Revelations of Ryse : Yannick Boucher

Yannick Boucher is one of the Project Managers for Ryse. Games have always been his biggest passion, and with a funny twist of fate his hometown of Montreal became one of the main game development hubs in the world, paving the way for his videogame career. He then joined Crytek in 2012 because he wanted to be part of a team that really pushes the limits of quality in their games.

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mewhy321716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

from the recent comparison between deep down and ryse...deep down won that battle easily. maybe it's the most detailed that crytek has ever done but deep down is much more detailed.

Regis1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Do you realized that most "gameplay" of Deep Down is CG and not an actual representation of gameplay. They say it in the small fine print at the bottom of the videos.

Link Please

GarrusVakarian1716d ago

Apart from the hands on 100% gameplay presentation from last week............

darthv721716d ago

judging from the look on the face of the character on the know deep down he wants to be like the Marius Titus.


abzdine1716d ago

If the game sucks in the end what does it help to have the most detailed character ever? And how desperate are they to say it when it's obviously the first game of a new generation of consoles.
But I still think inFamous Delsin blows Ryse main character when it comes to details, facial animation etc..
I'm on my phone I cannot it pictures of Delsin

JokesOnYou1716d ago

"Marius Titus, is possibly the most detailed main protagonist in any game. Our character models are incredibly detailed, with some of the most advanced facial animations ever seen in video games."

-You tell 'em Crytek, folks denying how freakin sweet this game looks are full of it.

gedden71716d ago

Sorry I've seen gameplay and it blows me away..

Ryse does not..

porkChop1715d ago

None of the Deep Down footage has been CG. Even the debut trailer was real-time. CG wouldn't have aliasing, inaccuracies, etc. If you can't tell what actual CG looks like that's pretty sad.

BallsEye1715d ago


Which was so low res off-screen without actuall zoom on characters, you can't really see anything. Suprised you spotted amazing graphics there. Eagle eye.

Bigpappy1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Ryse is the best looking game console so far (exclusive or otherwise). I understand that many believe the PS4 to be the more powerful console. I was told over and over that the PS3 was 2X as powerful as 360/ But when I saw the same games running on both, the 360 always looked better. Now hear the same with PS4 and X1.

Looking at launch titles, Ryse is the best look by a clear mile. So Sony now needs to stop some of the talk and just show the power it claims.

JokesOnYou1715d ago

@mewhy32 Nah, Deep Down isn't nearly as impressive as the first CGI stuff, here ya go:

"Capcom also released a new teaser trailer for the game, which isn’t nearly so impressive as the first one"

"according to the Japanese announcement, the game is a “memory reading RPG.” Maybe it will be some mix of fantasy and tech more akin to a Shin Megami Tensei game."

KillerPigeon1715d ago


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Microsoft are the ones doing all the talking, and failing to prove the power they claim/dispute.

cellfluid1715d ago

Yeah and allllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the game play from Ryse was on pc Xflop done has yet to show any game running on actual hardware....

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SuperLupe1716d ago

Yeah dude whatever.

Best looking next gen game to me hands down no discussion on my side.

PSVita1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Whoa whoa wait a minute!

So graphics are important all of a sudden again?

LonDonE1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

not directed to SuperLupe

Just my opinion about ryse
what's the point having the most detailed character ever when its running at a slide show, and at 20fps? LMAO!!! this is why crytek are known for mediocre games, sure they build some of the best looking graphics, but that's worthless if it plays like shit, they may as-well just do digital effects for films instead, which is just pretty graphics and nothing more!

Ryse so far looks garbage, all we have seen is quick time events, with rubbish animations and crappy game play! until i see some proper game play which is more then just pretty graphics i wont even bother looking at that game!

Fact is, i have seen some mind blowing character models on PS3, snake in metal gear solid 4 to this day looks better then 90% of today's character models! the texture work on his face,hands and his stealth suit is mind blowing!
Hell Joel from the last of us or Nathan drake in uncharted 3 still look amazing as does kratos from god of war 3, and these are all current gen games!

Crytek is a total joke, look at crysis 2 and 3, and even crysis 1 on PS3 and 360, they run like crap, why don't today's developers understand that its better to sacrifice visuals for a smoother gaming experience! NO point having amazing graphics at 20fps! this is supposed to be a next gen game on a next gen system, and its running 20fps to 25 fps at times? LMAO!!!!

Computersaysno1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Although I disagree about Crytek's games being mediocre, I have to wholeheartedly agree about said games performance on the consoles.

All those games do perform poorly. Crysis 1 is shockingly poor and runs painfully slow at times, below 20FPS quite a lot.

Crytek prioritise graphics over performance on console for sure. I predict that Ryse will push Xbox one too hard and while it'll probably look pretty good I doubt it'll run without hiccups...

starchild1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Sony fanboys are delusional. I'm sick of it.

You guys call Crytek's games "crap" or "mediocre" and then turn around and hype the Killzone games like crazy.

You guys are extremely biased. All the Crysis games are good games.

Crysis 1 = 91
Crysis Warhead = 84
Crysis 2 = 86
Crysis 3 = 76
Series avg. = 84.25

Killzone = 70
Killzone Liberation = 77
Killzone 2 = 91
Killzone 3 = 84
Killzone Mercenary = 78
Series avg. = 80

So going by metacritic scores, which is one of the few semi-objective measurements of subjective opinion we have to go on, the Crysis games are actually rated somewhat higher than Killzone.

Yet you guys have the audacity to act like the Crysis games are "mediocre" while you hype Killzone as an amazing AAA franchise. Most of you are so biased it's ridiculous. I have never in my life seen a group of people that is so irrational and unwilling to be fair. Nope, if it's not on the Playstation it gets downplayed and bashed, while everything on the Playstation gets hyped beyond what it deserves.

elhebbo161715d ago

@Starchild COD gets great reviews, whats your point?

DigitalRaptor1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

@ Starchild

as elhebbo said, mediocre recycled game like Call of Duty gets good scores.

Firstly, no one ever said Killzone 1 was a fantastic game. It had a good story, and characters but it's gameplay was sub-par.

Killzone: Liberation was a completely different game (not an FPS) and designed for a significantly less powerful system so, journalists (as always) held it to a different standard. Again, no one ever said Liberation was the dogs bollocks.

Killzone 2 was an absolutely excellent game and Killzone 3 was not as good but still great. Killzone: Mercenary is an absolutely awesome game and a marked achievement for a handheld - some people are sensible enough to give credit where credit is due, and others (like I mentioned earlier) hold it to a different standard.

I've held thoughts that Cytek were an overrated developer for years before Ryse was even announced. I didn't even know that Kinect version of Ryse was developed by Crytek until after we didn't hear about it for years. And then it reappears and still look pretty awful and soulless like Crysis has always been.

KillerPigeon1714d ago

I agree with DigitalRaptor,especially regarding Mercenary. The problem there was definitely that a lot of reviewers were approaching that game with the console game mentality. Hence they were delivered something they considered the standard.

I bet Guerilla take that as quite a compliment though, to come out with a handheld FPS, have it marked to console FPS standards, and still come out with 78? Pretty decent imo.

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DoubleM701716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

The Deep Down was not game play. Fucking Marius has wrinkles and stubbly hair on his face. You can actually see his teeth and tongue all game play. You can see his pupil right down to the Iris in his eyes. I can't believe Sony has tricked these fools once again...

Nykamari1716d ago

I think Snake in MSG4 has the most detail in any game. Zoom in on him you could see pores in his skin, thread in his suit, and the wrinkles in skin with shadows in them. That's just my opinion.

hellzsupernova1715d ago

Joel from the last of us has wrinkles and stubble wahts your point?

NextGen24Gamer1716d ago

A friend of mine who is a hardcore PC Gamer ONLY, told me when he went and saw Ryse in Seattle a few weeks ago, that it was the best looking game he has ever seen graphically. He couldn't understand how a game could look so good on a console that has a core gpu block that only does 1.3 TFLOPS.

The amazing thing is all the games up till now have only been using the MONO development driver, MS has only recently sent out the Stereo drives to develolperss. Once they utilize the specialized features in the xbox one, the games will run at better frame rates and higher resolutions.

I will guarantee this...When the xbox one launches...every launch game will run at either 1080p 60 fps or 1080p 30 fps... The games will run smooth with no hiccups.

DoesUs1716d ago

LOL, no...just no. Like i say, i'll see you in November. Good day 8)

saint_seya1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Harcore pc gamer on... fb?
Tell him to update his pentium I, and intel 2000 hd video card, and get more than 512mb of ram..

You are not a good friend if you let him live in ignorance!

Studio-YaMi1715d ago

I guess your friend has a lousy PC rig then ? :\

NextGen24Gamer1715d ago

My friend, as do I, make well over 100k a year kid. I have 4 custom PC's in my home. He is a PC only gamer. He builds his own PC's and he is serious about it. That's his hobby. I have tried to get him to buy a console and he won't. Even after seeing Ryse, he is still not buying a console.

I didn't get to go to the event in Seattle, but he was impressed with the graphics for Ryse. He said it was the best looking game he has seen to date.

Volkama1715d ago

"stereo driver" lol.

The mono driver is named so because they refined and focused directX for the fixed hardware of the Xbox one. Single target, one purpose, that's the point of the name.

Studio-YaMi1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

You make $100,000 a year yet you have an attitude problem like little kids have AND you call yourself Elite24Gamer; you have 4 CUSTOMed PCs & with all THAT you have the time to make such a big salary.

Yeah,sounds legit .. guess what ! I'm a Knight that sells dragon eggs online and I make 500K a MONTH .. and I have a UNICORN.

See,I can make up stuff too & who are you calling a "kid" ?

I was born in 1983 boy,know your math ! :)

hellzsupernova1715d ago

a friend of my cousins uncle told me that you are lying

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MagnusX1716d ago

Wow your fanboy is showing...Deep down did interest me when I saw the CG trailer but after seeing what little gameplay there was its not in the same ballpark as ryse...are you blind dude?

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2cents1716d ago

It always seems to be one or the other. Graphics or gameplay.

But... Bottom line the graphics of ryse are beautiful in places. The opening sequence of the original demo shown, when they ready for battle and jump of the ship, with other ships getting splintered was really stunning and I did have a jaw drop moment when I realised that it was in game. If that is the level of graphical power available to the Xbox one ON LAUNCH I am not too concerned about how games will look on the Xbox.

The real excitement for me is if something can look that good in game at launch on a weaker console, and the rumours are correct about the power differences then what the hell are games on the PS3 gonna look like at a highly promoted 50% power advantage!

Ryse opening sequence and forza 5 are the benchmark for me, I need to see something that is 50% better looking than them to be convinced that we will be getting a 50% visual increase. I don't care what tricks are employed to achieve these looks, matte painting, HDR reflections, baked etc etc. makes no difference. When you play the game how it's done is of no importance.

Studio-YaMi1715d ago

I actually agree with the first poster even though he was trolling,seriously Marius Titus is just SO BORING !

From an artistic view and from a personality view,up until now you would just mistake him for one of the generic generals in any other war/roman games or movies !

People used to say that Marcus Fenix character was just generic,I DISAGREE with a heart ! Marcus had character,he had a very good personality/background and he had the "face" to support it.

Marius Titus on the other hand is NOT iconic or even half decent.

BallsEye1715d ago

That was CGI trailer lol. Please see trailer teaser where you can view actual gameplay graphics. Here we go killzone 2 e3 fake gameplay all over again.

trywizardo1715d ago

if you watched "deep down" gameplay demo last week you'll know what they are talking about ...

WarThunder1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Crysis 3 x360

Ryse Xbone

Seriously i see no difference...

this looks as good as ryse charecater (and its on a last gen platform)

xbones are calling Ryse best "looking next gen game"?


windblowsagain1715d ago

Nice PC screenshot of CRYSIS3.

That is maxed PC ss.

Ryse still looks nice. But there are better looking games.

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GarrusVakarian1716d ago

Its a shame only the main character has so much detail, all the others don't look anywhere near as good, and some of the NPC's in battles are carbon clones.

CrimsonStar1715d ago

well yea... duh lol . Its like in Kz I bet the main protagonist or main antagonist will be in much more detail then the other npc's as well .

buynit1715d ago

C'mon... its kz! An exclusive to sony so that makes it ok...

KillerPigeon1714d ago

Less likely.

It's usually typical to hide what the main character looks like, the partial exception sometimes being cinematics.

But you could argue that detail is bumped up in cinematics.

Festano1716d ago

I can not wait to get my hands on this game and see if Crytek is right.

thebudgetgamer1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Crytek games are like dating a hot chick that is super dumb.

The_Truth_24_71716d ago

That's a good thing.
"Anal? What's that? Well, if you say it's good then ok".

T21716d ago

Ya good for a minute ... Not exactly a quality to look for in a game

Benjammin251716d ago

Dude, that comment made you sound like the biggest creep ever.

breakpad1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

maybe is detailed but he looks like the grocer owner of the corner imagination at all..