Buy Battlefield 4 on PS3 or 360, Upgrade to PS4 or One Version for $9.99

Hardcore Gamer: EA has officially confirmed the details of their Battlefield 4 upgrade plan. Inside every copy of the PS3 game will be a voucher with a unique code printed on it. This codes allows for a one-time opportunity to purchase a digital version of of the PS4 game on PSN for $9.99 until March 28.

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Summons751588d ago

still better than buying it full price

Number-Nine1588d ago

if your plan is to get both then you could just wait a few extra weeks and save some money.

shoddy1588d ago

Gta 5 for $10 on ps4 would be nice

Deadpoolio1588d ago

Yes cause you should totally get a NEW copy of a game on a NEW console because you are too stupid to wait 2 extra weeks..Are you retarded? Serious question, you should get it for free LMAO...

Neixus1588d ago

stop complaining, this is a move in the right direction for EA.
You are aware of that EA only makes 20% of what they could if people upgrades to next gen?

Believe it or not, this is an incredible deal :)

Number-Nine1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

you know this insures them that they get some money, right?

instead of people holding out for the ps4/xb1 version, they'll go out and buy this gens game because they think they're getting a good deal when they see "upgrade for $10".

in turn, you're paying $70 total instead of 60. i can only imagine the people who are purchasing the ps3 version then will buy the ps4 at launch.

it's just a ploy to grab even more money.
it should be free, period.

xtremexx1588d ago

lol cause that makes sense right?

Number-Nine1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I guess I have to break it down for you guys.

People aren't going to be afraid to purchase BF4 (or whatever game) for the ps3/360 because they know that they're not going to have to purchase the same game at full price for next gen versions.

If EA charges the game full price, only a handful of people would be willing to buy it to make the switch, or end up just waiting for next gen.

These companies are suckering you for an extra $10 because you see that upgrading is "inexpensive".

EA is using the next gen to BOOST sales further. They know suckers like you will want to play the newest game asap and then shell out an extra $9.99 to play on next gen.

supersonicjerry1588d ago

Well i'm not getting BF4 right away because I would rather wait for the version that comes with all the DLC but every PS3 game that is doing this upgrade for 10 bucks is a good deal to me. I am getting COD for PS3 day one and going to use the code for my PS4 and then share it with my bro so he can have it also hopefully they allow that two accounts on the ps4. So basically three copies of the game for 70 bucks if it works.

ExCest1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Then you pay for the bandwidth costs (I realized it's a digital version. That ain't cool).

Or is that all imaginary?

You're getting to play the game early (albeit a lesser version) for $10. Take it or leave it.

KONAAs1588d ago

u ppl always want free shit, it takes time an dmoney to develop for both consoles, lets say u work in construction and ur building a house if the owner ask for another room would u make it for free since ur already building the house? fuck no u will charge him more for it, stupid fucken dumb fucks

AntoineDcoolette1587d ago

Lol, right on brother. I can't believe people are bitching about it instead of giving EA props.

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tigertron1588d ago

I was considering doing the GAME trade in deal, but it's only a 4 week wait for the PS4 version and I'll have GTAV and Beyond to keep me going until then.

user74029311588d ago

ill buy it for ps3, use the code sell my copy for 40 bucks and make a $30.00 profit.

darthv721588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

lol...that's dirty pimp...just dirty.

+bub 4 funny

joe901588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

pay 60, pay an extra 10 for the next-gen, sell for 40 and still profit? LOL

Maths bro...use it.

user74029311588d ago

i save $30.00 joe... bam! pimp sllap

joe901588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Pimp You still need to have the BF4(PS3) disc to use it dummy. Good luck selling your BF4(PS3) and getting the better of Sony.

The PS4 is still a Blu-Ray device sucker and can read files from your disc.

PS4 doesn't have BC because Sony dont want you playing your old games and buying there new. how is it a games console that used to use Blu-ray but all of a sudden doesn't play the PS3 Blu-rays LOL. you got skanked. Ohhhhh pimp slapped BITCH.

KONAAs1588d ago

joe90 stfu u stipid ass, in order for ps4 to play ps3 they need to either make an emulator fore evry single ps3 game out there or basically include the cell procesor in the ps4 wich will make it more of a pain to make both work together

cyclindk1588d ago

I kinda just want to get the PS3 version just to see the difference between it and the PS4 version. Get that WOW feeling I bet :)

sourav931588d ago

Wouldn't it be better to get the ps4 version first, then rent the ps3 version? Cheaper than this deal, depending on where you rent it from. This, of course, is only for the reason of seeing the difference between the two versions.

cyclindk1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Well that AND I'd have two versions of the game. Ten bucks is nothing really for a whole game. I could probably sell it for more than that!

I wonder if this can be abused... buy 50 PS3 copies take the vouchers and sell the PS3 copies and then sell the vouchers for like thirty bucks each, which means someone would only be paying 40 dollars for a 60 dollar game.

Too much work... not enough gain.

sourav931588d ago

Unfortunately you can't do that because the ps3 disc needs to be inside the ps4 system for the game to run.

sweendog1587d ago

where did you get this info from? when i sell my ps3 dont want to have to keep bf4 ps3 disk

Lubu1588d ago

Will my preorder dlc transfer over as well? And will I be able to transfer my stats on the ps4 release day, or will it be available "soon after launch"?

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