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Arabic in PS4 (finally )

Sony responds to the request from the Arab Gaming Community to add the Arabic language to the PlayStation 4. (PS3, PS4)

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xHeavYx  +   688d ago | Well said
You know you are doing great when the main complaint you get is not having Arabic language
NewMonday  +   688d ago
sir! I take offence at your comment :(

you know Arabic text is used for many languages not just Arabic, supporting the text will also open up the integration of Farsi and Urdu.

totally a population of about 500 million.
xHeavYx  +   688d ago | Well said
I didn't say the Arabic language is not important, I only said that's the biggest complaint I've heard about the PS4
Gimmemorebubblez  +   688d ago | Interesting
Im glad Arabic is being supported, its long overdue.
UltimateMaster  +   687d ago | Well said
Is it just me, or will the PS4 be a real winner?
viveks86  +   687d ago
Agreed! Though I imagine this to be a pretty complex task! RTL text support is a big deal. A few years in the middle east showed me what a pain it is to support it in every piece of software we make.

Props to Sony for deciding to implement it and the fans for making it happen. I'm really liking the recent trend of consumers making quite an impact on corporate policy and product direction!
The Great Melon  +   687d ago
@ viveks86

Yeah, people think it is just simple replacement of English, Spanish, German, etc. It takes a bit more effort when the runs the opposite direction of most Western languages and you have to tweak your platform so that it formats properly.
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LordDhampire  +   687d ago
I hope it doesnt lead to farsi
Vip3r  +   687d ago
And about only 10,000 at the most will take advantage of arabic being on the PS4 of that 500 million.
friedricr  +   687d ago
he isn't insulting the arabic language .....
MWong  +   687d ago
Yea, not sure why he took offense to the comment. I have to agree with xHeavYx. Compared to the current-gen launch complaints, you know Sony's doing a great job when the only thing people are complaining about is not having a dialect. During PS3 launch people were like; WTF @ the price, CELL what, we don't need Blu-Ray and the list went on and on.

Fans complained Sony quickly responds, "hey we'll have it sometime down the line, probably not at launch." They turn around and deliver it in 2 weeks, under promise and over deliver. Across the tracks an article earlier said the XBone was missing drivers and some dev's were mad

He didn't attack it or anything, just made a true statement.
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nix  +   687d ago
newmonday.. you owe xheavyx an apology.
NewMonday  +   687d ago

right now the market for most games is fore those who can read English, that is less than 1/1000, having Arabic text will multiply the market by x1000, it is in the best interest of Sony if they should put in the effort.

and something that should be an advantage is that advertising should be easy, despite having over 20 countries Arabians mainly watch a handful of international Arabic networks.

I was saying in a Foghorn Leghorn tone :p
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fredpinta  +   687d ago
who cares about arabic in ps4...good for arabicrist for the arabic language..but to be hones, they spend most of their time killing themselves and uploading videos on liveleak or outside showing off their 1000000 dollars supercars obtained without even working ever in their lives than next to a tv playing video games
pixelsword  +   687d ago
@ fredpinta:

Way to play the racist card. : /
SeanScythe  +   687d ago
So where did you that fence to? http://i1122.photobucket.co...
xHoii  +   688d ago
Did you just copy and paste that comment from the other article regarding Arabic support for ps4?
wishingW3L  +   687d ago
it feels like deja-vu indeed.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   687d ago
1. Yes, deja-cu
2. Just realized I'm spending far too much time on this site.
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!
THamm  +   687d ago
Sony is on a roll..
Anon1974  +   687d ago
I love how they say it's supported...finally. The damn console hasn't even been released yet. It's not like they were sitting around with their PS4's for a year, waiting for Arabic language support and are just getting it now.
T2  +   687d ago
Right? I mean Sony is going all out to please this gen ...
Kuse  +   687d ago
We can do without a lot less terrorists though...
ZHZ90  +   687d ago
Even though I prefer English for Gaming but I am happy that my 1st language, Arabic, will be supported.
yellowgerbil  +   688d ago
with a title like that I thought they were inventing a new language for the ps4, like elven or some such.
I want my PS4 native language to be set to pig latin.
monkey602  +   688d ago
I want mine to speak like a clanger.
RyuCloudStrife  +   687d ago
this is good news, the folks at Saudi Arabia love the PS4, so this is great.
M-M  +   688d ago
Nothing new, they already stated that it's coming but it won't be available at launch.
Tony-A  +   687d ago
Agreed. I'm just glad it was addressed in a timely manner instead of ignoring the topic until it got out of hand.

I know I would be upset if my language wasn't supported. Good news for millions of people, even as minor as it seemed to some!
Hakoom  +   687d ago
i can never use windows or my mobile in arabic.. although iam arabic lol

it just doesnt add up and looks complicated ;x
il stick with english

although this is a nice feature for ppl who dont speak english
wishingW3L  +   687d ago
they asked Yoshida and it only took like a week to add arabic language to the PS4. These guys are on fire!
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   687d ago
Phew, close one.
nerdeu  +   687d ago
That's ...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
... what she said.

GdaTyler  +   687d ago
God I miss CSI Miami. Thanks man, you made me cry. T_T
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cell989  +   687d ago
Arabic Language now supported #PS4problems #nooneisperfect
yewles1  +   687d ago
Arabic, but no Hebrew again... *jumps out window*
nerdeu  +   687d ago | Well said
Be glad you're still on Palestine soil and not being pushed out of the window.
black0o  +   687d ago
xD .. good one
Kratos_1986  +   687d ago
Studio-YaMi  +   687d ago
العربية ... بالتاء المربوطة و ليست بالهاء ،،

Just saying .. LOL !
deadfrag  +   687d ago
This is whats call a master reaction from Sony!Contrary to others that release half backed products and lie in despair!
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Unlimax  +   687d ago
If Sony really plan to do this
It will literally increase the sales in the middle east more than ever .
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SoulSercher620  +   687d ago
Sony winning back the Middle East. Well they never really lost them but you know what I mean.

Anyway another territory belongs to Sony. So what's left people? I think Antarctica is probably the only place left on Earth where the PS4 doesn't lead in preorders.
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nerdeu  +   687d ago
(Imagine I'm George W. Bush reading these news in 2003)

"Japan working with ..."
( •_•)>⌐■-■


No, I'm not trying to be racist. I'm just making fun of how the american government (in this case: Bush's administration) always find *whatsoever* reasons to attack other countries.
Inception  +   687d ago
Don't worry, i think japanese people will not offended with your joke. Well, at least they will not throw you a shoe to your face, lol.
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Pandamobile  +   687d ago
Just curious, but does anyone know roughly how many consoles are sold in Arabic markets?

I know like one Arab dude that plays video games.
Studio-YaMi  +   687d ago
Most of the Arabic population especially the ages of 12 to 30s play video games.

Majority of them are in the middle east & Egypt.

Don't how much consoles are sold to the Arabic markets though.
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PerkAHolic  +   687d ago
just shows that sony is commited to fixing what we the community find wrong! now fix the hdcp and you'll be just right sony! (either way they're still doing an amazing job)
JunioRS101  +   687d ago
PS4 is like an obedient golden retriever that you can walk without the leash.

Xbox One is like a big ol' bloodhound that constantly wanders off while you reel him back in.
GamerXD  +   687d ago
Sony actually worked on it. Great work, Long live PS4!
Jamaicangmr  +   687d ago
Customers 1st, The Sony PlayStation way.

Gotta love Sony's attitude with the PS4.
nemey  +   687d ago
Thank you Sony :3 ( شكرا سوني )
PickAShoe  +   687d ago
So I just Google translate Playstation 4 name and it give me this بلاي ستيشن 4 . There's your new logo.
SpartanQ8  +   687d ago
Correction: actually play station mean محطة الألعاب

just for you to know :)
Mr_Danski  +   687d ago
Arabic "finally" on PS4?

You mean the Arabic that was asked for like a week a go for the console that isn't out yet?

Yeah... "Finally"
GamerXD  +   687d ago
'lol wut?'
bujasem_89  +   687d ago
This was a very long over due issue that was asked about a couple of years ago on the ps3.. There was a petition for it, and also it was on the playstation blog's most demanded feature from consumers. So yeah... "Finally". under it in demand was a Brazilian PSN I believe.
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bujasem_89  +   687d ago
That is AWESOME of you Sony!!! I bet @yosp had a hand in this :

thank you
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MakiSaad2  +   687d ago
Bow down to the king of consoles the PS4
TheFutureIsBlue  +   687d ago
Awesome job Sony. Meanwhile, Microsoft...
Gamer666  +   687d ago
When Microsoft responds to what gamers ask it is called reactive or a 180...

When Sony responds to what gamers ask it is simply called a response...

The gaming press is full of fanboys and hypocrites...
MysticStrummer  +   687d ago
PS3 didn't support Arabic either, and Sony said Arabic would eventually be on PS4. MS stated their One policies, then reversed many of them because of consumer reaction, hence the term "180". What MS did were major changes.

There's plenty of fanboyism and hypocrisy on both sides to rant about but this doesn't qualify.
ZHZ90  +   686d ago
I right this and in Arabic
شكرا يا سوني
In English:(Thank you, Sony)
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