Defending Xbox One specs the wrong approach for Microsoft

XMNR: The debate over which console is more powerful is a staple at the start of any new console generation. However, the current back and forth between the PS4 and Xbox One has taken an interesting turn not only because it’s been Sony versus Microsoft or fanboy versus fanboy but because Microsoft has directly engaged fans on forums such as Reddit and NeoGAF in an attempt to defend the specs of the console. This led to a seemingly devastating article from Edge Online Friday but it also proves that Microsoft’s attempts to argue over the power differences between the two next-gen consoles is fruitless at best.

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black0o1499d ago

since 05/21 MS has been helping and promoting ps4 more then sony

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AngelicIceDiamond1499d ago

What do you know Sony fans are the first to comment and cast negative typical day on N4G it seems.

People will look foolish when they find out "omg, the games look the same on both platform!?"

I decided to post this now because I know N4G will catch wind and pick it up.

Go ahead fanboys have a fiesta over a rumor that'll turn out to be complete BS.

Here: enjoy

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black0o1499d ago

what's the negative thing i said here, all i said is that MS helped sony with the revel of x1, DRM,PR at E3 ... and now with all the talk about the difference in spec

are u calling me a fanboy becoz i said ''i saw MS shotting itself in foot''

jmc88881499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

ROFL, won't happen.

Why would Bethesda, in effect, want 2 versions of PS3 Skyrim?

Why would developers, who with multiplatform games generally have an superior PC version graphically, why would they...

a) have a graphically superior version already and not implement some of those aspects in the PS4
b) force the worst version on all the consoles

Plus besides graphics you also have performance AT a particular graphical level.

So say the developers were lazy and didn't want to add to the PS4 game...well actually that's not going to happen. The developers being lazy isn't going to hit the's easier to code for.

Lazy developers are more likely to hit the ESRAM coding since THAT is the CELL PROCESSOR of this generation in terms of making it more difficult to code for.

What people don't understand is that of PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the most difficult to code for will be the Xbox One version.

The higher res solutions will already be made because of the PC version.

So in a world where next gen will be defined by PC/PS4 versions, why would they add MORE work to cut things out of these versions, when they will need to work harder to cut it out of the Xbox One version? Which is a better use of time and money?

It makes NO SENSE to developers to purposefully make their job harder and more costly to degrade their products. Here we have a brand new car, oh, hold on, let me just smash out the lights here. There we go.

Plus Sony would really throw a fit, and if the pre-order ratios are true, the developers are going to fear reprisal from Sony far more than from Microsoft.

Microsoft's bullying tactics might work when they are leading, but if they are behind, if anything the devs can tell them to go to hell and MS's policies would help destroy Xbox. Because if the games aren't on the Xbox, people aren't going to buy it. So the whole play tough with devs only works when you're on top. That said I don't think MS would do that, and thus they won't force the devs to weaken their product on a system that will sell more copies then their Xbox One version will sell.

From the perspective of the Xbox One, devs are going to be spending time and money to downgrade the game to work on the Xbox One. Why would they spend more time and money to do that to PS4 as well?

That's the main point. People are getting the whole situation backwards. They aren't making a Xbox One version then adding to it to make a PS4 version that's superior...they are making a PC/PS4 version and then downgrading and porting it to the Xbox One and having to try to fit that game so it works with the ESRAM cheap-o work around thanks to Kinect.

Plus from the sounds of it, Xbox One version of games are behind the PS4 in terms of development. Anyone see a valid guess as to the reason why?

medman1498d ago

AngeliclceDiamond...yet another lost soul who doesn't realize the reason games look the same across platforms has nothing to do with the hardware, but the developers trouble coming to grips with the ps3's architecture. That problem for devs does not exist with the upcoming PS4. Keep deluding yourself if you would like, but you're only fooling yourself. Enjoy that power brick and underpowered console the size of a coffee table.

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NextGen24Gamer1499d ago

Ps4 has a better core GPU...That's not up for debate by specs provided up to this point.

Ps4 has faster 8 gig ram...That's not up for debate by specs provided....

What we don't know, and where MS is having an issue trying to explain is:

1. How the custom GPU with 3 gpu blocks as diagramed at HotChips effect the performance of the graphics.

2. How the 15 specialized processors help/take the load off of the custom GPU to improve performance.

3. How the ESRAM is used with 4 busses to help the 8 gigs of ram for games.

Not one Sony fan can dispute the facts of the customized console because it's all on paper...what we don't know and MS hasn't done a good job explaining is how "IT ALL" effects the performance of the console in terms that everyone can understand. Speed & TFLOPS.

Just looking at how customized the xbox one is and listening to them say things like the xbox one is the only next gen console capable of 4k gaming at some point, tells me that all those customizations make for a very powerful console.

Once developers optimize their games with the new stereo drivers that MS is giving out, it will be interesting to see the difference it makes in regards to resolution and FPS. I have no doubts about how it will perform. Microsoft has spent too much money or R&D to help co-develop the hardware, for it not to surpass everyone's expectations when it launches.

Anyone who thinks the whole story is ram speed & TFLOPS from the core GPU only, obviously doesn't understand how much architecture & customization can impact the consoles performance in a closed box setting.

theBAWSE1499d ago

Did you actually say 4k GAMING? not movies but GAMING???


from a $500 console with DDR3 ram.. Considering ram is needed to help a game run smoother.. listen the chronic you smoking is stronger than mine.. I'm jealous

DoesUs1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Its fair to say at this've lost it.

See you in November.

black0o1499d ago

4K isnt a joke buddy dont use that word lightly

NextGen24Gamer1499d ago

I can understand why some think the 4k gaming is a joke on the xbox one. You only feel that way because all you understand is DDR3 ram & 1.3 TFLOP GPU core....

What you don't understand is everything I mentioned in my previous post. Which is the difference maker in how the Xbox One will achieve 4k gaming at some point in the life cycle of the console.

But it's a fact that Microsoft on several occasions have said the xbox one is capable hardware for 4k gaming.

theBAWSE1499d ago

yep because Microsoft are not on a PR mission and have not spoken crap for months now

why isn't every game at launch 1080p?
other than a static background driving game in 1080p..

if you believe xbone will play games in the a resolution of 4069 X 2160... words fail me to even begin to describe your intelligence..

Magicite1499d ago

no pc can do 4k gaming, unless u wana spend thousands of bucks.
Console? not in next 10 years.

hakeem09961498d ago

If people really gave a damn about specs that much The 360 wouldn't have dominated last-gen . I want to play both consoles and make my own damn mind on which one is better . there's a lot more to take into account than just specs on consoles .

edgeofsins1498d ago

We all already know of your fake Misterx thing. Why don't you clarify your previous fake rumors for everyone?
As for your 4k gaming argument. My 1ghz single core phone can do 4k gaming. But can it do it well? No, but it can do it.

And another thing for 4k gaming. It is confirmed by most developers with hands on experience that the PS4 has the edge and it isn't as small as MS is trying to make it seem. So not only is the performance better, but because specifically the RAM is so much better for graphics the potential for 4k is far greater as RAM more directly correlates to features necessary for 4k like storing texture and object data; so higher res textures, further draw distance, and more objects are screen are far easier on the PS4 and we aren't even talking about the faster GPU yet.

Not to mention more RAM is free to use on PS4. Will 4k be done on either console? Most likely in some form. Will it be good? Probably to a limited extent of game types, mainly 2D. Even some of the highest end PC's lose an extreme amount of frames during 4k. If Ryse and Dead Rising 3 struggle for 30fps don't even begin trying to fake out other people to believe you when you try and convince them it will be done just like nothing on X1.

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Persistantthug1499d ago

There's nothing to defend...

XBONE is less powerful than the PS4....period.

Microsoft should stop defending it and move on to trying to make the best games possible.

BX811499d ago

I agree, the ps4 isn't going to blow the Xbox one out of the water. The ps3 was stronger than the 360 and both had great looking games. I expect the ps4 to be a little stronger. Either way both will have great looking games.

BX811499d ago

Lmao! I love n4g and these doom articles. The ps3, vita, 3ds, wii u and Xbox one are all doomed.

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theBAWSE1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Microsoft need to work on their PR skills, work on repairing the damage they have done to their brand with all the restrictions they tried to impose and stop trying to fool gamers who are well informed on the graphical advantage of the ps4 over xbone

it's not like tech sites aren't going to bare all come November anyway.. why end up with more egg on your face? Ms are like headless chickens since xbones unveiling and for such a huge company it's embarrassing .. just be humble Ms an focus on where your strength 'lies'..

Death1499d ago

For what it is worth, before Microsoft started to "defend" their specs, they complaint was Microsoft should be discussing their specs. First they were hiding, now they should shut up. No win there.

I'm waiting to see the games so I can make up my own mind.

theBAWSE1499d ago

It's trying to insult our intelligence which is where I think people are fuming

looking forward to analysis from tech sites.. But from the politics involved in developers maybe castrating ps4 games for parity on xbone games I believe you will mainly see the difference in exclusives... naughty dog, santa monica, GG, quantic dreams and the others... It's over to you

NextGen24Gamer1499d ago hit the nail on the head.

jmc88881499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

But they aren't defending their specs.

What they are doing is defending the ambiguity behind their specs by throwing more unknowns out there.

Maybe they are trying to clear up the mess, but they are actually making it messier, and as Microsoft has started to explain their specs more, they haven't explained them in a proper way. I also don't fault people if they say the opposite, because if the point is to clean up the mess, why are they in a sophomoric fashion muddying the waters with what they say?

Major nelson? Are they serious? Is that like McDonalds using Ronald McDonald to claim their beef isn't full of worms or whatever? You don't use your mascot or whatever AND THEIR SUPPOSED CLOUT to make shill comments, relatively outlandish ones. Ronald McDonald says the best hamburger meat is at McDonalds. Thanks Major Nelson.

Instead they get that guy Bortello or whatever on Neogaf claiming crap that is being shredded for pages.

To actually defend your specs, you need someone who actually UNDERSTANDS the specs, defending them.

So you summarized the situation quite wrong.

Microsoft revealed and showcased at E3 and other shows their console, except it wasn't their console and many of the games were on PC's, at least one of which was being run by an nvidia card.

They followed that up with CLAIMING that they aren't 50 percent behind, or anywhere close to that, but have as yet to explain why it isn't the case.

They made the claim that the sky isn't blue, so let them prove it. Except they trot out a bunch of forrest gumps and they go all jenny on us.

So the complaints aren't as you describe them. They started making crazy claims and haven't backed them up, after having PR disaster after disaster of their own making and idiotic choosing this whole year.

You do realize that people can create their own no-win scenario. Microsoft has done that. It's not that people are being unfair, it's the Microsoft keeps screwing up.

Making up ones own mind is great, just make sure that you use real facts and info to make it up. Look at Obama, he's sure his Al-Qeada funded terrorists didn't use chemical weapons, even though they've been caught with them and given them by Bandar Bin Sultan. Obama made up his mind. But he's wrong. He's not going by the facts.

So just remember, if you make up your mind based on faulty info, you'll still get the wrong answer.

But also remember that Microsoft is the reason Microsoft hasn't shown you much Xbox One footage, and has been passing off PC powered by Nvidia footage as Xbox One. That again, is all on Microsoft. Sony isn't going to be showing XBox One games.

Death1499d ago

If a developer purposely dumbs down a game to make another platform holder happy, consumers should absolutely let them know by not purchasing the game. If it is a simple tweak like they said in the article, they will do it. The issue arises when a developer can't justify the extra cost to take advantage of a systems capabilities. This not only affects performance, but functions. What incentive does a third party have to use Kinect if the PS4 doesn't have the same capabilies? Both systems are affected by specs and features. It's the economics of gaming and why first party titles usually stand out.

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EXVirtual1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

MS has had loads of bad approaches. 'This combative approach has also fed journalists to go and grab juicy quotes from anonymous developers such as one claiming to Edge that multi-platform developers will be forced to “castrate” games on the PS4 because politics will require them to make games on that platform equal to the Xbox One. This is a patently silly statement as Sony would raise all sorts of hell if that were the case and the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 certainly didn’t stop some games from looking noticeably worse on one of the consoles.'
Thank You! If that happens, we're gonna have to get devs to actually make use of the superior hardware of the PS4. whether it be through forums or Twitter.
Anyway, I'm gonna love to see how the launch plays out. The difference won't be amazingly visible, but in 2-3 years, you'll see the real difference, but we need to make sure devs actually take advantage of the PS4, especially since it'll have a significantly larger install base.

WorldGamer1499d ago

I said this from before. Once you get into the weeds, it's very hard to extricate yourself from a discussion like that.

Show more games, focus on what you do bring to the table and let consumers know what you are offering.

That DRM thing really hurt MS, and I think that the spec issue really on top of that has made them very sensitive and reactionary.

They really shot themselves in the foot, and this isn't helping at all.

Sony has really come a long way, MS has some work to do.

Godmars2901499d ago

And the problem with MS is that they sell based on ideal and lifestyle rather than graphics and gameplay. Probably why they thought they could get away with the DRM. Why they were so slow to reverse their mistakes.

Septic1499d ago

Well said Worldgamer. Could put it better myself.

Megaton1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

It's a fight they can't win. They're fighting to prove parity, not even superiority, while on paper and from the mouths of numerous devs you hear nothing but "PS4 is more powerful". All the nonsensical tech-jumble Albert Penello can muster is only going to hurt his reputation and make the company look increasingly desperate.

Talk about the games.

Confickercrash1499d ago

Exactly. You don't see Sony bragging about their specs on the opposite end of the spectrum. They just show what their machine is capable of via the games themselves, which is what you're supposed to do anyway. You don't buy a console to stare at the spec sheet, you buy it to play games.

GmIsOnPt3601499d ago

They actually do, Sony is qouted all the time as saying its the most powerful machine which is layman way of not having to cite specs to someone who wouldnt understand

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