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The very first XboxOne off the assembly line

Kotaku - "Next-gen is almost here: via Microsoft's Major Nelson, here's the first Xbox One console to come off the assembly line. Just two months until we get our hands on both next-gen systems." (Xbox One)

Credit url: kotaku.com
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TOGC  +   433d ago
Thought the box was going to be black?
kenmid  +   433d ago
The day one editions are black.
black0o  +   433d ago
I think this is the final product the one that will hit the stors, anyway I like the black box better
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TOGC  +   433d ago
Ah I see.
UltimateMaster  +   433d ago
Ah green, the color of Xbox.
iamnsuperman  +   433d ago
I prefer the black ones. Only because this one looks like a guy with a moustache
UltimateMaster  +   433d ago
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Ritsujun  +   433d ago
Teh Greenbosh.
MWong  +   433d ago
Looks like a box covered in split pea soup.
u got owned  +   433d ago
I have to admit this box is ugly . They should stick with the black one
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Army_of_Darkness  +   433d ago
My question is.. . Why wasn't this shown before his supposedly first batch of xbone's being shipped if this is the first xbone off the assembly line?? Hmmmm. .. I need a freeze.
Boody-Bandit  +   433d ago
Linda Blair just called.
She wants her vomit back.

Black, or even a white box, is so much more appealing. Lime green is not a good color.
zero_gamer  +   432d ago
So the first Xbox One isn't a Day One...
EeJLP-  +   432d ago
First XBone off the assembly line?

So majornelson's pallet of XBones over a week ago was BS?
BLAKHOODe  +   432d ago

If you read the replies on MN's twitter, MN says that the Xbox One in the picture is from the box in the previous pictures.
nukeitall  +   432d ago

"First XBone off the assembly line?

So majornelson's pallet of XBones over a week ago was BS?

I know it is confusing, and anything MS says that CAN be perceived as negative, people jump the gun. That said, somebody asked that very same question and got the answer. That box pictured, was inside the pallet!

It sounds like it just made it to the US to MS.

Withdreday  +   432d ago
How long until it RRODs?
PeaSFor  +   432d ago

that's comedy i guess.
pixelsword  +   432d ago
"The very first XboxOne off the assembly line"

So what were in those skids they took a picture of last week? I thought those were finished xboners ready to be shipped.

@ Nuke:

Beat me to it. Ah!
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Animal Mutha 76  +   432d ago
@Brutally Honest

Its a box mate. You don't have to drive it or marry it :)
lllll-lllll  +   433d ago
i prefer the blue ones ;-)
Killjoy3000  +   432d ago
They pulled a 180 on the box design.
Kujii  +   432d ago | Funny
Black box addeed via cloud in day one patch.
jimsas  +   432d ago
.......this comment is Genius :)
Bundi  +   432d ago
But the FCC approval though...?
Simon_Brezhnev  +   432d ago
Thats what im wondering. I didnt hear nothing about the FCC approval yet.
HugoDrax  +   432d ago
Exactly! lol Sony fanboys who were experts on that matter, haven't said anything regarding FCC since the shipments had gone out. According to them remember Microsoft couldn't do anything without having FCC approval hahaha! Just goes to show you, no matter what Microsoft does on N4G they are the devil,

"To make Sony fans happy, we've created GDDR8 Ram, which was created by us last year. Now we have the most powerful console"

N4G Sony fans
"It still doesn't matter because they should have added GDDR8 Ram from the start, I'll stick with my PS4 GDDR5 because it's still better than GDDR8"

Fangrim  +   432d ago
It passed FCC long ago:

MASTER_RAIDEN  +   432d ago
lordy lordy why did they change the color? that black box was definitely a winnter. the green is..not so much.
SaffronCurse  +   432d ago
Day 1 is black.
s8anicslayer  +   433d ago
Not Day One obviously! I guess we will need an updated retail box comparison article vs the PS4 now. I like the black packaging much better
kneon  +   433d ago
But the cardboard on the PS4 box is 50% thicker ;)

But really why should anyone care what the box looks like, if that's a factor in deciding whether or not to get a particular console then your priorities are pretty messed up.
Nyromith  +   432d ago
Have you ever unpackaged an Apple product?
kneon  +   432d ago
Sure, they are packaged like most other high end gadgets.

But the point remains that you'd need to be pretty stupid and shallow to let the packaging influence your purchasing decisions.
Animal Mutha 76  +   432d ago
Its a box!
Irishguy95  +   432d ago
Yeah who gives a ****?
It's gonna get ripped open and it's innards pulled out
GreenRanger  +   433d ago
I tried to pre-order an Xbox One from Amazon UK earlier but they don't deliver them to Ireland.

They'll deliver the PS4 to Ireland, though.
theWB27  +   433d ago
aahh Ireland....my number one destination to visit.

OT- It's a crazy day here on N4G. Article after article from anonymous this and that stating what isn't done...then a pic of a finished X1 going to TGS.


@black0o http://n4g.com/news/1354078...

Have you missed that thread? The article is still saying Micro is running games on PC. Nothing to spin..I just think it's funny articles like that are gaining mucho heat and then this pops up.

Just funny stuff...
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black0o  +   433d ago

no one said the xbone isn't in production, no one claim that the hardware has a manfactureing problems
all that was said is the so called top software engineers that MS was talking about for the past vew days are lagging in terms of drivce and tools for the devs

and confirming that the PS4 is faster with more row power and more dev friendly, while the x1 has better writing speed "better with apps overall""

so please dont start spinning things
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black0o  +   432d ago
I kinda ignored that one since I felt it was based on the edge's report, and I think that writer spinned sh!t ..
"there's no learning curve.."" lol that Guy has no idea
dmitrijs88  +   432d ago
just keep defending it, cos it needs all support it can get, although it seem to may not be enough
gaelic_laoch  +   432d ago
"aahh Ireland....my number one destination to visit."

you are more than welcome to visit Ceád Míle Fáilte and you are more than welcome to play with my PS4 when ur over! Slán abhaile! :)
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theWB27  +   432d ago
"you are more than welcome to visit Ceád Míle Fáilte and you are more than welcome to play with my PS4 when ur over! Slán abhaile! :)"

I have no objections to that! I'll bring the X1 : )
1Victor  +   432d ago
@ The WB1 How Does This News Disproves That The Games Shown So Far Wasn't On X Box 1 Compatible PC If Anything It Prove It To Be True Since Its The FIRST OUT OF PRODUCTION And Is Going To TGS .I Like The Black Box Better Gives It A More Mature Feeling This Green Make It Look Like A Cheap Chinese Toy .No Offense
bacrec1  +   433d ago
Glad they fixed that lame ass box art they had before.
cell989   433d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
FITgamer  +   433d ago
Then what was in all those boxes on the pallets in that pic he tweeted a couple of weeks ago?
Roper316  +   433d ago
ShwankyShpanky  +   432d ago
Seriously... can't say it enough... PR trainwreck.

He claims this one is out of those boxes from a while back. Yeah, I believe that. What would possibly be the point of taking a pic of the "first off the line," only to save it for a week after posting a pick of the ship-packed pallets? Also a bit odd that apparently the first load that went out wasn't Day One editions?

This company is lying to you. Again. Transparent attempt to push hype in the face of the recent Time v Edge debacle.
porkChop  +   432d ago
Yep. This all seems fake. The first consoles being manufactured would be the day one editions, not the standard ones.
ShwankyShpanky  +   432d ago
Hey Hryb, show us a pic of the serial number.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   433d ago
This pic is fake. The original x1 box is black definitely photo shopped.
GreenRanger  +   433d ago
The Day One Edition is black. The regular box is green.

EDIT: I just checked Amazon again. It looks like the Xbox One that comes with Forza and FIFA 14 has a black box too. The Standard version has the green box.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   433d ago
The black box is the only thing you did right, xbone.

@Frigid, Major Nelson is posting photo shopped pics now?? -doesn't surprise me. (bwahahahahhahaa)
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cliffyboy21  +   433d ago
first one?? theyre going to have to work a lot faster if they want to make enough supply lol
rluttrell  +   433d ago
I heard the black ones run faster.
LogicStomper  +   432d ago
Lol... I think I know what you're getting at there...

BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   432d ago
I'm sure the black also has a big power brick to...
denawayne  +   432d ago
They run faster because of the extra "bone" inside
Bathyj  +   433d ago
Yuck, the only thing I liked better on Xbone was the box it came in. What an eyesore.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   433d ago
I wisH MS would have done an early release in October. I can really use that NFL and ESPN app.
Definitely like the day one box better.
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Schizoid  +   432d ago
I was thinking we could get that on 360 No?
Megaton  +   433d ago
That green box is a real eyesore. The shade doesn't go well with the black in such abundance, maybe. Something about it just doesn't look right. The black box looks perfect.
jjb1981  +   433d ago
I like the blue box with the ps4 logo on it better.
thebudgetgamer  +   433d ago
I like that box, it's nice and clean. I hate clutter.
DJ  +   433d ago
PS4 box looks better. They should have done something cooler. This looks like a first draft.
No_Limit  +   433d ago
Doesn't matter if the box is green, blue, or black, it will be mine on Nov 22. Once I open it, the box will be in storage and will never be seen again.
PFFT  +   432d ago
gaelic_laoch  +   432d ago
The most important thing is that it works! Just keep the box handy in case it needs returning!
mrdxpr2  +   432d ago
well im just reading all these comments and it seems like the tables have turned here in ng4 more playstation fans then xbox not used to this. Regardless on to the subject

im sorry but this green and the simplicity seems very lazy. If microsoft honestly paid a graphic designer to do this they should just fire the whole team cause honestly this was done in paint -_- heck this was done on a side walk with chalk and cutouts. GO back to the drawing board..

seriously the box is not the decision maker and shouldn't matter but it does play a key part in the experience of the first day. not an appealing thing to look at while walking out of whichever store u got it from and then driving home uff..

But Enjoy And continue Gaming
generalthadeape  +   432d ago
I agree that that box DOES have an impact on the way people perceive their purchases-- if not, then why the hell are there so many "unboxing" videos floating around on YouTube all the time?

Having said that, I can see a problem because most consumers will not be able to distinguish the new Xbox One from an Xbox 360 with Kinect on the store shelves-- both systems look very similar to me.

I believe that a fancy new box can give the impression that something is "new", "different", or "better" when compared to one that we are already used to seeing day in and day out.

I thought that Microsoft had that figured out when I saw the beautiful black box designed for the Xbox One.

Now, it looks like that box will only be used for the "Day One" editions and the rest of the Xbox Ones will have to settle for little more than a slightly modified Xbox 360 Kinect box from then on.

I think this is a SERIOUS mistake on Microsoft's part-- if we take a look at the Wii U, many consumers think it's just an add-on for the original Wii because the entire package looks so much like its predecessor.

Sometimes I think Microsoft has gone "FULL RETARD" in every aspect of the Xbox One. We all know by now that this is just one of a long series of stupid mistakes to come.

If you happen to be a retard and are reading this-- then please forgive my use of the word "RETARD"-- this comment is not meant to be disparaging towards you in any way.

If you happen to work for or hold a position to represent or influence any of Microsoft's decisions about the Xbox One-- then please do listen to my comments and concerns.

Me? I'm getting a Day One Xbox One-- with a super-duper limited edition Black Box, a fabulously awesome Xbox Nerd Sticker, and a highly coveted Day One Loser Achievement to proudly display on my gamertag for all of eternity.

Seriously though, I'm getting the Day One Xbox One-- but for some strange reason, I feel ASHAMED because of it.

Oh, for the record-- I liked the brighter green color better for the Xbox 360 than the darker green color that Microsoft is using on the Xbox One.

Aw, who am I kidding? Those JACKASSES don't care what any of us want-- so why does any of this matter anyways?
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KYU2130  +   432d ago
I agree, from a marketing standpoint it is terrible work. Many will say oh its just the box but its often the packaging and the visual queues in the advertising that gets out attention. If the box looks this bad what will the launch day marketing material look like.

My 3 year old niece could do a better job with this packaging.
Paytaa  +   432d ago
Are we actually arguing over box color? Usually when I get my console I stare blankly at the cardboard for a few hours to let it sink in, then I play.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   432d ago
Me too! So relieved you said that. NowI dont feel so crazy lol
Kujii  +   432d ago
"Dont make me angry. You wont like me when Im angry"
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KYU2130  +   432d ago
Lol, so what happens when its not angry anymore??? does is shrink
Kujii  +   432d ago
Hope not. 1.3 teraflops is small enough already. lol
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timotim  +   432d ago
I will have mine day One. Go Microsoft, go Xbox!!!
dmitrijs88  +   432d ago
Everything and anything about xbox is lame, starting with its name and ending with its package.
trident  +   432d ago
Im gonna say its an empty box. :) just for the sake of being ignorant. On a more serious note taking a photo of a box and saying its the first one of the line achieves nothing i don't see the point in stupidness like this but it is Larry Hyrb its just meh.
jspillen  +   432d ago
PS3 vs Xbox 360 Launch Failure Rates

Xbox 360 - 54%

PS3 - 10%

One in Two versus One in Ten

And considering the PS3 actually came with new technologies such as Bluetooth, Wireless Internet, and a Blu ray drive... Staggering.
Vanfernal  +   432d ago
First Xbone off the assembly line? I thought they already showed leaks of people playing them at home.
The Captain  +   432d ago
Not as slick as the black one..... PS4 box is nicer then the green.
bligmerk  +   432d ago
This is fricking stupid plus more confusion from MS and Major Larry. What is being said here? The launch day units are in black boxes but the first ones off the production line are in green boxes? This makes no sense. The standard units are coming off the production line first? Then what, they are going to do the next run of launch units? What was the point of the unboxing with the black box, acting like that was just off the production line?

Penello and Hyrb keep getting more ridiculous by the day. The real question is Hyrb makes a big deal about taking this unit to TGS. WTF? Gets made in China, gets flown to the US, then gets flown to Japan for TGS. There is some point Major Larry wants to make but only he seems to understand what that is. Some people were whining about the box being an issue but Guess Who? is the one that is making the box an issue?
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Hakoom  +   432d ago
i thought they are stil increasing ram and cpu and gpu?
Hillyhill  +   432d ago
the black box is the day one edition while the green box is standard. Maybe Major Nelson meant that this photo is of the first standard edition Xbox One Packaging?

edit* plus micro has more than one factory manufacturing xbox one consoles. Maybe some factories are making day one edition xbones and some other factories are making standard edition xbones and maybe this package is from one of the factories that is making standard edition xbones hence the first of this factory's assembly line?
#29 (Edited 432d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bligmerk  +   432d ago
Nah, Major Hyrb has been making a deal of "first". There was the "first" unboxing, then "first" shipment, then "first" production. This latest pic is supposed to be what was in those plain cardboard boxes that was supposed to be the first shipment. If those are the standard units, then the launch units are lagging, different factory or not, whatever excuse you want to eat up. Point is standard launch window units are first off the production line and supposed launch day units are somewhere else. Something screwy going on there. Who cares, just more MS BS.
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AceBlazer13  +   432d ago
Wasn't the box supposed to be black? And didn't major Nelson post a pic of the first batch ready to ship?
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