IGN Video Review: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

IGN has posted the video review to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

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EZCheez3691d ago

If it does, I'm just going to download it.

sonarus3691d ago

Nah not till thursday but i'm going to download it Too.

Really good review. Its not necessarily a must for casual racing fans but it is a must buy for GT fans. I can't wait to play it myself so i can get a taste of the goodness

Primetimebt3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I heard it will not be out on the PSN until thursday but you will be able to buy the blu ray verison tomorrow. Just buy the disk verison this way you can always take it over your friends house.

sonarus3691d ago

Yea i am kinda stuck on which version to buy but i REALLY REALLY hate installs that take 5GB of space for no reason so i'm going with the download

Crazyglues3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

And I'm happy with that choice because I want other names on my Playstation 3 like my brothers account to have his own experience with the game, not to mention bringing over to a friends house. Or letting them hold it.

And then there is the just in-case I need to sell it, which most likely won't happen but nice to have the option.

Blu-ray actually comes out tomorrow April 17th for us here.. so I can't wait... Mine is in the mail and should arrive Friday from

Exodia3691d ago

meh.......... exactly same gameplay as the old GT. But TEH GRAPHICZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thor3691d ago

I never had to use slipstreaming to get my car past 15 opponents in 1 lap in previous GTs (my favourite mode, that :D)

i_like_ff73691d ago

Chris Roper speaks the truth!!!

Jok3r3691d ago

Hmm..I don´t know.. I LOOOVE The Gran Turismo series but after playing Forza2 I can´t help feeling that GT5 is a bit of a letdown for me...I bought the Japanese version a while ago and sure it´s a great driving-game but somethings missing imo...I don´t know what...Forza2 has the edge in gameplay I think..But I looove the replays in GT5..looks stunning as always!

popup3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I know what you kinda mean but Forza held my interest for a far shorter length of time than it should have. It was like a massive buffet at first with so much to do but I just slowed and stopped playing it for some reason and use the pedal as a comfy foot rest at my pc at the mo. GT gave me that aggressive and competitive feeling again with actual ownership of the cars being more appreciated and special.

For some reason GT-P gets my car-fan blood pumping more than anything else although I am left wanting on more than one level too. It was good to read the interview the other day in which the producer said that all aspects of the game are involved in constant improvement cycles because although the engine (as one example) is pretty amazing, some further icing would be a nice contribution to the overall cake if you know what I mean and its nice to know they are fussy enough to keep tweaking.

A worthy carrot to dangle. A worthy 'demo' to get lost in (for long periods of time).

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