Moneysaver: Titanfall, Ghosts, Battlefield 4, RetroN 5, Breaking Bad

Kotaku - What a title today right? It's been a slow week for deals (besides the Humble Bundles), but things have really picked up going into the weekend. Take advantage of multiple great promotions from Gamestop and pre-order Breaking Bad, the RetroN 5, and the Xbox One Day One Edition.

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UsernameOfTheDead1717d ago

Why spend $500+ buying an XBone when my PC can run it better for $45? I'll be getting the PC version for sure!

MooseWI1717d ago

I just tried to get it and GameStop stopped purchases on it looks like.

XboxFun1717d ago

Titanfall, Battlefield 4 should cover all of my FPS needs for a good chunk of time.