Inside The Xbox Live Operations Center

[H] Console recently visited the lovely state of Washington for an exclusive tour of the Xbox Live Operations Center. This will be the first time since the Xbox 360 has launched that anyone has had a look behind the scenes at Microsoft's Xbox Live Operations Center (XOC).

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2tired2day2hate3732d ago

nice read and the pictures of all those custom xboxs we pretty nice

shotty3732d ago

The ferrari belongs to J. I know Bill has a 99 Porche 911.

bizzy123732d ago

good read classified stuff rigth there

eques judicii3732d ago

I knew that xbox live had a lot of maintanence going into it, but never quite that much. I understand know why I pay $50/year for their service.

rj813732d ago

I agree... money well spent IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.