CVG: Interview: Galactic Civilizations creator on intergalactic domination - The Dread Lord

CVG writes: "Stardock are an unusual company in the world of PC games. One half maker of desktop software found in PCs worldwide, one half bastion of hardcore PC games design.

CEO and designer Brad Wardell's no-nonsense, pragmatic attitude sets him apart from many PC developers. Now Stardock have moved from publishing their own games to publishing those of others, namely Sins of a Solar Empire. We thought it was time we talked.

Q: Where do you see Stardock right now?

Brad Wardell: Our company's kind of spread between PC games and what we call desktop experience software, which customises your Windows experience. On the game side, the strategy game genre has been left kind of open in the past two years. A lot of other companies have kind of moved out of it. We see there's still a market which has lots and lots of users, because the PC is so good at doing strategy games."

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