issue is that the update for Xbone came from M$ themselves and is official. PS4's came out of nowhere and is still a rumor. And by your standard. This rumor looks very official and accepted as official by you already.

H0RSE1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


"an update to disable HDCP is not nearly as serious as an update to enable your system to function at all."

"The Xbox patch is intended to turn off the DRM and to keep your Xbox from bricking itself. You can't play GAMES unless you update the Xbox. That is an undue hassle."

- Yes, I am aware of this, and I addressed this in my post...

You (and others) are taking the Xbox day one patch out of context. As I stated, the patch is due to MS initially planning on the X1 operating as X, yet after significant changes to their polices, now is going to operate as Y. It isn't a case of MS saying our console will operate as X, and then releasing as X, yet still needs some arbitrary patch for the system to work. If things at MS HQ went according to plan, the patch likely wouldn't be needed.


"And by your standard. This rumor looks very official and accepted as official by you already."

Obviously, which is why I said:

"If this turns out to be true," and then reaffirmed it with, "(again, if this turns out to be true)"

I'm obviously treating it as nothing more than fact...

dantesparda1550d ago

Wow Horse, or what ever the f*ck your name is, you just showed that you dont understand any of this.

MS fanboys talking sh*t about and update compare to a necessary update/patch to get rid of MS's insidious DRM

tiffac0081550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

^^taking the X1 patch out of context? You realize if there was no patch for the X1 you will not be able to play the console outside of the supported 13 territories it is currently launching on.

You talk about double standards and yet you play the same card by blowing out of proportion a feature on the PS4 that the great majority of gamers will not use in their life time, while down playing the significance of the X1 patch. Nicely made statements does not cover who you really are aligned with.

My suggestion, stop grasping on straws and focus on something else like the X1 having more games at launch without counting the indies. At least that is factual without the need for you to spin anything.

stuna11550d ago


Let me apologise in advance! But do you realise how idiotic what you posted sounds!? Mandatory: Meaning required, absolutely necessary! No means to opt out! This is the requirement necessary for each and every Xbox1 to operate, without it the system is basically dead.

On the PS4 it's not a action that needs to be performed in order for your console to operate within the perameters it was designed for.

pop_tarts1550d ago


I see where you're coming from and as a Sony fan I can see where my side is coming from.

While you can still "play" games on the Xbone without the patch, it will be required so that you can play games offline and other policies, so if you if you have internet connection then yes it doesn't matter, but if you don't then that's patch makes you suffer day one.

The PS4 patch even though it will be there (rumored) a large majority of users won't really care or even know what it's for. It will probably be downloaded automatically but only a handful of people with capture cards will actually benefit from it.

So in the end Xbone effects nearly 44 percent of users (going off the total Xbox Live users minutes the total console sales) compared to maybe 2 percent if that on the PS4.

Ritsujun1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Get out of yer ho, whorse.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Same goes for you Microsoft fanboys. It goes both ways. Wow a patch big deal.

mushroomwig1552d ago

'So the PS4 might have a day one patch too'

Perhaps but unlike the Xbox One, people aren't going to be installing this patch just to be able to do the simplest things like play used games.

MWong1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

What sucks about the XBone patch is if you don't have internet, you still can't use the console. One of the stupidest things M$ has ever done.

Honestly, if true this won't bother a lot of PS4 consumers because not everybody will want to do video capture. So even if this is true, I don't care as long as the console has all the drivers & software that will allow me to play my games on and offline I'm good.

H0RSE1551d ago

If you don't have internet, why would you be spending $500 on a console tailored to online? It's like spending $1000 on a new gaming PC, to play Facebook games.

dantesparda1550d ago

For the same reason that hundreds of thousand or quite possibly even million spent $400 & $600 on the 360 or PS3 without a internet connection. Stop being stupid man

MRMagoo1231550d ago

couldnt agree with your point more mushroomwig

H0RSE1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


But the 360 and PS3 weren't really tailored around online - it was more of an ongoing process. Other than MP gaming, it wasn't until later that many of the online features started being implemented.

The new systems are being built around online connectivity, from DVR, the share button, the cloud, Skype, Youtube, digital downloads, etc. the internet is a very real and prevalent medium for the next-gen systems, and much of what makes the systems truly "next-gen," requires internet. Sure, you can buy a new system without internet, just like you can buy a gaming PC to play Facebook games, I just don't see it as very practical and/or a waste of potential.

tiffac0081550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

^You would be surprise on the number of people who actually buys a console and never plays or use it for online purposes. Also most of these gamers are the ones who purchases the console near the tail end of its life cycle when the price have become way affordable.

For us who have easy access and can afford internet on a monthly basis, this may sound illogical but it happens with different reasons too.

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yellowgerbil1552d ago

will the PS4 work without this patch? YES
When non internet havers get a X1 will IT work without the patch? NO

Tctczach1552d ago

Sorry but if you don't have internet for the next gen then I don't think you belong in the next gen. Starting out both consoles will most likely have a day one download and most games that are coming out seem to be extremely better with multiplayer. They won't have access to the PS store or Microsoft store for indie games. They won't even get game updates which we all know well be required. What's the point?

FlameHawk1551d ago

@Tctczach, cover yourself, your ignorance is showing. Some people live in areas where internet isn't possible and wow they won't have access to indie games, yeah because there are NO games except for indies, I didn't know there were only indie games and you couldn't go to a store and buy retail games /s. And no game updates aren't required for most games, for Forza 5 is the only next-gen game I know that requires a patch to actually work.

T21551d ago

@ tctczach - apparently u never travel or leave ur house ... U think everywhere you go u just get free wifi ?

H0RSE1550d ago

"Some people live in areas where internet isn't possible..."

" apparently u never travel or leave ur house ... U think everywhere you go u just get free wifi ?"

- The logic here seems to imply that people can just buy whatever products they want, regardless if they cater to the individuals specific situations or lifestyles, and if/when said products conflict with their interests, then it's a fault of the product...

First off, the issue being addressed here is the day one patch, not the X1 in general. After the patch is applied, people can access their system without the need for internet, so the question of traveling essentially becomes a non-issue, so long as the patch was applied.

That being said, if you don't have internet access to apply the patch, why would you buy an Xbox to begin with? It's like buying a car with no gas and no access to a gas station. How is that a "fault" of the car?

Now if MS doesn't put some type of Notice on the X1's packaging, explaining that an internet connection will initially be required, then that is a different story.

dantesparda1550d ago

These MS fanboys are just showing their complete and utter ignorance tonight.

Now wonder they think the X1 is so good (ahem, ingonrance)

MRMagoo1231550d ago


I put my vote in for one of the dumbest comments ever for you, some ppl in Australia where i live have no internet at all but they do have large shops to buy a console from, you dont need the internet to enjoy a console, i myself prefer to play offline most times so i can avoid retards like you, I can imagine if i had an xbone i would never want to go online because i have yet to find one xbone fan that at least acts like a normal human.

static52451550d ago


But with the PS4 you don't need the internet. You're talking like it's all the people's fault for not having the internet... Kinda like "Deal with it". If a person want to play a video game the people shouldn't need the internet. Yes they work better with the internet but they should definitely not have to rely on the internet to work.

So guess what, a kid opens a present on christmas morning and finds out he just got a brand new X1.. But that kids parents can't afford or maybe just can't get the internet. Now that little kid is hugging his brand new BRICK with joy only to find out later that his dreams will be crushed. Think of the children.

Microsoft will be crushing dreams all around the world. Way to go Microsoft. For Shame

pop_tarts1550d ago


Love debating with you bro.

My wife when I'm out to sea she' goes back to Canada and where she leaves the internet cuts out all the time. She can barely get a single COD match in before it cuts out or better yet takes 2 hours to download a 400mb file before cuting out at 99 percent. It happens, and there's other places like that. Just two blocks from where I was going to live the apartments only had a 6mb connection...I have now a 24mb connection. 6 would have been hoooooorrible to game on let alone use my laptop and other people on their devices.

People can choose to buy what they want, now as far as the Xbone goes it's not their fault that MS messed up and thought they knew what gamers wanted this slip up happened way back sometime ago and while they were boosting GPU and CPU's they sure in the hell could have implement a patch, but I'm sure those boots will also be patches....I just hope it's not another RRoD situation.

Whether or not MS puts a warning on their box or not it's not the average consumer's fault for buying a half finished product. And you're car analogy could be true when shopping at a used car lot and not knowing the first thing about buying a car stuff happens.

dantesparda1549d ago

Damn, i mangled the word "ignorance", talk about typos, oops

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JoGam1552d ago

Hold up....When has a patch for XBONE or PS4 became a negative thing? When has it became bad to add something good through a patch? You guys really need to get your shit together.

tiffac0081551d ago

When there are people who continues to grasp for straws, everything and anything can be a negative thing.

Transporter471551d ago

I think is because the Xbone gets a patch to remove all the features they announce with drm/24hr/family share. That's what the xbone patch does.

Sony's patch is about the HDMI, using splitters is legal for legal use, but they will go the extra mile for the costumers and try to make it native.

Like mewmonday said

T21551d ago

Because xbots need negative news to compare to Sony .... "But, but they are gonna add Drm too !!! "...

ALLWRONG1551d ago

A "patch" in only negative because it's MS doing it, and this is N4G, which is 90% Sony fanboys.

insomnium21550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

The patch became a bad thing the minute MS announced they made all those upclocks to the software and hardware on XBone. Why the hell didn't they patch the console then and there?

The answer is obvious. They want to do it like this in a form on DRM. Same with games. I wonder how many games will ship incomplete for the consumers to patch with an online patch no less. No install disc no nothing. Only online. MS wants people online as a form of DRM and that's why a patch became evil for many. F5 said hi!

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Xsilver1551d ago

@whoyouwit04 Ms sent out 360's that they knew would fail and xbox fans bought a lot of them so what are you rambling about.
@Ugotowned a patch that allows things that i'm pretty sure a lot of us don't use isn't a big deal thats why its ok but for MS you better get that day one patch or enjoy not being able to use used games which is something everyone does, so dont hate on Sony because they are doing everything right.

DigitalRaptor1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

A day one patch for DRM vs. a day one patch for an external video capture device.

Are you really trying to compare?

Angeljuice1550d ago

Icicle is right. DRM is "Digital Rights Management". It is what stops you copying CD/DVD/Blu-ray content. If there was no DRM in the PlayStation, you could just copy and burn as many game disks as you liked.
It is designed to protect copyrights, and there are several forms of DRM in ALL consoles.
The controversy with Microsofts Xbox 1 DRM was the specific uses that they tried to control. They created a new form of DRM that went beyond its primary purpose, in order to control how players were allowed to play/share games.

There is currently a lobby to change the meaning of the acronym DRM from "Digital Rights Management" ie the protection of copyrighted material, to "Digital Restriction Management" ie the control and restriction of use of that material (not necessarily for copyright protection, but to allow manufacturers to choose what we can and can't do with that material, however they see fit).

Microsoft's DRM was all about restrictions rather than rights which is why it was so unanimously hated.

Metfanant1551d ago

actually was expecting rather large day 1 patches for both systems...the devs will be working on games/OS's right up until launch even though systems are already being shipped to retailers...

i never understood the problem with updates (on either side)...the more updates the better IMO...shows me they are working hard to improve the product

JackStraw1551d ago

but it's not REQUIRED to use your console!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111 111111


pedrof931551d ago

Why tranforming a good news into a bad ?

tarbis1550d ago

Bec this is the ammunition that Xbots are looking for. However, this is nothing more than a blank shell that they are desperately clinging to. LOL!

Christopher1551d ago

All consoles will have day 1 patches. It's what happens.

scott1821551d ago

It's good to be sony if their only issue to fix is youtube uploading :)

T21550d ago

Yet they already have direct upload to YouTube ... This non-issue is surrounding the use of capture cards only .... And Sony stated they would look at a fix for the 1% this actually affects ... Which includes none of the " concerned citizens" on here .... But they will disagree while thinking to themselves "noone on here will know ive never used a capture card "

xKugo1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

I don't think it was ever a question of whether EITHER system would have a day one patch. Both companies are still, as we speak, updating and tweaking things such as graphics drivers, software features, most likely camera functionality, video streaming and most important UI performance.

OT: Honestly, I think the word "scrambling" is little overboard as to the situation that Sony is facing at this current time. Scrambling implies that they are "bewildered" or "take aback" by what is being demanded of them, however I think it's incorrect to say that they didn't expect fans to want this implemented into the PS4. Many PlayStation fans, most notably, Windshear and CloudedTruth, make a decent amount of money from uploading videos via Youtube. Considering that fact, it's quite obvious that these sort of people would want an easier method of uploading than the internal system already in place, especially considering they have spent money on recording equipment.

Maybe it won't be Day One, but the feature will more than likely come to the system and that's purely surmised based on how Sony has responded to past wants from their fans such as the want for an Arabic UI. I think we can all rest assured that Sony knows what they're doing.

Hicken1551d ago

There's an extreme difference between a patch to allow the console to WORK, and a patch to add in a feature for external peripheral support.

Besides, even if it wasn't this, there'd be a patch, anyway as, like someone else said, it's not like the software people will just be sitting on on their hands just because the systems are already in production.

But you knew that, right?

-EvoAnubis-1550d ago

Of course it will. So did the PS3, the PSP, the Vita....

LordDhampire1550d ago

of course it will, these consoles are being boxes months before release

dantesparda1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

This is a good thing and MS fanboys are trying to use it as bad thing? WHAT!? Logic just evades these fools. Trying to compare this type of patch/update to the X1's mandatory update for the DRM is nowhere near the same. You people are just down right stupid now and desperate. Its just keeps on getting more and more pathetic in here. The MS fanboys are seriously hurt. But they shouldnt be mad at the Sony fanboys, they should be mad at their master, their lord, MS. They did this to you,...clowns!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1550d ago

HolyDuck + 1d 1h ago
So the PS4 might have a day one patch too?


sonarus1550d ago

lol @ shit turd. Just like you day one purchasers of xbox one try to delude yourselves with imaginary cloud power and oh lets not forget the almighty Kinnet that will revolutionize gaming with incredible innovation.

When MS drops piece of shit kinnect from the console i will be the first to buy it. Frankly i don't think the Xbox one is a bad console but i do think the kinnect is a piece of shit turd that i want no parts of. No interest in motion technology or voice commands whatsoever. I have siri on my iphone and its a piece of shit so i really don't see kinnect being any better. I refuse to pay more for xbox one so microsoft can justify their investment in the piece of shit kinnect i have no interest in.

threefootwang1550d ago

A patch to fix things that aren't considered core elements of the console? Lol, fine by me. Good attempt though kid.

MazzingerZ1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Don't even know how to use that like 99% of PS4 buyers if that was so used Youtube servers would be already down due to daily high traffic of PS3/X360 videos showing peoples day's headshot LOL

I might now use that built-in function for that, though...I guess we should be glad SONY is packing that in the PS4 rather than non-expected stuff by 99% of PS4 owners as that ext video capture demands certain knowledge and extra jobb, no thx...we console gamers just want to press a button in our console and things happen like in this case we the built-in recording feature

HeroReborn1550d ago

Come on Duck you know you can't make no joke or comments toward Sony without being piled on by fanboism. This is what kills me about some Sony fans, it wasn't to long ago we heard the tune of $499 usd, and $599 usd. I'm happy is moving in new direction helps the gaming culture overall but they arrogance at which some you fans come off is pathetic