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brothersimon3892d ago



360 gets the ads too XD

JasonPC360PS3Wii3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

I can actualy "smell" thier jealousy and through the internet, and those little Droid eyes are leaking there whiny, crying, petition sighing tears all over my keyboard.

LOL just thought I would join in your pwning of the droids.

ICUP3892d ago

Hate to break to you couple of xbot, but wild you wait for your couple extra mission DLC, we ps3 be getting HAZE(May) and MGS4(June) and so on there too many ps3 games i am too lazy to type it all.

so enjoy your DLC and GOW 2.

ElementX3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

This article isn't about Haze (unproven) and MGS4. Furthermore, your MGS franchise has sold less than the Halo franchise, even though 100 million more PS2s are out there. Gears of War 2 will probably outsell MGS4. I'm getting both, BTW. I might get my PS3 back from my brother-in-law. He can't afford to pay me for it right now. Else I'll buy another in June or July.

brothersimon3891d ago

I agree, jason :D

@ Haze, who gives a fk bout this game? it doesnt loook good, and i said that before it went ps3 exclusive its just sh.t like blacksite was.. a crappy shooter.. metal gear 4? my brother has a shytstation 3 which is a shame, but i can play it on there saves me like £400 :) i dont need no paperweight i want a console that actually has good games..

over and out

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jwatt3892d ago

I liked that beat and the way they did the commercial.

I think M$ is doing there part with gta which is advertising that it is on the 360, Sony is doing there part with the gta bundle.

sonarus3892d ago

Exactly both of them are doing what they can to fight for those new console owners. I still think the 360 logo at the end of the commercial has a minimal effect and like i said MSofts biggest advantage is their cheaper console. We'll just have to wait and see which console sells more when GTA4 launches

Breakfast3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

So uh...Sonarus...which version you getting?

PS. PM me if you're scared.

xhi43892d ago

imagine how much money Msoft wouldve thrown at Take Two to get the marketing rights to GTA IV in Europe, who knows they might have it in America too?

Either way, a lot of people who just want GTA and see that ad will probably just go okay so its on the 360, funny that I thought itd been on the PS3 too, but hey I geuss i'll just get the 360 for it then.

I think it has a big effect.

PirateThom3892d ago

There could easily be a PlayStation advert like this "PlayStation 3 and Grand Theft Auto"

Notice how Microsoft have dropped the ball on it, no mention of DLC? Effect on sales = 0.

RealTimeWeaponChange3892d ago

Never heard of new commercials at or around the time OF the DLC, when new sales will no doubt occur?

PirateThom3891d ago

That's stupid.

Think about it.

This is being released on two console on the same day and the same time. People associate the game with PlayStation and they have no idea there's DLC. Only people that read gaming news have any idea DLC is coming, for Joe Bloggs, the fact this point isn't advertised means it's now a non-factor.

Advertising it 6 months down the line isn't going to stop people from buying the PS3 version now.

RealTimeWeaponChange3891d ago

Yeah, that's true..... But if they did mention it, everyone would hate them for that, too.

Martini3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

360 owns GTA IV like it or not.
Watch what happens the week before the launch - it will be Halo 3 all over again with the ad campaing and all.

ICUP3892d ago

People are not that stupid second time round.

Xanj3892d ago

Sweet ad! Those explosions look great, and the framerate looks perfect the whole time. Can't wait for the 29th!

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