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Xbox Live error allows users to download Dark, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, WRC Powerslide

An error on Xbox Live allows UK users to download Dark, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, and WRC Powerslide, Pixel Enemy has confirmed. (Dark, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, WRC Powerslide, Xbox 360)

cero55  +   597d ago
maybe Microsoft will play it off as the free games for the month.
pedrof93  +   597d ago
Are any of these games good ?
SpiralTear  +   597d ago
Dark isn't, unless you like broken stealth mechanics and terrible presentation.
LordMaim  +   594d ago
In other news, an error on the part of Xbox Live customers caused them to download and play Dark, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and WRC Powerslide. Victims of this error suffered side effects ranging from disappointment to unconsciousness. Police as yet have no theories.

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