Microsoft's Cortana - Top Predictions and What to Expect

Here is what to expect from Microsoft's Upcoming Siri-Like Digital Assistant for Windows Mobile Devices. Cortana will release for Desktops and Xbox One as well.

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FullMetalTech1684d ago

I cant help but hear the ships voice from the movie Monsters Vs Aliens for some reason.

ThanatosDMC1684d ago

I hope she's visually available too and not just her voice. "Cortana" is too long though...

Sm00thNinja1684d ago

People will truly find any and everything to complain about....

obelix011684d ago

Especially when it comes to Xbox. It never fails.

obelix011684d ago

Yes. A full on hologram beaming out of your device would be crazy.

AbortMission1684d ago

MS, put this on Android. I don't care for your phones, they're garbage. Just like Windows 8

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