Naughty Dog Supports Strong Female Leads

Angie Santiago of SpawnFirst reports in about an interview done with Naughty Dog's creative director and writer, mentioning their support for strong female leads.

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fpshooter21555d ago

And we strongly support you ND!

Savage Starlight. Do it guys.

UltimateMaster1555d ago

Everyone one loves ND.
You think they would show us a new Uncharted next E3 or something new?
I'd want BOTH! ;)

tarbis1555d ago

YES! A Savage Starlight game will set the wor.... galaxy on FIRE!!!

skydragoonity1555d ago

Does this mean we should expect a game with a female lead soon?? Naughty dog.. Making great games since the ps1.

Thatguy-3101555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

It's just amazing how much this development team have grown throughout the many years. I truly hope that we get a female lead from them soon. It's going to be hard topping Ellie but anything these guys come out with turns into gold.

pr0t0typeknuckles1555d ago

naughty dog also supports amazing games.

mep691555d ago

As long as the Voice Actress and script is good enough (Which is never a problem in Naughty Dog games) I don't care. Unlike the new Tomb Raider unbelievable VA and a poooooooooooor script.

SonyStyled1555d ago

i think the new TR was passable even though i platinumed it. wont be buying the sequel more than likely. was it bad? no not at all. just not the quality of Uncharted. if ive never played Uncharted id probably think it was great. probably a hit with the xbox fanbase i would imagine because of that case

mep691553d ago

Everyone who randomly died in Tomb Raider I didn't give a fuck about. They didn't give you a reason to because they never introduced the characters long enough to become attached to them. Then you have to hear Lara whining going "ahh Oh no ahhhh he's dead" didn't believe any of it and she made her English accent really over the top.

Austin481555d ago

Or maybe it has something to do with the last of us dlc side story

Mr_Danski1555d ago

Hmm good thinking.. Could be something Tes related, Or more game time playing as ellie..

mep691553d ago

Doubt it would be Ellie. Mainly because they said they wouldn't go back to Ellie and Joel unless the had a story worth telling.

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The story is too old to be commented.