Developer complaints confirm the unfinished state of the Xbox One

Even though there are boxes of them ready to be shipped out to retailers all over the world, it is becoming painfully clear that Microsoft’s Xbox One console is not yet fully baked.

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WorldGamer1439d ago

Zinger!!! MS better hope this doesn't gain traction. That would not be good for them, especially with the X1 spec debacle that is currently festering on the internet.

MS can't catch a break and next-gen isn't even here yet.


PoSTedUP1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

yeah guys lets rush it onto the market! there's nothing smarter than That technique...

throwing somebody a bone is expressing the smallest form of empathy/sympathy, today xbox gamers, it has just gotten even smaller, you have just been thrown an xbone...

xHeavYx1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

This confirms that Sony forced MS to release their console earlier than they wanted to. RROD all over again I bet.
From the article "Coupled with the repeated reports of Microsoft still not showing off launch games on their own console, and instead using PCs that grossly outperform the console those games are expected to run on, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Xbox One users will see updates after launch to finish bringing the console up to where it belongs"

PoSTedUP1439d ago

i pretty much confimed this in a comment in march, and i used microsofts "mysterious and unplanned" event in april that came out of nowhere Right after sony confirmed the ps4's launch. i knew they werent really ready, the shadyness of that even spoke volumes about the state of the xboxone.

tuglu_pati1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

"coupled with the repeated reports of Microsoft still not showing off launch games on their own console, "

this are the kind of statements which lead me to believe this websites are bias. How can they say this when they MS had games running on real consoles in Pax and Gamescom.

"while neither console is ready with perfectly tweaked drivers for their hardware, Microsoft has been lagging behind Sony with updates such that the experience between the two devices is now absolutely noticeable for developers. "

Maybe this is why developers are saying the PS4 is performing 30-50% better, because MS is way behind on the drivers, not because of the specs. Who know I don't knows what to believe anymore.

JokesOnYou1439d ago

"Coupled with the repeated reports of Microsoft still not showing off launch games on their own console, and instead using PCs that grossly outperform the console those games are expected to run on"

-This is a remix of old rumors that were debunked, regurgitated and put out as current news...notice its always "reports" or "a developer", this site is clearly uninformed.

shoddy1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Xbox fan won't mind about shoddy hardware anyways.

they would buy 3 xbox.

tuglu_pati1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


Im a Xbox fan and i do care about shoddy hardware.

MysticStrummer1439d ago

"Xbox fan won't mind about shoddy hardware anyways."

Everyone has their limits. I know several people who bought multiple 360s due to RRoD, but none of them want a One for that every reason.

bigfish1439d ago

Why have microsoft been sitting around with their fingers up their ass cracks? They have had such a long time to develop this console, it should have been ready bu now!

MWong1439d ago

@ PoSTedUP
"throwing somebody a bone is expressing the smallest form of empathy/sympathy, today xbox gamers, it has just gotten even smaller, you have just been thrown an xbone..."

Maybe that't why Major Nelson doesn't like the XBox being called the XBone lol.

This isn't much of a shocker. For the past few months M$ has been focused on catching up to the PS4's specs. Even though I plan on only getting a PS4 at the next-gen launch. For any launch day XBone consumers I hope this article is wrong.

Death1439d ago

I'm a little skeptical of any news piece that doesn't site a reputable source. Is this an indie developer? Is it a larger developer? We have no idea who is saying this and when. What driver isn't available? Both systems use the same basic chip design custom made by AMD.

Perhaps the middleware is incomplete? This makes perfect sense since middleware is constantly evolving. It took years for the PS3's middleware to get to a point where games looked and played the same on both systems.

As for Microsoft being rushed, how do you justify this when AMD manufactured both systems basic architecture. These consoles have been in development for quite some time. Microsoft has had games running on pre-production consoles for awhile now at the events they have been attending. How are people still saying they are playing on PC's?

PoSTedUP1439d ago

lol @ mwong: i was thinking the same thing. he probably thought of all the jokes already, like "oh god, no". lol

The_Con-Sept1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I don't think the competition is going to survive this round. Sony and PlayStation are truly going to be the only two names we keep this gen. Microsoft has its goose cooked. Nintendo doesn't even have a goose... And Sony is now the only goose laying golden eggs. Next gen we will see someone new or old step up to The PlayStation brand.

But it won't be ninety or micro.

Mystogan1439d ago

You do realize that this article is flamebait right?

it has no source for these claims or whatsoever.

vulcanproject1439d ago

I remember a few years ago, long before PS4 was announced but its existence was becoming inevitable, Sony repeated one thing about any possible new console.

They said over and over, WE WILL NOT BE OUT LAST.

They knew that that huge delay really hurt PS3 initially, it really hurt their potential allowing rivals to get traction for a whole year. They weren't going to let that happen again.

Sony are basically taking an eraser over their previous mistakes and rubbing them out one by one.

PR disasters- Banished.
Arrogance to the consumer- Gone.
Complicated hardware- Cerny's loveletter to devs
Difficult dev tools- Fixed.
Late to market- Ready to roll.

Its incredible how the tables have turned. I love seeing new consoles release and evolve.

Microsoft have limited time to get their house in order, they need to be cracking heads together and getting on with it because it could turn real ugly real quick this Holiday season if they don't.

Army_of_Darkness1439d ago

Xbone will be as ready as the first time I lost my virginity. .. .. . Ahem.. .. .. . Sadness and disappointment was involved.

Death1439d ago

Exactly how many times have you lost your virginity Army?

Army_of_Darkness1439d ago

@death, cherry popping only happens once my friend. .. . Only once.

vigilante_man1439d ago

@Army_of_Darkness: Very funny!

@Death: If you have to ask, you have not lost yours yet!!

Insomnia_841438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

How come this article isn't in the front page being at a higher heat degree (660)than the GTA5 one (640) at this very moment? Don't sell out just yet n4g!! Let the public know! XD

Anyway.... Looks like MS is in for a really bad run this time.

Death1438d ago

Ha! Tell that to my wife and kids. Maybe you can save me some money so I can afford to buy both consoles at launch.

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cell9891439d ago

they deserve all that fire for thinking customers were stupid enough to fall for their BS. Damage has been done, all they can do now is fix one thing at a time. Also Sony took them by storm, they didnt think Sony would be this ahead on the console development and now theyre behind, they had 7 years to get this going and they just sat on their laurels(halo, gears and kinect) Sony had 6 and they are making swift moves.

You got to give it to Sony, theyre not fucking around this time

mistertwoturbo1439d ago

"Coupled with the repeated reports of Microsoft still not showing off launch games on their own console, and instead using PCs that grossly outperform the console those games are expected to run on"

This sums up the article quite a bit.

A lot of the games seen have be running on actual PS4 dev kits while Xbone titles have been running on crazy PC hardware.

Death1439d ago

Before dev kits and de-bug units are available, development starts on PC's. It's not uncommon to see unfinished code running on these PC's. When we see early software at a show it is typically run on a debug unit which resembles the finished console. Dev kits are rarely at a show due to cost and the fact most showing is on debug units or PC's if it is early in the consoles development.

Here's an Xbox debug unit:

Very early Xbox 360 Dev kit: It looks very familiar to apple fans since they both share the same risc based architecture. Was under NDA last I knew.

Xbox360 Degug unit:

PS4 dev kit:

PS4 Debug unit: According to FCC docs it looks identical to the consumer model.

Confusion here is due to the fact the debug unit or "test kit" looks just like a retail PS4. The answer was it is common to run unsigned code on debug units and not retail consoles that can't do it.

PunisherRevenge1439d ago

LOL...This is so funny. this article says there are developers complaining about the unfinished hardware of the X1, but yet fails to list the names of the developers or the sources they got it The sad part is that a lot of people will believe this and pass it off as truth SMH!

otherZinc1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


Ign played Battlefield, said the PS4 version wasn't good.
Sites played Drive Club, said it sucked.

Forza 5 was played by many, NO ONE said it wasn't Grade A.
Turn 10 confirmed 1080p "native" 60fps.
No Dev has said any game was running 1080p "native" @ 60fps on PS4 and you guys blindly believe words and not the games they verified through specs and gameplay.

I can't wait for the truth (Actual Game Specifications) to be verified to see all the egg on peoples faces when the facts are shown.

pixelsword1439d ago

1. I am actually interested in DC; do you have the name those sites so I can see how reputable/new they are? I'm not calling this link reliable, but they counter what you said, I just want to get a scope of sites who say what you said (besides IGN, Kotaku, and GameTrailers; of whom are totally unreliable for consistently accurate reviews).

2. Why is the word native in quotes?

3. Cod: Ghosts is confirmed 1080p, 60fps:

Although they don't say native, they don't say "native" either; so that's at least one game as far as 1080p, 60fps.

2cents1439d ago


Riding off the EdgeOnline article, which itself had no developer names or dates for these comments. Journalism is really dropping in integrity.

Many of the quotes from the edge article had been said months ago, and being rehashed again months later to make out that the problem has just arisen. Sony fanboys and Xbox fanboys will believe what they want to. Others can see exactly what is going on.

johndoe112111439d ago

What exactly is going on?

2cents1439d ago


Im not sure if your being sarcastic or serious, but you either get it or you don't. And so far 4 other people do.

johndoe112111438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

The first post in this article has 97 people that "got" what he was saying, you only have 4. i think it's safe to say that the majority of people don't "get" what you are saying. So, that could only mean two things, either the majority of people are clueless and idiotic, which i'm sure YOU will agree to, which would make you and the other 4 the only smart people here (and I'm sure you will agree to that to stroke your ego even though you know that that is NOT the case), or you made a comment that is not totally understood.

So, keeping that in mind can you please explain what exactly is going on?

Edit: Oh, and if you reply with an insult instead of an explanation I hope it makes you feel as smart as you think you are.

2cents1438d ago

In one word... Manipulation.

To everything else, you obviously have a very negative preconception of me as you have accused me of being egotistical, arrogant by implying I think the majority of people are stupid and finally Internet shouting at me in caps.

I've posted on this when the initial buzz had passed, I'm surprised anyone agreed with me, let alone 4. If you claim you know me so well then you would have read my previous comment about the whole Xbox PS debacle. You haven't brought anything to the table except direct accusation of theoretical outcomes and painting my character negatively. You seem to want to take my comments as an insult to you and your pushing me for something which iisnt going to come. I'm entitled to my opinion and I'm suggesting others may agree with me.

So again to put this to bed as I'm out of bubbles, what I feel is goin on is 'manipulation'.

johndoe112111438d ago

Know what's really interesting? I asked you a simple question "What exactly is going on?" your response to me was "lol Im not sure if your being sarcastic or serious, but you either get it or you don't. And so far 4 other people do." and yet you are saying that I'm accusing you of being " egotistical, arrogant" and "painting my character negatively". You are either the biggest hypocrite I have ever had the displeasure of chatting with or you are truly oblivious to the tone of your response. Either way all you had to say in your first response was "manipulation" and this lunacy could have been avoided.

Your last response hints to the fact that you are someone that can only see the fault in others and never in yourself. Anyway, like you said "to put this to bed" I guess everyone believes and sees what they want to.