Hype Up: 5 games to prepare for GTA V

With Grand Theft Auto V just a few days away, our anticipation is at an all time high. Not sure how to spend your time as you wait for Tuesday to get here? We suggest playing one of these 5 games.

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HumanAfterAll1258d ago

2. GTA: Vice City
3. GTA: San Andreas
5. More GTA: San Andreas

That's really all you need.

HaMM4R1258d ago

Needs more San Andreas.

HumanAfterAll1258d ago

1. GTA: San Andreas
2. More GTA: San Andreas
3. Even more GTA: San Andreas
4. EVEN more GTA: San Andreas
5. EVEN MORE GTA: San Andreas

Better? XD

CoreyMW1258d ago

You're right. But I wanted to add some variety. Expand the reader's horizons, so to speak.

XB1_PS41258d ago

The game comes out in 4 1/2 days, you're a bit late on the "play these until GTA V comes out" articles.

CoreyMW1258d ago

Again, you're not wrong XB1_PS4. But I was going for the "what to play in the home stretch/last weekend" sort of thing. For example, I've been playing through RDR and L.A. Noire again these past few days just because I wanted to get in the mindset of playing a new GTA game, if that makes any sense.

XB1_PS41258d ago

Makes perfect sense, as long as you all ready own them.

TXIDarkAvenger1258d ago

The games comes out in 4 days, no need to prepare.

Lisica1257d ago


I thought that was for Just Cause 3.