Apple’s iOS 7 gamepad support could change mobile gaming

Apple hasn't said much about it yet, but the latest version of their popular mobile iOS operating system, iOS 7, will finally support the use of dedicated game controllers.

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pat_11_51741d ago

If Apple releases a solid dedicated gamepad, I might actually start playing games on my iPad.

UltimateMaster1740d ago

I honestly don't see why anyone here would hate on games regardless of the platform.

UltimateMaster1740d ago

Sure, Apple should come out with a variety of phones, or better yet, let other companies use the iOS, that would be good... but it won't happen.

Apple's OS are exclusives to them.

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logan_izer101741d ago

There is nothing Apple can do that will "change" gaming in my opinion

SpecialK1740d ago

How can you say that?

Apple already has. look at the number of indie devs flocking to smartphones. Game development has become much more accessible and that can only be a good thing.

I used to play games on a psp, but now whilst the vita looks great, for short journeys on the train with a powerful smartphone many people arn't bothering.

Its not even debatable anymore, smartphones have 100% changed the gaming market. There will always be room for handheld consoles and full fat gaming, but considering the new iphone is ridiculously powerful along with the s4, and the speed at which they're progressing, it wont be long before the vita ends up behind smartphones.

And that's not just opinion, its common sense.

Asphalt 8 is a great racing game, the new Worms game recently released is awesome (worms easily keeps me amused for hours), trigger fist etc.

Sorry, massive rant but to say that smartphones have not changed gaming is to literally bury your head 20 feet in the sand... even then itd be hard to miss.

Kyur4ThePain1740d ago

Totally agree. Some people just refuse to admit it.

just-joe1740d ago

The Vita doing awful and is behind the 3DS as is. It has nothing to do with power. Power means nothing if there are no games worth playing especially if I can play it with better controls.

kingdip901741d ago

If this was on a more open system like android I would be excited, I'm just not a fan of how restrictive the apple app store is

Kyur4ThePain1740d ago

As a consumer, how does that impact you?

kingdip901740d ago

Greatly actually, I believe you have to pay at least something on the apple app store, on android many games are free. Plus stuff on android don't have to pass quality tests so there is a greater abundance and veriety of apps and games, sure most kinda suck but there are some gems

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