The very first XboxOne off the assembly line

Kotaku - "Next-gen is almost here: via Microsoft's Major Nelson, here's the first Xbox One console to come off the assembly line. Just two months until we get our hands on both next-gen systems."

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TOGC1682d ago

Thought the box was going to be black?

kenmid1682d ago

The day one editions are black.

black0o1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I think this is the final product the one that will hit the stors, anyway I like the black box better

UltimateMaster1682d ago

Ah green, the color of Xbox.

iamnsuperman1682d ago

I prefer the black ones. Only because this one looks like a guy with a moustache

MWong1682d ago

Looks like a box covered in split pea soup.

u got owned1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I have to admit this box is ugly . They should stick with the black one

Army_of_Darkness1682d ago

My question is.. . Why wasn't this shown before his supposedly first batch of xbone's being shipped if this is the first xbone off the assembly line?? Hmmmm. .. I need a freeze.

Boody-Bandit1682d ago

Linda Blair just called.
She wants her vomit back.

Black, or even a white box, is so much more appealing. Lime green is not a good color.

zero_gamer1682d ago

So the first Xbox One isn't a Day One...

EeJLP-1682d ago

First XBone off the assembly line?

So majornelson's pallet of XBones over a week ago was BS?

BLAKHOODe1682d ago


If you read the replies on MN's twitter, MN says that the Xbox One in the picture is from the box in the previous pictures.

nukeitall1682d ago


"First XBone off the assembly line?

So majornelson's pallet of XBones over a week ago was BS?

I know it is confusing, and anything MS says that CAN be perceived as negative, people jump the gun. That said, somebody asked that very same question and got the answer. That box pictured, was inside the pallet!

It sounds like it just made it to the US to MS.

PeaSFor1681d ago


that's comedy i guess.

pixelsword1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

"The very first XboxOne off the assembly line"

So what were in those skids they took a picture of last week? I thought those were finished xboners ready to be shipped.

@ Nuke:

Beat me to it. Ah!

Animal Mutha 761681d ago

@Brutally Honest

Its a box mate. You don't have to drive it or marry it :)

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lllll-lllll1682d ago

i prefer the blue ones ;-)

Killjoy30001682d ago

They pulled a 180 on the box design.

Kujii1682d ago

Black box addeed via cloud in day one patch.

jimsas1682d ago

.......this comment is Genius :)

Bundi1682d ago

But the FCC approval though...?

Simon_Brezhnev1681d ago

Thats what im wondering. I didnt hear nothing about the FCC approval yet.

HugoDrax1681d ago

Exactly! lol Sony fanboys who were experts on that matter, haven't said anything regarding FCC since the shipments had gone out. According to them remember Microsoft couldn't do anything without having FCC approval hahaha! Just goes to show you, no matter what Microsoft does on N4G they are the devil,

"To make Sony fans happy, we've created GDDR8 Ram, which was created by us last year. Now we have the most powerful console"

N4G Sony fans
"It still doesn't matter because they should have added GDDR8 Ram from the start, I'll stick with my PS4 GDDR5 because it's still better than GDDR8"



lordy lordy why did they change the color? that black box was definitely a winnter. the green is..not so much.

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s8anicslayer1682d ago

Not Day One obviously! I guess we will need an updated retail box comparison article vs the PS4 now. I like the black packaging much better

kneon1682d ago

But the cardboard on the PS4 box is 50% thicker ;)

But really why should anyone care what the box looks like, if that's a factor in deciding whether or not to get a particular console then your priorities are pretty messed up.

Nyromith1682d ago

Have you ever unpackaged an Apple product?

kneon1681d ago

Sure, they are packaged like most other high end gadgets.

But the point remains that you'd need to be pretty stupid and shallow to let the packaging influence your purchasing decisions.

Irishguy951681d ago

Yeah who gives a ****?
It's gonna get ripped open and it's innards pulled out

GreenRanger1682d ago

I tried to pre-order an Xbox One from Amazon UK earlier but they don't deliver them to Ireland.

They'll deliver the PS4 to Ireland, though.

theWB271682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

aahh number one destination to visit.

OT- It's a crazy day here on N4G. Article after article from anonymous this and that stating what isn't done...then a pic of a finished X1 going to TGS.



Have you missed that thread? The article is still saying Micro is running games on PC. Nothing to spin..I just think it's funny articles like that are gaining mucho heat and then this pops up.

Just funny stuff...

black0o1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )


no one said the xbone isn't in production, no one claim that the hardware has a manfactureing problems
all that was said is the so called top software engineers that MS was talking about for the past vew days are lagging in terms of drivce and tools for the devs

and confirming that the PS4 is faster with more row power and more dev friendly, while the x1 has better writing speed "better with apps overall""

so please dont start spinning things

black0o1682d ago

I kinda ignored that one since I felt it was based on the edge's report, and I think that writer spinned sh!t ..
"there's no learning curve.."" lol that Guy has no idea

Magicite1682d ago

just keep defending it, cos it needs all support it can get, although it seem to may not be enough

gaelic_laoch1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

"aahh number one destination to visit."

you are more than welcome to visit Ceád Míle Fáilte and you are more than welcome to play with my PS4 when ur over! Slán abhaile! :)

theWB271682d ago

"you are more than welcome to visit Ceád Míle Fáilte and you are more than welcome to play with my PS4 when ur over! Slán abhaile! :)"

I have no objections to that! I'll bring the X1 : )

1Victor1681d ago

@ The WB1 How Does This News Disproves That The Games Shown So Far Wasn't On X Box 1 Compatible PC If Anything It Prove It To Be True Since Its The FIRST OUT OF PRODUCTION And Is Going To TGS .I Like The Black Box Better Gives It A More Mature Feeling This Green Make It Look Like A Cheap Chinese Toy .No Offense

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bacrec11682d ago

Glad they fixed that lame ass box art they had before.

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