Naughty Dog: PS4 Could Help Us Add Dynamism to Story-telling on "Moment to Moment" Basis

"Naughty Dog creative director and writer Neil Druckmann talked about the benefits that next generation consoles will have not only in terms of graphics in terms of story-telling. Druckmann believes that while rendering realistic characters is all well and good, there will be a point where the audience doesn't care about more realistic wrinkles or eyelashes."

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GarrusVakarian1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Thinking about what Naughty Dog could do with the PS4:


Thatguy-3101494d ago

Make a Dino game Naughty Dog!!! They need to make it happen. The Jurassic Park of videogames!

abzdine1494d ago

you guys are warned, next Naughty Dog will blow our minds!

Gimmemorebubblez1494d ago

Dont forget SSM. In my opinion nothing in any game has yet to top some of the stages in God of War 3.

mediate-this1493d ago

Gow3 awesome, ascension was not as good. What are ssm going to maje another gow game? Make a new ip

yellowgerbil1494d ago

well I'd say I've already came to the point of not really caring about more realistic wrinkles. I would love naughty dog go back to their roots and make a fun platformer, but with a story on par with their more serious stuff. They could make the Wall-e or Lion King of videogames. Something cute, but with a dark serious side that can bring out the tears in the most manly of men.

CGI-Quality1494d ago

Eh, I disagree. I like their more realistic stuff. I don't mind the Fun platformer" type of games, just not from Naughty Dog anymore. I'm itching for their next realistic-style; game, be it Uncharted, The Last Of Us, or something totally new!

yellowgerbil1494d ago

I hope they don't make another Uncharted. Uncharted 3 was no where near as good as 2 and I fear it will become stale and repetitive.
With a new generation I would love a new IP. I wouldn't mind something with a space feel or sci fi from them. Think about the climbing mechanics in their games on the moon or mars or something.
If naughty dog reads this steal this idea.
Man in spaceship crash lands on alien planet. No life on it, just a rocky crater. He needs to survive the inhospitable invironment, cold wind etc.
be a story of isolation, have their great writers write a Drake type personality without anyone to quip at and slowly go insane.

Count1494d ago

It's an interesting idea.

MWong1494d ago

Disagree also they can do fun platformers, but WE NEED games like Uncharted and The Last of Us. Why because while their platformers were fun, Uncharted and The Last of Us really put ND on the map as a reckoned with. I can't wait for their 1st PS4 release.

H3ADWOUND811494d ago

Buy a wii-u if your after something cute, ps4 should be used to create the most realistic experiences ever known....

_QQ_1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

PC* i guess mushroom zombies and blue warrior's disguised as Yetis protecting an ancient civilization is realistic??

thehitman1494d ago

Sorry Naughty Dog only develop on PS4, go cry for better PC devs ;)

CGI-Quality1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Well, agree to disagree. I enjoyed Uncharted 3 more than 2 and I can't wait for the inevitable, yes inevitable, fourth installment.

mediate-this1493d ago

Uc2 is the best, i ft uc3 was good but lacked a sort of something that uc2 had. Thats opionin. I still have yet to get the last of us. But i will eventually. What ever nd makes will be platinum, imho

HeyImBen111494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

90% of the people disagree with you. The times of "fun plattformers" is over. Would you like to play only plattformers the next years? Don't think so. Yes here and there i love to play LBP as example, of course ND is good in everything, but especially good in serious, emotional or action adventure stuff like TLOU/Uncharted.

I loved Jak and Dexter, Crash bandicoot, but i prefer Uncharted, TLOU over them anyday.

yellowgerbil1494d ago

Did I say I only want to play platformers. I want, like all gamers, variety. That is the number one reason I don't want yet another Uncharted. They are too good to keep their creativity caged.

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Sizzon1494d ago

Can't wait to see what these talented guys comes up with on the PS4.

Gster1494d ago

very true man, I'd say TLOU really stretched their creative abilities, but they still managed to push it out on ps3. Imagine what they'll be able to do with 10x the power.

harrisk9541494d ago

Sci-Fi would be cool... but, how about some sort of alternative history game?? I love those types of stories and they are not done well for the most part.

Dan_scruggs1494d ago

Now you can hang from twice as many ledges.

FlunkinMonkey1494d ago

And hang as low as your mothers bitties.

Hicken1494d ago

Hopefully, you'll troll half as many articles.

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