Interview: First to Last Talks FaceBreaker Music

In the beginning, musicians had two dreams: to play in front of a devoted crowd and to get on the radio. In the last few decades their dreams have grown tremendously with MTV, festivals like Lollapalooza, Internet proliferation, and big-name video games. When a Madden, Burnout or FIFA game has the power to sell records, you know that times have changed.

Among EA's new franchises, FaceBreaker is one of the hottest. This Punch Out-inspired classic-in-the-making is said to be jam-packed with jaw-dropping and jaw-breaking action. Drawing upon the strength of EA Trax, From First to Last will be one of the bands carrying its soundtrack.

"We play games constantly, we stay on Xbox all day," said bassist Matt Manning. "This [EA deal] was cool, it was something we could relate to, and it was a different way for us to get our music out there. Gaming is huge, it's gonna be huge and it's only going to get better. It seemed like a really cool route to take."

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gEnKiE3894d ago

.......This band went downhill when Sonny left.... :(