Pokemon X and Y Gets New Evolution Trailer for Kalos Region Starters, More Artwork

A new trailer has surfaced for Pokemon X and Y, which features the evolved forms of the three Kalos Region starters, as well as more artwork for the game. Pokemon X and Y will be released globally on October 12th.

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TekoIie1293d ago

I am really considering picking up the limited edition 3DS to play this game early... I've never been so Hyped! :D

ajames3471293d ago

I know, this game looks really great. Can't wait to play it! Also that limited edition 3DS XL looks lovely.

TekoIie1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Gotta hate Ninty for not announcing US/EU release date sooner >:(

I gave up hope on it being released, go out and buy a 3DS XL and them BAM!!!... Ninty punches me in the balls :(

KimikoGaming1293d ago

Sorry to disappoint, but the X and Y 3DS XLs do not come with the game. So no, you will not be able to play the full game early unless you get a review copy.

TekoIie1293d ago

Oh crap! Guess I was fed some false info :)

Thanks for the info. I nearly became a sucker XD

ZeekQuattro1293d ago

Mega Mewtwo X for me. Also already a big fan of Tyrunt, Braixin & Pyroar.

ZeekQuattro1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Can you pick from both sets of starters and have one of each. It sounded to good to be true but it would be nice to pick 1 from each gen. Loving that Mega Charizard & Blastoise.

ajames3471293d ago

Yeah you definitely can. Cool huh?

ZeekQuattro1292d ago

I'll say. Thanks for the info. Bubbles for you even if it doesn't seem to mean much anymore. lol

ajames3471292d ago

Thank you very much and glad I was able to help :D

Theendgame1293d ago

Mega Garchomp will bow to all of my new fairy pokemon!