Okay, Real Talk. What's Going On With Ash Ketchum's Age?

Kotaku - "Now that we've seen what Ash will look like in the newest season of the Pokemon anime, once again discussion of one of the show's greatest mystery flares up: just how old is Ash Ketchum supposed to be, and why does he almost never seem to age?"

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zeal0us1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

There are plenty of cartoon characters and even anime character that don't age.

What they should've done is stuck with Red(not Ash) until the end of gen one and then introduce a new protagonist with each new generation.

jakmckratos1652d ago

Oh my God..seriously who cares. Bart SImpson has been 10 years old twice as long as Ashhas. WTF even atches pokemon anymore..the games are great but the show lost it's appeal when we were 13

hazelamy1652d ago

it's just a bit of fun.

SpiralTear1652d ago

I wonder how TheJWittz feels about being featured by Kotaku.

HmongAmerican1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I watch all of his videos. He remind me a lot of myself because he loves what he does. Being feature on other sites and get the attention of more viewer who never knew he's exist that might into this kind of stuff is a plus for JWittz.

hazelamy1652d ago

if it gets his channel more exposure, i'm sure he wouldn't mind.

he got at least one new subscriber from it. ^_^

Sy_Wolf1652d ago

Hold on a second, you mean to tell me the timeline in a children's cartoon isn't overly coherent and the main character doesn't seem to age? Stop the pressed.

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The story is too old to be commented.