How Interaction is Changing Video Games

Video games are becoming more and more about interaction, and less and less about casual fun.

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Boldy3899d ago

I loved Mass Effect and how it just pulled you into the story and made you care about the people on your team. I was so used to games leading me down a one way story, so I was surprised that I got to choose for once.

Pathard3899d ago

Even through games are becoming more and more interactive, it's good. It actually makes the game more interesting and, like with mass effect.. you do get closer to your team.

You take a closer look at things, try to find out how interactive the game actually is. Where your limits are.

"Can I run up that wall and grasp the ledge then do a backflip off of it?" "Oh, I can't do a backflip? I can dive off the wall into people though? Awesome."

IntelligentAj3898d ago

I love interaction in Video Games. It can only benefit us and the industry as our games become more of a force in the mainstream.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

What this person is talking about is more on control than interaction. I consider interaction as massaging, PlayStation Home, video chat...etc. What this person is talking about is that we have control over what we do instead of being forced to do one thing.

Like for example Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots can be played in many different ways. That's control. With PlayStation Home you can talk to other PlayStation 3 users in a connected community. That's interaction.

So with games that have a squad for you to command is a form of control. In that very same game you can go online with co-op and use headsets, a form of interaction. The big difference here is that one is human the other is a program.

Non the less this is in interesting topic I just think this person used the wrong wording.

I also want to note a program can interaction with each other but the human always has control. So in Grand Theft Auto IV you shoot someone in the world, people will react to that in that world. Interaction is a form of communication. If a program has A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) things would be a little different and I don't mean how developers talk about A.I. in video games. More so of the Matrix creating a program that learns and thinks on its own or i, Robot.