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GTA 5 Uncensored Sex Scene Has Rockstar Gone Too Far?

"Has Rockstar Gone too Far?" This is the question being asked to gamers today, regarding the new uncensored GTA V sex scene video footage that was leaked online yesterday.
With so many under-age children getting a hold of M for mature rated games, do you think scenes like these in video games will further promote under age sex, pregnancy, and even sexual assaults amongst children? (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360)

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pedrof93  +   659d ago | Funny

Not too far. Just the right far.
DAS692  +   659d ago
I personally think that that part of the leaked video is very questionable. The lighting doesn't look as good. Who are the characters? (That is definitely not Michael in the back)Also I noticed that on one of the vids, that car model damage was non-existent. Just something that doesn't click with me. Although some of the gameplay vids are UNDOUBTEDLY real, I think this and maybe ONE more vid is fake.
RyuCloudStrife  +   659d ago | Well said
the game is Rated M, #Dealwithit.
brianunfried  +   659d ago
I agree, my first thought was fake. Plus, I don't think they want another "Hot Coffee" scandal.
Enemy  +   659d ago
Nope, it was real. Thing is, it's not as uncensored as people say it is. They don't know genitals in the game, so people need to lighten up.
Anthotis  +   659d ago
Unless it involves rimming the girl, they haven't gone far enough.

Also, if you want to remove sex scenes from games in case children play it, you'll need to remove sex scenes from films in case children see it. I'd be more concerned about the depiction of violence in games and films, though, if i was a paranoid waste of skin that took issue with such depictions in the first place.

Also, argumentum ad thinkofthechildren is about as pathetic a fallacy can get.
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Blacktric  +   659d ago
They already showed an uncensored penis of a senator in all its "glory" in Ballad Of Gay Tony. A simple scene that shows two people having sex with most of their clothes on from a blind side angle that barely reveals anything shouldn't cause a stir at this point. Hell, a similar type of scene was in one of Red Dead Redemption's mission cutscenes.
Dee_91  +   659d ago | Well said
killing people okay
but sex is a no
........ the f%$^ is wrong with people?
pixelsword  +   658d ago
Blow some guy's head off, nobody flinches.

*Blow* some guy's head off, everyone panics.
DAS692  +   658d ago
Idk why I have so many disagrees. I don't have problem with it, if this is real, I was just questioning the validity of the leak.
HammadTheBeast  +   659d ago
I find this article weird. It's much easier to get a hold of much worse things over a simple click on the internet, yet why is this getting so much backlash about kids and maturity?
Whitefire  +   659d ago
Because it is about kids, and Mature things? Also that is why you monitor your children on the internet. If a parent knowingly allowed their underage kid to access porn how would everyone react?
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slimeybrainboy  +   659d ago
It's not as if they had actual live floppy penises, and sloppy vaginas. You could just see hips. They were pretty much fully clothed.

I would struggle to wank to that on a desert island. You're right, it's not gratuitous at all.
t0mmyb0y  +   659d ago
It's not like any other species mate on our planet lol
Godoftheweek  +   659d ago
Violence = OK
Sex = Bad

I would much rather my sons 11 and 8 see a nice pair of boobs over seeing a head get chopped off. Sex is a part of life, it puzzles me as to why we have no problem with our children watching people get hurt and die, yet show them a nipple, and all hell breaks loose.


Yes, I know. I remember when I lived in Germany that naked bodies were no big deal, nor was talking about sex on TV. Violence was much more controlled. It is or at least was the exact opposite of what is acceptable in the US.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   659d ago
This exactly what I don't get.

Not that I'm against video games where you kill virtual humans but that's fine, now a scene of two people making love OH HELLLZZ NOOOOOOO!!!!
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Fluke_Skywalker  +   659d ago
This is more the case in the US, here in Europe it's pretty much the other way round, sex is fine, violence is bad. Which is kinda the way it should be really.
dredgewalker  +   659d ago
Make love not war :P
Deadpoolio  +   659d ago
Cause Jesus says NO sex....That is exactly why the Bible thumpers want to make sex seem as dirty and disgusting as they possibly can.....It's these religious wack-a-doos that want to push their Jesusness down everyone's throat, and live life the way they choose to....To them religion is not a choice
Natso  +   659d ago
^ lol

Jesus said no such thing.

Don't they teach reading comprehension in Grade school?
Dee_91  +   659d ago
yes,the human race loves to blame everything for how sh1tty the human race is other than the human race itself..
Gothdom  +   659d ago
It's too far only if I can't drive and handbrake over them... repeatedly.
Anthotis  +   659d ago
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ALARM-clock  +   659d ago
There's nothing to censor. The only thing showing is the side of a dudes butt cheek, no butt crack, no frontal for either. It's no worse than 'twerking'.
Wagz22  +   659d ago
Sex is fine as long as its not in the champagne room, everyone knows not to have sex in there.
NeXXXuS  +   659d ago
The better question is, how is it going too far?
Only idiot parents buying their 12-year-olds this game will say that it's going too far. Sex is a mature and natural thing. It's not something for children.
/sees the articles about parents complaining already
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Lykon  +   658d ago
I want to see wet genitals and close up penetration. The baptist ministers that complain about games are paedophiles anyway.
otherZinc  +   658d ago

Rated M is mature

Rated X or AO is for Adults, I'm not a baby, but they've gone too far.
My son is 14, I'm buying it for him. He can handle it without acting a damn fool.

However, we don't need the bad press in our gaming industry for this.
nosferatuzodd  +   658d ago
wow d!ck out P@$$y out GTA V
on a more serious note people always blame video game for bad parenting my daughter got pregnant because they was playing Grand theft auto really
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M-M  +   659d ago
Not a problem, the game is for mature people only. The parents will be at fault since they buy the games for their kids without knowing how the rating system works.
-Mika-  +   659d ago
Not all "Mature" people want to have sex scenes in their games.
RyuCloudStrife  +   659d ago
then don't buy the game, simple.
Wikkid666  +   659d ago
It's GTA... most people expect risque things.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   659d ago
RyuCloudStrife beat me to it.
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Deadpoolio  +   659d ago
So then COMMON SENSE, should probably tell you NOT to purchase a game like GRAND THEFT AUTO, Or God of War, or literally any game that is pretty much guaranteed to have content you will not like....
HammadTheBeast  +   659d ago
And yet you're fine with the breast size increase on Lighting in Lightning Returns....?
animegamingnerd  +   659d ago
you better not defend the things square enix is doing in lighting returns
Natso  +   659d ago
Would you watch an Adam Sandler movie, knowing very well that you dislike Adam Sandler?

I didn't think so.


Common sense is a rare breed these days.
WeskerChildReborned  +   659d ago
Exactly. This game should have more emphasis on its rating so parents will have a chance to know that this game is definitely not appropriate for children. It's a true Rated M game.(Unlike COD).
Walker  +   659d ago
nope, I really like sex
RAFFwaff  +   659d ago
yeah, but it sure does drain your bank account...
Albie360  +   659d ago
Love the scene. Great job.
iamnsuperman  +   659d ago
" Do you think such uncensored sex scenes in the new GTA V, could help to increase a rise in under-age sex, under-age pregnancies or even sexual assaults charges among children?"

Fairly big jump here. These games are meant to be played by adults (why there is a big 18 year old certification on the side). You have to be a certain age to play these games. Now if your under age then it is up to the parent to decide if you can handle it (like would you take your 12 year old to see Saw).

I highly doubt sex in a park (in the game) is going to make adults want to have sex in the park (other natural processes do that :P). Like how a FPS doesn't want me to gun everyone down because I am old enough (and sane enough) to realise the distinction between real life and the video game (hence the age restriction) What about children? It shouldn't even be talked about as they shouldn't be playing the game anyway.
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lnvisibleMan  +   659d ago
Totally agree with you man under age pregnancies usually happen at bottom end of the social ladder. I highly doubt if an expensive medium such as video games is going to lead a significant increase of teenage pregnancies.

Just another example of the media blindly pointing the blame at video games.
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Natso  +   659d ago
Everybody needs a scapegoat.

They'd rather blame video-games over bad parenting. Then, God forbid, they'd be at fault for something!
Natso  +   659d ago
Yeah, but you don't get it.

Luigi's Mansion makes me want to hunt ghosts! /sarcasm
lnvisibleMan  +   659d ago
Find it odd that sex such a taboo subject compared to homicide. Anyway the media need to lighten up its just a video game.
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Psychotica  +   659d ago
Well kids are more likely to engage in real sex than engaging in real homicide. Some people view this as putting ideas in kids heads.
lnvisibleMan  +   659d ago
True enough man. But the entertainment industry as a whole(ie Tv, magazine,internet..) shows sexual content. Kids are exposed to it all the time, a single video game is going to change things.
iceman06  +   659d ago
Believe me, if you are the average 13 year old, sex has been in your heads already...and probably for a couple of years. It really comes down to imparting some familial norms and values about sex and whether or not one is ready and when. It's not really something that, with the proper supervision and guidance, will simply be influenced by a game, tv, music, movies, etc. Sex is more influenced by peer pressure and societal expectations than any of those.
denkov  +   659d ago
Sex in video games isn't a big deal. Anyone ever played Witcher 2? Right on the money with this one InvisibleMan. We are the only country that makes sex so taboo. Anyone whose been anywhere in Europe knows sex isn't a big deal. They have sex in their commercials! It's human nature. Why this country makes it so taboo to even talk about sex is beyond me. Your 14 year old has already looked at more porn on the internet than you parents have in the last 15 years. Hi! I'm reality! Have we met?
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TheSsus  +   659d ago
@InvisibleMan Rated M 17+ at that...
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BLAKHOODe  +   659d ago
No. I'm a big boy. I can handle it.
Psychotica  +   659d ago
It's not like the characters the player controls can do this right?
Flatbattery  +   659d ago
Rated 18 or over...........non issue as far as I'm concerned.
MasterCornholio  +   659d ago
Yeah there should be no problem since its AO instead of M.
Dan50  +   659d ago
Its 18+ in every country BUT the USA. Here its 17+, 18+ would be a banning in the USA.
steve30x  +   659d ago
Some people are just over sensitive. This game is an over 18 game anyway and anybody under that age shouldn't be playing the game
TechnoSphere  +   659d ago
Have sites gone too far with revealing GTAV content to get hits?More at 11.
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jay2  +   659d ago
No, sex is in 15 rated movies.
Soldierone  +   659d ago
lmao, I find this stuff so hilarious. Killing people, stealing cars, robbing people, drugs, killing more people, and so on is all entirely fine. No worry in the world, who cares!

A sex scene pops up and "omg! Rockstar crossed the line!!!!!"
JROCK  +   659d ago
ScytheX3  +   659d ago
uncensored? there wasnt anything to censor....
thejigisup  +   659d ago
The issue is children gettin an M rated game, not the content provided by an M rated game.
steve30x  +   658d ago
Any parent that buys an M rated game or lets anybody too young to play an M rated game is an irresponsible parent
jjb1981  +   659d ago
Oh yeah... That's it, children doing crazy sh*t has nothing to do with their parents or peer pressure. Yup, its gotta be the video games. GTA V is going to blamed for the next bank heist. Why doesn't anyone blame saints row for the rampant use of 6 foot purple dildos in porn scenes. It's a video game and the guardians need to be responsible for what their kids play. The adults that are complaining about a sex scene, which by the way is a natural act, are mowing down citizens with a tractor and setting their bodies on fire with a gas can. Com'on man! Sheesh. It's an adult game made for adults just as porn is and the younger age group will get a hold of both medium regardless.
GeneralRaam93   659d ago | Spam
Niv  +   659d ago
M OR R18. Read'
-Gespenst-  +   659d ago
Depends on the context in this case. Difficult to make any judgment at the moment. Although, this is a GTA game we're talking about, so that context isn't likely to be very wholesome. I'm GUESSING it's two people, probably pedestrians, having sex in public. Perhaps it's just something you have a random chance of stumbling across.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with doing that- whatever you're into really- but it still isn't something the young kids, who are DEFINITELY going to get their hands on this game day one, should really be seeing, since it does kind of communicate a certain attitude towards sex that children, at their age, shouldn't really be adopting.

I mean, GTA games shouldn't be played by kids full stop. The problem is making sure they don't. I mean for chrissakes there are adults that post on n4g that shouldn't be playing GTA games.
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EXVirtual  +   659d ago
Of course not! It has a rating on it.
Now no one can complain about MGS5 having one character model that tries to hit the more sexual bar.
hankmoody  +   659d ago

(sorry about the all caps, but as you probably guessed, that headline annoyed the piss out of me)
jmac53  +   659d ago
It never gets old how our society always tries to blame the media or something else for it's failings. We live in a culture where no one wants to accept responsibility. It's far easier to blame video games or comic books for the evils of society instead of using rational thinking. I'm sick of the lowest common denominator thinking.
GamePeace  +   659d ago
Yes, definitely. We are on a Point of no return here, the embarassment will be bigger than the Hype for this game. Kojima took the crack alley with the characterdesign of Quiet and now Rockstar with These scenes, when do this scenekiddies stop to Play with fire? And I mean, after 16, sexual Content shouldnt be a great deal anymore, then Comes the serious of life, where wild cocktailparties are just a cloudy Memory of dumbasses like the majority of the world, which is willing to buy free garbage on launchday. Nothing more here... move on
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gigoran  +   659d ago
A game that is not intended for young children, restricts them from buying it, and the only way for them to get it is from their parents who should know that it had these types of things in it and shouldn't get it for them? No, they have not gone too far. The rules are there to keep this game out of the hands of children. If the parents are stupid enough to give it to them then they have nobody to blame but themselves.
GamePeace  +   659d ago
I am sorry for your future children, pervert parents. Truth must be spoken and written. It is clearly a game for adult audience, but must it really be? These scenes? Is it not enough in TV and media? Now in Videogames, where is the humilty of straight games like Demons Souls?
gigoran  +   659d ago
That's like saying "there shouldn't be any sex in porn movies". This game, like a porno, is made for an adult audience. Where is the misunderstanding? Should a game that simulated a life of crime be toned down so that little children can play it? Should a porn have men in women fully dressed eating cake? The answer to both is no. The blame is 100% on the parents. If they let their children play these games then it's their fault. Sure, a bunch of them are going to complain and take this to the media. But again, it's like going on the news and saying "I saw a man putting his thing in that woman in a porn film and that's just wrong. These things shouldn't exist because I have children".
Neo-Axl  +   659d ago
Rated 18 for a reason.

Games grew up years ago, idiots who let kids play em' haven't.
Alex249  +   659d ago
It's an adult game. its something we have all done whats so wrong about it? and if their are kids/teenagers playing it then that's on their parents in the first place because they have to buy it. (need an ID) and if they don't now that's in their that's their fault for being lazy bad parents and not researching about an (M) rated game.
Shinox  +   659d ago
This game should be rated AO : Adults Only , Not M !!?
what's wong with Rockstar , kids might blindly get the game
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spartanlemur  +   659d ago
Right, so in GTAV you steal cars, rob banks, commit first degree murder of innocents with a variety of gruesome, kill police officers on a regular basis and it's the SEX scene which gets all the attention!!??

Plus, the rating is there for a reason. If parents choose to expose their children to virtual sex and violence at a young age, then that's their decision to make. As long as there is a clear and appropriate rating on the front, there is no such thing as going "too far".
Asuka  +   659d ago
This is ok, but Quiet is not? Don't understand this site sometimes lol XD

i dont want to see anymore articles complaining about mgs5 anymore
cyguration  +   659d ago
...and so it begins, the great jimmy rustling of gaming media.
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