Should Developers Be More Transparent?

Eric from GamR Mag writes: "When Sony teased everyone with the announcement that they’ll reveal something we’ve “all been waiting for” earlier this week, one game in particular was on a lot of people’s minds..."

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wishingW3L1649d ago

I'm still wondering if Agent was cancelled or what.

showtimefolks1648d ago

its in development, take-two the parent company of RS confirmed it, in one of its investors call

Jamaicangmr1648d ago

Like Evolution studio? Yes

"you’ll notice that the brake light illuminates the car’s active spoiler in the first two laps. Hopefully this will draw your eye away from the glitch with the car’s tyre smoke (which is missing) and excessive anti-aliasing on the Audi’s bevelled rear window frame… which we are of course still developing."


Now talk about transparency. Make me just wanna give them my money. lol!

isarai1648d ago

hmm, it can go both ways. for those more educated and understanding on the subject it can help them maintain interest and keep things from turning into vaporware. However for those that believe game development is just "drag and drop" it would only piss them off because they'll just wonder why they can't "just do it"

I for one would love the transparency, but i can't say if it would make the situation any better than it already is as a whole

AznGaara1648d ago

For me, no. I liked being surprised. Too much info is given out with games now.

BABY-JEDI1648d ago

I kind of like the donkey & carrot approach. Where, after five years they release a render just to let you know that they haven't given up. Now, where is my TLG render?

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