Toki Tori 2 sales rise by 8027% after new update, eshop sale

Toki Tori 2 is experiencing a huge sales spike. Just one day after Two Tribes released a big update for the game and discounted the game’s price, sales are up by 8027 percent.

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Neonridr1500d ago

8000% - Wow!

Glad to see it got a good sales boost. I've been thinking about picking it up myself.

-Mika-1500d ago

If sales for an item go up by 8000%. Than it wasn't selling that great to begin with. They were probably selling 5 copies a day before the update. Stop trying to put a positive spin on this neon. This article shows just how badly the digital sales on the eshop are.

DarkBlood1500d ago

your just trying to make it go in your favour which isnt doing so well for you now is it? lol hater

Locknuts1500d ago

They're not allowed to give numbers, so that's the best they can do. Unless you look at the charts on the eshop you won't know.

Misaka_x_Touma1500d ago

See Developers

Put the time, money and effort in Wii U version. This is what you get.

ZeekQuattro1500d ago

Its sad when indies seem to put in more effort than bigger studio's with much bigger budgets imo. I might just have to buy this game too eventually. My videogame backlog is big enough as it is.

Relientk771500d ago

Damn over 8000%, that's crazy

Concertoine1500d ago

even if it was selling 2 copies a day these sales are impressive!

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