I’d Be Skeptical of Reports About the PlayStation 4 Being ’50% Faster’ than Xbox One

Techland:There’s an Edge story picking up steam about the PlayStation 4 being “around 50% faster” than the Xbox One. There’s no question about it if you ask Edge — the author of the piece doesn’t even bother to use the word “allegedly.”

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mewhy321683d ago

Hey this is what devs around the world are saying. They would know better than anyone if the power difference is true. It's true.

xHeavYx1683d ago

I guess all the questions will be answered once both consoles are in the market, but it doesn't matter that studios are not created equally,facts are still facts

black0o1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

M$ talked about the deference between xbone and ps4 over and over while sony lets the devs do the talking

so who do we believe? MS or SONY

Eonjay1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I wouldn't be skeptical at all. Numbers don't lie. Either way, the PS4 is clearly the stronger box.

Enemy1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I'm trying to understand how shutting our eyes to the truth will make us more informed. Being skeptical about water being wet won't make the water less wet.

@ golding89 below: How are you getting internet in a cave?

theBAWSE1683d ago

article states not all dev teams are created equal as a backup to their point..

which is very true but then I think hold on Sony have arguably the best gaming studio in naughty dog.. Then the most creative in media molecule then the genius that is David cage..

golding891683d ago

"devs around the world are saying"? Where around the world? Who? What devs?


It's logics like this one that makes people doubt this 50% stuff..

darthv721683d ago

@mewhy... devs dont know power, they know skill.

some devs are better skilled than others and they can translate their skill into a representation of power by way of their product.

i have seen things done on lesser hardware that should not have even been possible but because of really good skills.....they made it happen.

redwin1683d ago

I wonder if you are gonna be so passionate about your ps4 after both console come out. Have you ever played Xbox ? Any of them ? You can't deny the great innovations that Microsoft has brought to the consoles. @xheavyx

slimeybrainboy1683d ago

50%? Come on guys. If there is a 50% difference we would clearly see it, even at this stage yes. 30% is even unlikely.

Forza is probably the best looking launch title (I Know it doesnt have dynamic wheather etc.) but still Forza does not look anywhere near 50% less and its at 60fps.

Devs arent even saying that there is a 50% difference. that was one source that said the GPU was 50% more powerful. I think you guys are getting carried away with yourselves. I dislike MS as much as the next guy, but everything is going to be pretty similar, nowhere near 50%.

JokesOnYou1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

"That, and this “report” compiles quotes from anonymous development sources — that alone should give anyone pause. Indies? Major studios? First-timers?"

-Exactly, the fact they won't say who at this stage of the game is ridiculous, also it all sounds questionable when they go the fanboy way and say 1 version will be gimped/castrated because devs shipped pc versions all last gen that were superior, at times 360 version shipped a bit better, and when the original xbox shipped most games better than the competition, no one flinched, ps2 owners didnt care, I think FF ps3 version this gen was one of the games that shipped noticeably alot better on ps3, so why cant they ship a better ps4 version? BS on edge part.

xHeavYx1683d ago

" You can't deny the great innovations that Microsoft has brought to the consoles."

What!? Innovations? You mean the first Kinect that didn't work? Or the new one that is supposed to work perfectly, even though the videos for the Fighter Within are still laggy?
Or do you mean the innovation Box One that lets you watch TV using your TV?
Or their innovative first party studios that haven't come up with a new Hardcore IP for the last 4 years?

starchild1683d ago

So my PC with an HD 7950 is over 55% more powerful than the PS4? Good to know.

I guess we don't need to know anything else aside from the amount of compute units in the GPU (28 in my HD 7950 vs 18 in the PS4 and 12 in the Xbox One).
Other hardware and software considerations don't matter it seems.

mistertwoturbo1683d ago

I really don't get why people are still acting confused.

On paper it's flat out clear.

Forza Dev says "It's like comparing a 400hp M3 or a 500hp Mustang."

No, it's comparing a "400hp M3 with a 600hp M3" since they use the same AMD architecture on the CPU and GPU. The GPU is faster on the PS4 and the memory widens that gap even further.

It's the silliest argument I've ever seen.

Saigon1683d ago

You know with all of the talks about MS and direct X saying it will reduce the gap, I didn't realize that the PS4 also supports the app...

dmeador1683d ago

I see the misguided comments which are pro-Sony just keep coming in.

If you cant see the new things that MS brought to the table with the xbox brand you are blind.

The PS4s "50% power advantage" (doubt it) will not equate to games that are 50% better. I'd hang my hat on that. For an example someone else pointed out that might sink in for you are the games that have already been shown. The best looking game on the PS4 (seems to be KZ) is nowhere near 50% better looking then the top X1 games, not even close. I'll give you 10%, and thats very debatable. They will get better you say? So will the X1's

Lets give Naughty Dog 4-5 years and see what turns up, then you can talk. But you know what the key point is? 4-5 years. Who cares

BallsEye1682d ago


This is where you are wrong. PS4 and XO don't have same architecture. It's completely different. PS4 went safe this time and made it straighforward, like a pC. XO is more custom build this time around. Their GPU was custom built TOGETHER with AMD (it's a dual driver gpu spread across the SoC, that's why there is no real specs, coz there is more than one GPU unit) and they've paid billions for it. Go research more about XO architecture, it is a beast/ If you think games like Ryse could be pulled of on this 1.3Tflop you are silly. Trust me, there is more to it than basic paper specs. Let the games do the speaking.

jimsas1682d ago

i guess its not a surprise to find You here defending the PS4 xHeavYx ...
You seem to pop up in every and any X1 Vs PS4 article slating the X1.

You can't make Your own candle brighter by putting out other peoples mate...

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Relientk771683d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on the PS4, and experience the true power

ATi_Elite1683d ago

Devs are just talking Doo Doo! The PS4 may have a power and speed edge but what Gamers need to ask is:

How will this translate into Bigger and better Games and then ask for video of said games running in REAL TIME that show the difference in Power and speed vs. the XB1?

Other than that I'm sick of the HYPE! It's beyond stupid.

Show me the FRIGGIN PROOF by showing me the GAMES!!

This goes for Sony and MS! I'm sick of Specs and Cheap insults. Where are the Games cause I'm NOT impressed with either consoles Launch line-up.

Titanfall and Knack both look cool with SLIGHTLY new gameplay but after that NOTHING mind blowing even though XB1/PS4 can Cure Cancer and Teraform Mars.

MazzingerZ1683d ago

Yes, if multiplatforms look the same what's the point of all that power? 1st party will be awesome but we want to eat the whole cake!

nukeitall1683d ago

Ryse is proof!

So is Forza 5 running at 1080p in 60fps, whereas the competition Driveclub runs at 30fps.

Omegasyde1683d ago

Actually [email protected] (discontinued) was a genome project to help find ways to cure deceases.

Since PS3 has this program (stopped in 2012), [email protected] helped the researchers develop a new strategy to fight Alzheimer's.


So techinally, Sony didn't cure cancer but the PS3 was able to help with other deceases. Now teraforming Mars, thats Google's responsbility.

Kayant1683d ago


And what is the competitor during that Forza 5 is not.

Well it has dynamic lighting/shadows that affect almost all objects.
It has a day/night cycle and weather effects.
It also has richer and bigger environments.

And then you might ask why are these things important? Well because Forza 5 is supposed to be a next-gen sim racer whereas DC is more of an arcade yet it's providing a more realistic experience than Forza 5 is supposed to. iirc the sun doesn't shine all day long everywhere. GT5 and 6 do all of this and more at 1080p 60fps so it's not impossible. Fair enough they weren't launch games.

This just shows you that Forza 5 is targeting performance over features whereas DC is doing the opposite.

Look at how the light reflects on the road here --> http://communityteam.softwa...

and also how the dash reflects on the left window ---> http://communityteam.softwa...

kayoss1683d ago

Dont have to look into the future for that. You can look at current gen to see this.
PS3 first party exclusives >>>>> Xbox 360 first party excluisves

What make you think the next gen will be any different? Sony still have their first party studios and xbox 360 still have their first party studio. Understand this, game quality is only limited by the hardware they are built on.

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Clover9041683d ago

Haha, poor XBone. Another 10% slower and XBone would be competing with WiiU instead of PS4 :D

ZHZ901683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Someone must payed for that guy to make this blog about he doesn't beleieve it's 50.
This defintely what DEVELOPERS say 50%.


EDIT: The problem with Xbots they won't accept ever that PS4 is better than Xbone never and ever until they see it in front of there own eyes after like 2-3 years(Know that at begining of next gen you may not notice the difference but later after 2-3 years the difference will be big really big)

Then after they see it some of them(at least) will regret that they bought Xbone and trusted MS instead of buying PS4 and end it at the begining.

Now we know 1st party developers and companys making exclusives(from 3rd Party and/or Indie) for Sony will take full adventege of this while multiplat games will look better on PS4.
They will accept this until they see it and some(at least) will regret.

ZHZ901683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Seeing Xbots right here in this thread they are still in deniel


Sure PS3 yes that PS3 had better specs but still looked equally or inferior to X360 in terms of multiplats(not all but alot multiplats) but that was because PS3 was hard to code for while X360 was easy to code.
This time is different this time PS4 has better specs and easy to code than Xbone.

Don't be in deniel or you will regret it.

PunisherRevenge1683d ago why do you Sony fans keep believing this garbage? Now I'm not saying the X1 will be better than the PS4, but I think it will be just as good especially the overall experience.

"Someone must payed for that guy to make this blog about he doesn't believe it's 50.
This definitely what DEVELOPERS say 50%"....So which developers (that actually matters) are saying the PS4 is 50% more powerful? Can you name one and post the link? (and don't give me that EX-DEVELOPER from People Can Fly) No you can't because all of these bullsh** articles won't give us the name of the source or developers they got this from.

P.S. Who post a comment to their own

ZHZ901682d ago

I commented on myown comment was because I couldn't edit it anymore now for the rest

No I won't bother to bring you links, you go Google it on Google because even if I bought you links you will still be in deniel and yes you already know who they are. You want someone who makes games for both to say why? Because if someone who makes games for both like Konami or EA will anoy MS if he said that PS4 is more powerful than Xbone.

As for the garbage, the garbage thing is you, Xbox fanboys, in deniel.

Btw I am not a Sony fan and I am not loyal to brand, I am just fan and loyal to games and right now Sony did things better and right.
Enjoy your cloud.

PunisherRevenge1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@ZHZ90....Wow just "No I won't bother to bring you links, you go Google it on Google because even if I bought you links you will still be in deniel and yes you already know who they are."

The reason you won't bother to provide a link is because you can't find one to backup what you're saying because if one existed (trust me) you would've posted it. Then you try to point the finger at me and call me a fanboy when its clear you're the fanboy. Everyone of your post in this thread so far has fanboy written all over it. Now I understand you want to stand on the sidelines and root for your favorite company (Sony), but do you really have to fall in line with everyone else and spread possible lies instead of thinking for yourself?

Unlike you I'm am not a fanboy. I wish Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony much success in the new gen. I bought my Wii-U back in November and planning on getting the X1 first this holiday, and the PS4 in June for my birthday because I cant afford both right now. So I'm not going to choose sides like you and miss out on all of the great games that are coming in the near future.

P.S. I will enjoy my cloud from Microsoft and Sony thank you very much.

ZHZ901682d ago

No I can bring the links but I am not going to waste my energy for it because you'll still be in deniel and we already saw that btw.

Also seems that you are wealthy to own both consoles 900$/Euros + Games + Taxes.

Anyways no I am not favoring Sony nor PS, I am favoring gaming.

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1OddWorld1683d ago

"Here’s something you can take to the bank: not all development studios are created equal, nor are they equally proficient with new hardware."

Does he think we are all retarded. He is not even addressing the issue. You cant blame this hardware gap on bad developers its a hardware issue. The post about the gap states in so many words that bad developers can do more on PS4 because of the hardware gap and ease of development. Which means that good developers can do more on PS4 due to the hardware gap and ease of development.

Numbers don't lie. Specs are black and white because you can do the math to see which has the advantage, and when it comes to good developers their will be a noticeable difference when the gap is this big. If the gap was smaller this would be a non issue, but its not. If it were only half that at 25% that is still huge when you are trying to compete.

whoyouwit041683d ago

Give a link where a well known dev that actually have both kits have said that.

1OddWorld1683d ago

A well known developer wont say it, because they have to break bread with both corporations. They are all avoiding the topic like the plague. But, you already knew that and that's why you are asking for the impossible before you will believe whats right in front of you.

The time to triangle n u brain can be fixed contact - Mark Cerny.

BallsEye1682d ago

We're yet to see any game that shows that 50% more power..even's not there so far so let's wait and let the games speak for themselves. You can say what you want buy so far XO titles look more impressive hands down.

B-radical1682d ago

The thing is with that edge story is the devs were an unnamed source

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NYC_Gamer1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I don't know why some folks can't accept that PS4 will be the most powerful console on the market based on raw specs

xHeavYx1683d ago

Well, denial is the first stage of Grief, then Anger (ask Negative, Xbox Fun and others) followed by Bargain (this gif Depresion (you've seen it a lot of it here too). One day they will reach the last stage, Acceptance (after Nov 15th)

XboxFun1683d ago

Anger, denial and grief? You're the only one at the top of almost every Xbox article DEMANDING someone explain Xbox's vision or something else equally retarded. Then getting upset when they do.

This and dropping names behind people's back sounds like full on anger, despair and grief rolled up into one fanboy troll burrito with extra hate sauce.

All this raw power the PS4 has...where is it?? Is it in the touchpad?
Where is this huge difference in games because as of right now nobody see's it when comparing the games.
And the launch line up for the Xbox One is looking just as good (if not better IMO) than the PS4.

But I'm very sure when the side by side graphics articles start rolling in we'll get you and the circle of hope studying every pixel and dark gray shade color.

Good luck.

hardcorehippiez1683d ago

doubt they'll ever accept it. they didn't with the ps3 360 even though 1st party devs on sony side proved it many times . they just made excuses like the game is linear , not enough colour blah blah blah. i say stop trying to convince them and let them buy an xbone. they deserve it for there ignorance .

xHeavYx1683d ago

@Xbox fun
I think you are between Anger, Bargain and Depresion, with a pinch of non sense

Omegasyde1683d ago

Never judge a system by its Launch games. Judge it by its exclusives. Hence, why Uncharted 2/3 and Last of US (even God of War 3) has yet to be beat graphically on CONSOLES.

Sure Knack looks like a "family" game but then look at Infamous Second son and Killzone SF.

kayoss1683d ago

Yes xheavyx and most PS4 "fanboys" talk hell crap about the xbox One but guess what?? they have a legitimate reasons. I talk tons of crap about the xbox One, including about power, size, look, features, etc. However all my criticism are base on facts that is presented to me. i just dont pull stuff out thin air or the "CLOUD" and have nothing to back it up.

starchild1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Yes, you Sony fans do talk a lot of crap. I agree.

So can I talk about how much better the PC is as long as I am using facts? When PC gamers do that you guys get all butthurt and say they're trolling.

Why do you guys think it is ok for you to troll all day nonstop?

Edit @ below:

Look everybody, a clueless fanboy bringing up things completely irrelevant to the topic!

I don't care about your stupid argument about building a gaming PC for $400. It's an illogical argument to begin with.

The PC does a huge number of things a console can't do. And the money you save gaming on PC over the years due to cheaper games and not having to pay to game online more than offsets any initial cost disparity.

In the end though, the question is, which is superior? Not which is cheaper? If I wanted the cheapest game system I would buy a Wii U or a 3DS or Ouya.

Sometimes you pay more to get something better.

xHeavYx1683d ago

Look everybody, a PC guy.
Come back when you can build a PC for $400 and still be able to play AAA games in 7 years without updating your precious PC

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LOGICWINS1683d ago

Clearly its the most powerful on paper. But for most gamers, the games do the talking(not specs or blind loyalty). And the games aren't out yet.

NYC_Gamer1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

100% agree,software is the reason why gamers buy these machines in the first place..

user74029311683d ago

that's like saying

''were in a tallest man competition, clearly one is taller but that dont matter! let the competition begin first.''

LOGICWINS1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

@DirtyPimp- One console being more powerful doesn't automatically make that console the "better" choice for every single living being on the planet.

People have preferences irrespective of power.

If your a diehard Nintendo fan and you've only bought Nintendo consoles for the past ten years and your favorite gaming franchise is Zelda...the PS4 isn't the console for you.

If your a diehard Xbox fan and you've only bought Xbox consoles for the past ten years and favorite gaming franchise is Halo....the PS4 isn't the console for you.

Your "tallest man" analogy doesn't work because that would be a TANGIBLE comparison based on an objective measurement system.

However, which console is "the best" (lol) is SUBJECTIVE because different people look for different things in consoles.

Omegasyde1683d ago


True, but based off past exclusives between PS3 and 360, it seems history is going to repeat itself.

LOGICWINS1683d ago

^^Totally agree. History will repeat itself. Some will prefer the exclusives on Xbox and others will prefer the exclusives on Playstation. Same way its been for over a decade.

starchild1683d ago

Well said, LOGICWINS. I wish more people were as fair-minded and rational as you generally are.

Why does it kill so may Sony fans that some people prefer to game on a PC or a Wii or an Xbox?

I like gaming on PC for lots of reason (that I won't get into right now), but my favorite upcoming console is the PS4 by far.

I just can't stand the herd mentality and the hate that is directed at anybody that doesn't toe the fanboy line. Why can't people have other preferences? Why do we have to all walk it lockstep and think the same and like the same things?

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ATi_Elite1683d ago

I don't accept it cause so far the PS4 has done NOTHING mind blowing and neither has the XB1.

We went through this same CRAP last Gen.

PS3 was the most powerful Console EVER and what happened?

the best games were all Multiplats with equal looking graphics.

So much Hype on Specs and yet most games on 360/ps3 looked the same or had MINOR differences.

I expect the same thing this Gen!

Sorry I don't spend $$$$$$ on raw Specs I spend money on PROOF! Devs, Executives telling me this and that don't mean CRAP.

I wanna see PROOF, Show me the games that utilize all this RAW Power (PS4) or Special CPU functions (XB1)!

I think some Gamers are getting caught up in fanboy system hype instead of "Where are the Next Gen games"!

LOGICWINS1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Well said. As far as I can see, GTA5 looks immensely more promising than anything I've seen from the PS4/XB1. When that changes, I'll buy a new console.

As for now, I'll keep enjoying my PS Plus backlog and hopefully buy a Vita sometime later this year.

Even now, the most promising PS4 exclusive is Infamous: Second Sun and even THAT doesn't look outrageously different from past titles. The better visuals, supposedly better controls(likely an exaggeration by Sucker Punch as I've never noticed any lack of accuracy with my PS3 controller), and animations are expected.

Even with all that, I'm willing to bet that you STILL won't be able to enter most of the indoor environments and the crowd technology won't even be up to par with Hitman: Absolution.

And Titanfall seems like something that could have been done on a 360.

Not saying these games look bad, they look great. But I still haven't seen a reason to King Leonidas kick my PS3 out of the window and put a PS4/XB1 in its place.

jmc88881683d ago

It wasn't minor.

If you mean in terms of pure graphics it was close to minor differences.

But usually along with that you have 5-20 FPS hit in performance.

Together you had games which looked a smidgen worse, and ran quite a bit worse.

I fully expect that gap to be multiplied a couple of times. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do think PS4 will be able to handle higher resolutions, higher frame rate, and look a bit better.

The xbox 360 had some games at 60FPS that the PS3 only had at 30 FPS. I think we're going to see that this gen too, probably more often, and probably including that the PS4 has a better resolution as well. Like 1080p vs 900.

I do wholly agree with being shown proof. Both could do a bit more in PROVING it, but we're also in a stage where proof is harder since neither console is out.

Again though PS3 had better specs, but harder to code for.

360 had worse specs, but was easier to code for, and was the lead platform for the game.

This generation the ease AND power goes to PS4, while the unease and lesser power goes to Xbox One.

So if it ends up that the PS4 is the lead platform, has the most power, and easiest to code for, we should see proof of what that should lead to, but unfortunately not yet.

At this point we're stuck with guessing from all sides, but there are indications based on ancillary facts, like the power of one chipset versus another.

Either way, we'll start learning the truth no matter what from any side say in a couple of months. Wow only 2 months and 2 days until PS4 releases.

Hicken1683d ago

As if you hadn't lost all credibility long ago, you went into negative territory by saying the best looking games this gen were multiplat.

Sorry, they were not.

The best looking games in any genre were all PS3 exclusives. End of story.

Calm your happy ass down. You keep talking about "the same thing" that occurred last gen(still THIS gen, until November), but you forget how the best looking games didn't come out until later in the generation.

And of all people, you're the last one that can talk about getting caught up in fanboy hype.

GamerXD1682d ago


Dude PS3's cell was hard to develop for compared to 360's. Now both have x86 systems. Means both will be easy to code for and devs will be able to push the power of both consoles. 1 more thing, If you don't wanna spend $$$$ for power, Get an Ouya or 2DS.

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Freedomland1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

They are not giving people a chance to forget this issue. They keep on talking about that that X1 is not weaker than Ps4 so that even after 10 years, we won't forget this and X1 fanboys will be haunted psychologically by this the entire coming gen that they have a weaker console.
Do you understand what i have written above, maybe not,
so avoid this complication and buy Ps4 and play and enjoy games without any complex.

GamerXD1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Forget about it. Xbots are delusional and there's no cure for such ill.

mediate-this1682d ago

@1odd how is it right in front of him? The systems are not out. We are going by p.r spin. Im not saying xbone is more powerful, frsnkly i dont. Care, im niying both day one. But to say a ignorant statement like that is ridiculous.

Wait till they are out, then you can have your cake

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iamnsuperman1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

"Here’s something you can take to the bank: not all development studios are created equal, nor are they equally proficient with new hardware. That, and this “report” compiles quotes from anonymous development sources — that alone should give anyone pause. Indies? Major studios? First-timers?"

Does this point have any legs. Developers are developers. It doesn't matter if a developer is a first time developer. They are first to both the PS4 and One platforms.

I agree about the anonymous quotes (I hate anonymous sources) but do not disregard first time developers or indie developers in their observations. A develop is a developer (good or crap). If they are finding X faster than the other then that is something (regardless of status)

Omegasyde1683d ago

It's like when a person buys a new sports car. The first thing they do is "test" it out and see how fast the baby can go.

In this case developers have 2 new toys, and what to push the consoles by benchmarking them.

They might be staying anonymous because thier team is working on a multiplatform title.

mediate-this1682d ago

Well indie developers are not pushing any graphic intense game. Best bet is to believe a trip a dev who is working on both. No relationships needs to be saved because devs always talk about system flaws, ie: valve

Tooly1683d ago

this gettin annoyinq now

GamerXD1682d ago

So does your spelling.

Mikelarry1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

i personally don't care that the ps4 is more powerful (i have pre-ordered and paid for my ps4) the two major reasons i chose to get the ps4 was game variety and the price all the other bells and whistles are just welcomed extras