The First 5 Things You Must Do in GTA V

The time is almost here! Grand Theft Auto V is probably the most anticipated game of the year and it’s going to be lining store shelves very soon. There’s a lot of great games out there right now, but most re likely going to put them on the back burner as soon as they get their hands on GTA V. There’s a lot of trailers for the game on the Internet right now and their haven’t been anyone with something bad to say about it so far. There’s going to be so much to do in this game that it’s probably going to keep the civilized world busy for a long time to come.

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Agent_00_Revan1717d ago

Jump off the highest point you can find

Max out your wanted level

Run over a ton of people

Drive a Bike top speed head on into an oncoming car

Hit the strip club

inmusicutrust1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Very good list, I had forgotten about #4 hahah good times, gonna miss nikos accent

GdaTyler1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

OMG THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE!! I'm watching the livestream now and I can tell you it is deep! From Car customization, diving, switching from one part of the map to another, haircuts, jets,running over farm animals you nnaaaammee it! Day one for sure.

If anyone wants the link to the livestream, PM me.

JS1001717d ago

Whats stupid about this article is the word FIRST. I bet you cant even do any of these 5 things when you start the game. Heres the real list of what we will all do first:

1. Attack a pedestrian in a fist fight, or with a melee weapon
2. See if you can enter and/or climb buildings
3. Steal a car
4. Try to abide by road rules for all of 3 minutes, up until you scrape your first car, and then go nuts.
5. Kill someone (Most likely Hit & Run)

aLucidMind1717d ago

You can get a wanted level as high as possible and see how long you can last driving around, laughing at the cops' poor driving. Then again, San Andreas was the most hilarious due to how the AI seemed intent on ramming everything else but you at high speeds at times lol.

inmusicutrust1716d ago

Their last reason, the one about depositing money in the bank is only valid online, which doesn't go up till october. Gonna be playing for two weeks by then haha def not on my list of first things to do in the game.

jjb19811717d ago

First thing ima do is steal a car!

inmusicutrust1716d ago

Mine would be:

Cruise through downtown enjoying the tunes and getting into the setting and radio

Find some good jumps and test them with the fastest car i can aquire(I've seen some nice jumps in the videos and trailer)

Drive straight down a sidewalk from an in the car camera angle

Test the cops

See how fast I can drive (and hope I fly out the windshield on impact)

Bonus: when i get an airplane or heli....jump out. No parachute. Best if u hit a building before the ground so it kicks in the ragdoll physics ha good times in gta4 with this

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