AusGamers Goes Hands-On With Top Spin 3

AusGamers has a hands-on preview of Top Spin 3 with comments from 2K Sports and PAM throughout. Having traveled to Miami to check the game out, this report is thoroughly in-depth.

From the preview:
"Truth be told, 2K Games and developer PAM have worked tirelessly to create the penultimate sporting game, from the intricacies of the titles' online features (across PS3 and Xbox 360), to the steep (and deep) learning curve; Top Spin 3 is their statement to the videogame sports world. A thrown gauntlet to the likes of EA who have dominated the field (sans tennis, but bear with me) for decades – a statement that reads 2K Sports is not a half-assed subsidiary of 2K Games, but rather the other end of the spectrum, the rock star – if you will – of the videogame sports playing field and Top Spin 3, for all its obligatory professionalism in aesthetics and presentation, is deep down inside 2K Sports' rogue rocker – the kid who won't play by the rules, but is happy to reinvent them."

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