CVG: Metal Gear Beta Preview - Forewarned is forearmed

CVG writes: " just under a week PS3 owners will be getting a taste of the stealth-killing glory of Metal Gear Online in the public beta test. Here's what you need to do.

The beta will be available as a free download this Thursday. It's then be playable from April 21 to May 5. To prepare you for its launch, here's a run down of what's waiting for you.

The ability to create your own soldier, from appearance to unique skills and weapon set, is a massive part of the game.

You'll get one Character Slot, a space to create just one soldier. In the character customisation mode, after fooling around with your armour and other visual touches, you can set which weapons you'll take onto the battlefield. It works similarly to the weapon settings in CoD4. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find a full list of weapons in the beta. Call it now."

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pharmd3896d ago

woah, my sister is going into labor the 21st and i have to watch my 2 year old nephew for two days..... DOH!

sonarus3896d ago

LOL. Thats not so bad.
I am still hoping the whole konami id thing won't be so bad and the online networking won't be lame. Would suck to not be able to invite friends e.t.c.

thePatriot3896d ago

Its a good thing I dont have a job right now. I will play this beta untill my eyes bleed. I am so ready. got my rumble controler, hd tv, surround sound special edition preordered and paid in full.

jkhan3896d ago

It will be my first beta experience. Hopefully I am gonna make the most of it:P

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