Grant Theft Auto 4 Flying Off Shelves in Anticipation of GTA 5

GTA 4 is apparently flying off shelves in anticipation of GTA5, SpawnFirst reports in.

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GarrusVakarian1712d ago

I played San Andreas in anticipation for GTA5, seemed more fitting.

ZBlacktt1712d ago

So this above! My god GTAIV never again...

GarrusVakarian1712d ago

While it was disappointing coming straight from SA to GTA4, it wasn't THAT bad, i still enjoyed it.

Tiqila1712d ago

Vice City seems even more fitting... GTAIV was a great game

Xsilver1712d ago

GTA4 was so limiting so i will play GTA san andreas in anticipation.

H0TSHELLZ1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

You still gotta keep in mind that it was their first tittle on current gen systems...Now how many have they done since? This Shit will be EPIC !

Iltapalanyymi1712d ago

i played san andreas again too! i started playing vice city too again. Im halfway through.

karamsoul1712d ago

Now if only we had a game with the graphics of GTA 4, and the immensity and depth of San Andreas to fulfill our desires before GTA V. Wait...that IS GTA V! :)

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1712d ago

GTA 5 will have much better graphics;)

Agent_00_Revan1712d ago

I remember booting up GTAIV for the first time and thinking there was something wrong with my TV.

I rarely complain about graphics, I go more for gameplay. But in this instance, I really thought GTAIV had poor graphics.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1712d ago

I remember when i bought it for pc , it had good graphics but when i bought it for ps3 i was really dissapointed , graphics were..bad...:/ But from all the leaked gameplays of gta 5 i have seen i can say alsmost surely that the graphics are gonna be awesome , and the frame rate problems that all the previous games had , have been dissapeared , sorry for my bad english:(

karamsoul1712d ago

Beautiful...I put in Grant Theft Auto instead of Grand Theft Auto in the title...technically, Rockstar is granting us the privilege of playing their games :P

Kurisu1712d ago

I didn't even realise until you pointed that out!

pr0t0typeknuckles1712d ago

people are buying the old game in anticipation of the new one,and its flying off the shelf, only rockstar can get this stuff to happen

SoulSercher6201712d ago

Expect to see 30 million copies sold before people stop buying it. Then watch GTA V do the same thing lol.

Angels37851712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Thats not true actually...If you look at almost any big hitting franchise the same happens...and gamestop especially knows that. They always up the prices after announcements of new additions to the series of even a trophy patch. MGS4 jumped 10 bucks!!! when the trophy patch was announced. Uncharted 2 was selling really well before uncharted 3. Mass effect 2 before mass effect 3 etc. Granted though more GTA IV's are probably going off the shelves than uncharted mass effect etc simply due to the massive fanbase alone!

Just want to add that even though gamestop increased the prices...their trade in value for the game did not increase with the price. In fact from my experience it goes down. Trust me I keep an eye on this stuff.

Angerfist1712d ago

Lmao 😃 some People just grabbed the wrong Game i guess.

SeraphimBlade1712d ago

Don't know how to read Roman numerals, probably.

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The story is too old to be commented.