New Project CARS Video Shows Off Next-Gen Water Effects, Rivaling Those Of CryENGINE's Tech Demo

DSOGaming writes: "A while back, Crytek released a tech demo trailer for CRYENGINE, showcasing the features that are being supported in its latest build. There is no denying that the most 'wow-ish' feature that Crytek shown in its tech demo was the procedural GPGPU weather effects. Well, YouTube's member 'Darren White' posted a new video for Slightly Mad Studios' racing game, Project CARS, showcasing similar water effects."

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ATi_Elite1468d ago

See the clouds and environment reflected in the water even as it dries up!

PCars is such a tour de force in ALL facets of Gaming, gameplay graphics, sound, physics, control, etc..

This will be in game SOON (hopefully next build)if not already in game (I'm a build or 2 behind) while Cryteks is a Tech Demo.

Project CARS is pushing Next Gen tech Today not tomorrow.

Orpheus1468d ago

I wonder how this game runs so smooth on current graphics cards, ( as per the videos on internet)

DialgaMarine1468d ago

I've heard that graphics are second to none, but the gameplay is lightyears behind the likes of Gran Turismo.

aliengmr1468d ago

Never heard anything of the sort from the many of gamers playing it right now.

ATi_Elite1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I'm playing Pcars and the Graphics along with Gameplay are ABOVE EVERYTHING.

graphics are hands down the BEST, gives Arma 3 a run for it's money in the detail department and almost has better weather than STALKER.

Physics, Pcars beats everything considered a racer. Your car gets damaged and parts fly off or get dragged along and the physics of your car change depending on damage. SO real!

Gameplay may only be second to iRacing (but iRacing is dam near real and sponsored by Nascar, F1, and Indy

all this while in ALPHA!!!

AJBACK2FRAG1468d ago

Holy cow! It looks totally realistic!

Drakesfortune1468d ago

are the company making this owned by Ea?

hennessey861468d ago

No they are not owned by EA, they developed a couple of games for EA but are an independent studio

Drakesfortune1468d ago

oh good, was going to say this game feels like it has been in development for ages...and for some reason i thought they where owned by EA and was suprised they hadnt forced them to hurry it out

WarThunder1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

This is a true next gen racing game!

Im so getting this game on my PC.
GT6 for PS3 and DriveClub for PS4 :D

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