Top 10 Gaming Consoles

CCC Says: "Through the years, there have been a lot of gaming consoles. Some of them were met with critical acclaim, while others faded into obscurity. Some of these systems changed the way that we viewed video gaming, and some changed the way that the entire world looked at video games and the systems that played them. So with us looking forward to the release of the latest entries into this pantheon of video-gaming godhood, we figured we would take a minute to look back at some of the gaming consoles that defined the way we play games."

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yellowgerbil1744d ago

here are the best consoles ever
1 ps4
2 ps2
3 VitaTV
4 ps3
5 ps1
6 psp
7 vita
8 pspGO
9 the Super Nitendo Play Station add on
10 ball and cup

TRD4L1fe1744d ago

vitaTV isnt even a console and how can you have ps4 at #1 if it has yet to be released.

fanboy much?

psp sucked gigantic balls fyi

2pacalypsenow1744d ago

*psp sucked gigantic balls fyi*

Maybe for you , you cant speak for everyone

xHeavYx1744d ago

At least until Nov 15th

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1744d ago

sega dreamcast should be in the list.

SpiralTear1744d ago

Wow, what a horrible list. This guy really put the NeoGeo above the original NES. And no Dreamcast...?

WarThunder1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )


And that fail console (x360) over PS1. N64 and PS2?!
what a fail list. X360 doesn't deserve to be in top 10...
Also PS3 should not be number one.

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